Sprint 3000 Booklet MakerQuestion

I am looking for a booklet maker that can fold and saddle stitch a 48 page booklet with Digital Gloss Coated 80 lb Cover Stock for the outside cover andĀ  Digital Gloss Coated 100 lb Text for the inside pages. Thanks.

DavidĀ  B.


First of all, we need to know the actual thickness of your booklet. Is it 48 total sheets of paper thick, or are there 48 numbered/printed pages? This makes a big difference. If your booklet really is 48 pages thick, we unfortunately do not carry a booklet maker that will handle your rather thick booklet. The only model that comes remotely close to your requirements is the Sprint 3000 Booklet Maker from MBM. It will process up to 25 sheets at a time.

Then there’s the issue with the glossy paper. If you are using slick paper, your best option would be to initially fold the pages with an automatic air-feed paper folding machine. You could then possibly use a saddle stapling machine to finish the job. The model Skrebba W115 Lever Action Flat and Saddle Stapler will staple through 50 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time.