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Difference Between Widmer S-3 and SX-3 Check Stamper Revealed

Posted by: Morgan on March 16th, 2011

Widmer S-3/SX-3 Check StamperQuestion

I am in the market for a check-signing machine.  Looking at Widmer S-3 or SX-3.  Not sure what the difference is.  Appreciate if you would let me know.  Thank you.

Beth W.


The difference between the Widmer S-3 and SX-3 check signer is the platform size. If you take a closer look at the S-3 product image, you’ll notice a little table where you rest your check (or document) for stamping. The platform on the SX-3 model is slightly larger than the S-3. It simply is a more accommodating version for those who are stamping large-format checks or documents.

The Widmer S-3 provides a hands-free method of stamping signatures or data onto checks. The convenient action of inserting the check triggers the electronic printing feature. No buttons to push or handles to pull. Our customers provide samples of their signature. A custom engraved die plate is then created for the machine. The S-3 check signer saves you significant time and effort.


My Company is Looking for a Check Signer

Posted by: Morgan on February 11th, 2011

FD 150 Cut Sheet Check/Document SignerQuestion

My company is looking into purchasing a check signer and I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with more information on this product?  We process approximately 150 checks a week and are looking for a check signer that can process that without having to manually put the check into the machine for each check (like the Model S-3 & SX-3).  If you can provide me with information on how these work I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you

Betsy B.


We recommend the model FD 150 Cut Sheet Check/Document Signer by Formax. You can quickly process up to 200 checks in just one batch with the FD 150. This is a fully automatic model. That means you can place your stack of checks in the hopper, program the unit where to place the signature, press start and let the machine do the rest.

The FD 150 has several user-friendly features that streamline your check signing duties. Its automatic alignment feature assures accurate imprint locations. The machine can do a wide variety of imprinting including signatures, endorsements, seals and logos. The FD 150 imprints anywhere you tell it to. The unit has a bottom feed design that assures continuous operation and proper sequencing of documents.