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How Does an Envelope Stuffing Machine Work?

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Envelope Stuffing MachinesRemember that Seinfeld episode where George’s fiancé died from licking envelopes? Here untimely demise could have been averted had she just used an envelope stuffing machine instead of licking them herself. Envelope stuffing machines tend to be cost prohibitive for casual home or wedding use, but they are a must have for businesses that send out large volumes of correspondence.

Envelope stuffing machines do exactly what they sound like. They insert correspondence, such as documents, letters, invoices, remittance, statements and even wedding invites that have been folded into an envelope. Most of the higher quality envelope stuffing machines will perform a combination of tasks, such as folding the sheets of paper, stuffing the envelope and then sealing the envelope for mailing.

When considering which envelops stuffing machine to purchase, remember that not all envelopes are compatible with an envelope stuffing machine. Some envelope stuffing machines are only compatible with standard business style envelopes. Higher end envelope stuffing machines are able to accommodate manila and side open envelopes.

Envelope stuffing machines are mostly automated, and require minimal user effort or supervision. They can run from start to finish on their own. Although features and settings may vary from model to model, envelope stuffing machines all work using the same steps.

The envelope stuffing machine operator begins by adjusting the settings on the machine to match the paper and envelop size, as well setting the fold style for the paper. Most combination folder and envelope stuffing machine are preset with all the standard folds, (V-Fold, Letter Fold, Z Fold, Gate Fold, etc.), and a few customized folds.

Envelope Stuffing Machine EnvelopesThe operator will then place the envelopes to be stuffed into the envelope tray and the paper to be inserted into the hopper, or feed tray. How many sheets a hopper can hold will depend on the size of the machine, itself. Some envelope stuffing machines have one hopper, while higher end machines will have multiple hoppers, sometimes as many as seven, for larger envelope stuffing jobs. Envelope stuffing machines with multiple feed trays or hoppers accommodate larger jobs can hold as many as 325 sheets each and the envelope tray holds up to 250 envelopes at a time. These machines are used for folding and stuffing correspondence with multiple pages into one envelope. Envelope stuffing machines with multiple feed trays are also useful for inserting return envelopes, inserts, buck slips and more. Envelope stuffing machines have a range of being about to stuff 1,350 sheets of paper per hour in entry level machines to high performance machines that can fold and stuff 4,300 sheets per hour.

The operator then turns on the machines and observes while the machine does the rest. The friction rollers feed the sheets of paper into the machine where the fold plates crease the sheets into the desired fold. The friction rollers then feed the folded sheets into the envelopes loaded in the machine. The machine folds the envelope flap down to close the envelope, applies moisture to the sealing glue on the envelope, and then applies pressure to seal the envelope. The envelope stuffing machine then releases the sealed envelope into a catch bin. Please note that friction rollers are not compatible with glossy paper. If you need an envelope stuffing machines to fold and insert glossy paper then you’ll need to purchase a suction-fed envelope stuffing machine instead. Envelope stuffing machines are able to fold and stuff hundreds of sheets of paper per hour into hundreds of envelopes.

There are some manufacturers that make better envelope stuffing machines than others. Formax is one of the foremost brands of envelope stuffing machines on the market. Along with producing exceptional products, Formax has exceptional customer service. Their envelope stuffing machines and other office machines have a high user satisfaction track record. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of Formax envelope stuffing machines here.


Kwikprint Model 86 A/A Pneumatic Foil Stamper Review

Posted by: James on August 12th, 2011

Kwikprint Model 86 A/A Pneumatic Foil StamperIf you’re in the market for a new foil stamper, and if you know what the word “pneumatic” means, then this is the product you’re looking for. The Kwikprint Model 86 A/A pneumatic foil stamper is a dependable model of foil stamper that will produce reliable, sharp stamps, while saving your time and sore arms.

The Kwikprint Model 86 A/A pneumatic foil stamper  is used by printers, design shops, churches, schools, book publishers, and manufacturers and other various businesses to stamp and/or emboss logos, emblems, monograms or graphics on book covers, office folders, gift cards, napkins, pencils, certificates, leather products, ribbons or promotional totchkes.

The Kwikprint Model 86 A/A pneumatic foil stamper is easy to operate and designed for heavy-duty work. The material to be stamped is hand loaded into the platform. The stamping neck is adjustable and can handle material up to 6 1/2″ thick. The Kwikprint Model 86 A/A pneumatic foil stamper is air powered, hence why it’s a pneumatic machine, which makes it quick and more accurate than manual stamp machines. The machine simultaneously embosses gold or silver into the imprint using a fast, high pressure hot-foil stamp to ensure a perfect imprint.

The Kwikprint Model 86 A/A has several features to make operation easier and to meet the stamping needs. This includes a wide selection of features including solid aluminum casings and a solid self-centering tiltable type holder for enhanced customization.

The Model 86 A/A air-powered stamper is a product of The Kwikprint Manufacturing Company; a family owned and operated business. The Kwikprint Manufacturing Company has been producing imprinting and embossing equipment for over 80 years. They have added many innovations to their machines over the years, including the two-way adjustable platform that has become very popular in the industry.

Users of the Kwikprint Model 86 A/A air-powered foil stamper will like how easy it is to load and stamp. The materials it can stamp on are also very versatile, being able to handle leather, plastics, wood, and vinyl.  It’s also a sturdy machine that will bring years of use, so the buyer should have no problem recouping the cost and more over the lifetime of the machine.

Because it is air-powered, or to use fancy words, pneumonic, the buyer will need to remember to purchase an air compressor to use the machine. Otherwise any value from not having sore arms will be mitigated by frequent hyperventilation from trying to blow into the machine manually.

You can purchase a Kwikprint Model 86 A/A pneumatic foil stamper at Office Zone.  We offer both the standard Kwikprint 86 A/A here and the complete Kwikprint 86 A/A package here.  You can find our entire selection of hot foil stamping machines here.


Need Info. on Banner American 1200 Foil Fusing Machine

Posted by: Morgan on February 10th, 2011

Banner American 1200 Foil Fusing MachineQuestion


I need information about this product, Banner American Model 1200 Foil Fusing Machine, can we use this in the office? Can you please send us a sample that how the cards look with this machine?

Thank you. Have a great day

Scott S.


The model 1200 Foil Fuser by Banner American is one of the best kept secrets in the office equipment industry. This little machine may look rather simple and unremarkable, but it can create professional-looking certificates, awards and other documents of recognition in seconds.

The 1200 foil fusing machine basically fuses metallic foil to computer printer toner. This means you can print out custom logos, awards and more right from your computer, and then run them through the foil fuser. The end result looks similar to a professional hot foil stamping job done by a print shop.

The process only works with printers that use a laser toner cartridge. Sorry, but the foil will not adhere to documents created with an ink jet printer.

The Model 1200 is a well-built, solid machine that will last for decades with proper care. Our customers rave about the model 1200 foil fuser. Why? Because it saves them money, and they can create a wide variety of very nice-looking certificates including awards, diplomas, company letterhead, invitations, birthday cards, wedding announcements and more.


What is Foil Fusing?

Posted by: Morgan on November 29th, 2010

Model 1200 foil fuserQuestion

What is foilfusing? Give me more information.

Rajesh  M.


First, it’s helpful to differentiate a foil fuser from a foil stamping machine. A foil stamper is basically a machine that embeds lettering, numbers or symbols onto an item with a pressure and heat transfer process. The unit heats up lead type that then presses against colored metallic/foil film and embeds the lettering onto an object. A popular example would be a Bible with a stamped personal name.

A foil fuser, on the other hand, fuses the metallic foil film to the toner on a laser-printed document. This works only with a sheet of paper printed from a toner laser printer. The process will not work with ink jet printers. You can print out lettering, custom logos and more right from your desktop computer printer, and then run it through a foil fusing machine. The end result is similar to the work of a hot foil stamper. The process and can be accomplished by just about anyone. The Model 1200 foil fuser is well-constructed and will last for years to come.