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How Does an Envelope Stuffing Machine Work?

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Envelope Stuffing MachinesRemember that Seinfeld episode where George’s fiancé died from licking envelopes? Here untimely demise could have been averted had she just used an envelope stuffing machine instead of licking them herself. Envelope stuffing machines tend to be cost prohibitive for casual home or wedding use, but they are a must have for businesses that send out large volumes of correspondence.

Envelope stuffing machines do exactly what they sound like. They insert correspondence, such as documents, letters, invoices, remittance, statements and even wedding invites that have been folded into an envelope. Most of the higher quality envelope stuffing machines will perform a combination of tasks, such as folding the sheets of paper, stuffing the envelope and then sealing the envelope for mailing.

When considering which envelops stuffing machine to purchase, remember that not all envelopes are compatible with an envelope stuffing machine. Some envelope stuffing machines are only compatible with standard business style envelopes. Higher end envelope stuffing machines are able to accommodate manila and side open envelopes.

Envelope stuffing machines are mostly automated, and require minimal user effort or supervision. They can run from start to finish on their own. Although features and settings may vary from model to model, envelope stuffing machines all work using the same steps.

The envelope stuffing machine operator begins by adjusting the settings on the machine to match the paper and envelop size, as well setting the fold style for the paper. Most combination folder and envelope stuffing machine are preset with all the standard folds, (V-Fold, Letter Fold, Z Fold, Gate Fold, etc.), and a few customized folds.

Envelope Stuffing Machine EnvelopesThe operator will then place the envelopes to be stuffed into the envelope tray and the paper to be inserted into the hopper, or feed tray. How many sheets a hopper can hold will depend on the size of the machine, itself. Some envelope stuffing machines have one hopper, while higher end machines will have multiple hoppers, sometimes as many as seven, for larger envelope stuffing jobs. Envelope stuffing machines with multiple feed trays or hoppers accommodate larger jobs can hold as many as 325 sheets each and the envelope tray holds up to 250 envelopes at a time. These machines are used for folding and stuffing correspondence with multiple pages into one envelope. Envelope stuffing machines with multiple feed trays are also useful for inserting return envelopes, inserts, buck slips and more. Envelope stuffing machines have a range of being about to stuff 1,350 sheets of paper per hour in entry level machines to high performance machines that can fold and stuff 4,300 sheets per hour.

The operator then turns on the machines and observes while the machine does the rest. The friction rollers feed the sheets of paper into the machine where the fold plates crease the sheets into the desired fold. The friction rollers then feed the folded sheets into the envelopes loaded in the machine. The machine folds the envelope flap down to close the envelope, applies moisture to the sealing glue on the envelope, and then applies pressure to seal the envelope. The envelope stuffing machine then releases the sealed envelope into a catch bin. Please note that friction rollers are not compatible with glossy paper. If you need an envelope stuffing machines to fold and insert glossy paper then you’ll need to purchase a suction-fed envelope stuffing machine instead. Envelope stuffing machines are able to fold and stuff hundreds of sheets of paper per hour into hundreds of envelopes.

There are some manufacturers that make better envelope stuffing machines than others. Formax is one of the foremost brands of envelope stuffing machines on the market. Along with producing exceptional products, Formax has exceptional customer service. Their envelope stuffing machines and other office machines have a high user satisfaction track record. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of Formax envelope stuffing machines here.


Our Company is Interested in a Mail Tabber

Posted by: Morgan on March 30th, 2011

Formax FD 260 Tabbing MachineQuestion


My company is interested in purchasing a tabber that will specifically attach a label that is 3.375 x 3.125 to a 24pt Card that is 3.375 x 4.375 and needs to do around 15,000 tabs per hour.  Please send me any info and pricing you can offer.

Thank you.

Niky P.


It’s commonly known that U.S. Postal Service regulations change on a frequent basis. A significant change in the office equipment industry came about recently thanks to the Post Office’s new self-mailer requirements. The regulations made several existing tabbing machines obsolete overnight. Fortunately, the new Formax FD 260 Tabbing Machine solves this mailing dilemma. The unit easily adapts to ever-changing USPS tabbing regulations. It delivers a high-speed tabbing solution for most self-mailer needs.

The machine is capable of tabbing up to 15,000 mail pieces per hour. The FD 260 will also process a variety of mail tabbing materials including clear and translucent plastic and paper. I’m assuming your supplied tab measurements are in centimeters. Those should work just fine on the FD 260. The tab sizes that you can use on this machine may range from one inch to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. You may also run paper up to 1/4-inch thick through the machine, whether it is coated or uncoated stock. The FD 260 mail tabbing machine currently sells for $3,449.


Film Shrink Wrapping Multiple Magazines

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

Minipack Continua Automatic Mail BaggerQuestion

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our immediate requirements are for equipment able to shrink wrap 160,000 items per month, with a typical inserts thickness of less than 8 mm (Magazines up to 4/wrap). The film/shrink-wrapping should be done over a maximum period of 3 days, as this will be in line with the printing process and eventual delivery. Potentially there will be more than one magazine/leaflet in it of various sizes, but the typical maximum size will be the American A4 size (around 275mm x 215 mm).

Another potential job involves 140 K items shrink wrapped, 4 times a year. Moreover, another client of ours is asking whether we can put in any ‘freebies’ together with the magazines. Typically these would be of various sizes ranging from samples such as coffee sachets to other small items.

Kindly indicate what equipment you deem adequate for our needs.

We are considering buying multiple machines instead of a single large one.

Thanks in advance.


Pierre M.


The Minipack Continua Automatic Mail Bagger is the best machine for your needs. It will handle your high volume requirements, and poly bag your publications within the dimensions you specified. This is a high-production, high-end machine that can tackle almost any mail bagging job. The best way to describe its performance is to have you watch this video demonstration of the Continua Automatic Mail Bagger.