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Semacon S-1000 Mini Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on January 10th, 2013

Semacon S-1000 Mini Currency CounterAs technology advances and electronics get smaller, so do many products. Currency counters are a great example of this. A decade ago, a currency counter required its own space in the office and they were often the size of a small printer. Currency counters today are much smaller and the Semacon S-1000 mini (found here) is an excellent example of this. Compact bill counters have many benefits, but are they for you?

The Semacon S-1000 Mini and is just slightly shorter in height than the Cassida Tiger. The S-1000 Mini stands at just 5.5″ high, which is impressive considering most are around 7″ to 9″ high. It is 9″ wide and 11.5″ deep. It is just 10 pounds in weight and is extremely easy to pick up and move around. The compact nature of this counter also makes it ideal in offices where space is in short supply.

While it is compact, it is still very fast. It counts bills at a speed of 900 per minute, which equals out to 15 a second. The hopper holds up to 120 new banknotes. The bills are pulled in and counted so quickly it will probably operate faster than you can keep up. Simply place your stack of bills in the hopper and pull them out of the stacker once counting is completed.

The S-1000 Mini can be used for various counting purposes. It can simply count a stack of bills or it can be used to add multiple stacks of bills together. If you are sorting the bills for storage or organization, the S-1000 mini is also capable of batch counting. Simply tell the machine how many bills you want batched together. If you put in 25, it will count 25 bills and stop until you remove the bills. It is very accurate. Put in 113 bills and it will tell you that there are 113 bills. You should be aware, however, that the S-1000 mini is a currency counter, not a currency discriminator (aka mixed bill counter). It will not provide you with the total dollar value, just the total bill amount.

As is the case with most modern currency counters, the S-1000 is equipped with double, chain and half not detection. The control panel has been simplified and is very easy to navigate. The display is located on the top of the machine and it is very easy to view and read during the entire counting process.

Semacon currency counters typically cost a little more than the competition. There is a reason for this. I’m not saying other brands are bad, or that they’re not of good quality, but Semacon goes out and beyond what’s needed for quality in a machine. Their machines are some of the best constructed we offer. Semacon even goes as far as to test and burn in their machines prior to shipment, ensuring optimal quality and operation. I would say Semacon machines are probably the best built that we offer.

The S-1000 doesn’t come with any counterfeit detection capabilities, but you can purchase variations that do. The S-1015 Mini (found here) has UV ultraviolet counterfeit detection and the S-1025 Mini (found here) has UV ultraviolet and MG magnetic detection capabilities.

Do you have more questions about the S-1000 Mini from Semacon? Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. You can find our entire selection of currency counters here. Do you own or have you used the Semacon S-1000 Mini? Please post your thoughts and feedback here in a comment. Thanks for reading!


Cassida Tiger Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on January 8th, 2013

Cassida Tiger Currency CounterIf compact, portable and small footprint are features you need in a currency counter, the Cassida Tiger may be a good option. We have been selling this machine for a few years now and have had remarkable luck in how it has held up with continuous use. So if you are a casino, bank, credit union or other business, is the Cassida Tiger a good fit for you? I would like to cover a few of this machine’s features and benefits in this article.

The Cassida Tiger is available in three flavors. You can buy it as the basic model (found here), the UV model (found here) and the UV/MG model (found here). Which  of these three you end up using will depend on the degree of counterfeit detection your business needs. The basic model has no counterfeit detection capabilities. The UV only uses ultraviolet lights to scan bills and the UV/MG model uses ultraviolet light and a magnetic ink scanner. As you might expect, the more equipped the counter, the more it will cost. Other than the counterfeit detection differences, all three are pretty much the same.

One of the biggest perks of the Cassida Tiger is the compact design. It measures in at 10″ x 10.4″ x 5.4″ and weighs in at just 8.3 pounds. Few currency-counting machines have a height that is just 5.4″ tall. While this is one of Cassida’s newer machines, it really holds up well with rigorous use. The Cassida Tiger is one of our top 2 selling Cassida counters. Thanks to a compact design, this counter can be used on most tables, work desks and other surfaces.

Another huge advantage of this counter is it’s easy-access cover. The entire top of the machine flips up, allowing easy access to the internals of the counter. This makes it easy to clean out dust and gunk often left over by dirty bills and money.

So here are some of the specifications you will find in this machine, which I must say are very impressive considering how compact it is.

Capacity – This counter can hold up to 250 new bills in the hopper (where you feed in the bills) and 250 in the stacker (where the bills come out). You can usually divide that number in half when dealing with used bills, which would be 125. This is a decent capacity for a currency counter.

Speed – This counter has a counting speed of up to 1300 bills per minute. I have seen machines range from 900 up to 1500, so this is a good counting speed. In fact, it will probably count the bills faster than you can feed them in.

Other Features – This counter can count stacks of bills, add up multiple stacks and will batch count bills. The control panel is very straightforward and the display is easy to read. It will also alert the operator audibly and visually when there is an issue. It can detect double notes, half notes, chain notes and for foreign currencies it includes size note detection. If equipped with counterfeit detection, it will notify the operator when a suspicious bill is detected.

For the price, and considering its compact size, this is a very well rounded currency counter. This will fit in nicely with casinos, banks, credit unions and other businesses that need a compact bill counter. For more information, please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454. Have you used this machine? Post your experience and feedback as a comment. You can find our entire selection of currency counters here.


Cassida 5520 Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on January 2nd, 2013

Cassida 5520 Currency CounterMoney counting machines are a must-have product for any retail environment, bank, credit union or business that handles money on a regular basis. They are accurate, eliminate human error and dramatically improve workplace efficiency. One of the most reputable manufacturers we offer is Cassida. When it comes to affordable machines, the Cassida 5520 currency counter (found here) is often mentioned. This article will cover how this machine is used and what features you may find helpful.

Before I go too far into this article, you should be aware that the Cassida 5520 is a currency counter, not a currency discriminator (aka mixed bill counter). This means the 5520 will provide you with a total number of bills counted, not the total dollar value. Most people have bills pre-sorted, so this isn’t an issue. If you do need a currency discriminator, you can find one here.

The Cassida 5520 comes in two flavors, one is a UV and the other UV/MG. This means one model implements ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection where the other has UV and magnetic (MG) detection. A currency counter with counterfeit bill detection is a nice tool to have on hand. The 5520 will actually stop counting bills when a counterfeit bill is detected and will notify the operator.

Looks aren’t everything, and they don’t even mean a machine is functionally better, but you still want something in your office that is attractive. The Cassida 5520 looks great. It has a black and gray color scheme. The rounded corners are easy on the eyes and there really isn’t anything on it that would snag on clothing. A handle, found on the top of the machine, can be lifted up for portability purposes. Cassida machines are some of the best looking we offer.

The hopper and stacker have a 200 bill capacity (based on crisp new bills). Bills are loaded into the top of the machine and they exit through the front. The sorting fingers help keep bills neatly stacked after being counted. The Cassida 5520 has a 1,300 bill per minute counting speed, which means the bills are counted almost as fast as you can load them into the hopper. The 5520 will scan double banknotes, half and chain notes.

The display, fount on the top of the machine, makes data easy to view. It even includes a remote display. It can be used to count bills, add multiple stacks of bills or batch count bills. The control panel is easy to navigate and setup takes very little time.

The cover on this currency counter easily opens up, allowing easy access to internal components. This makes cleaning out dust and maintenance easy.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454 with any questions you may have about this machine. We have been selling currency counters for well over a decade and have a lot of experience that may help you in selecting a machine. You can find our entire selection of currency counters here.


How Do Counterfeit Bill Detectors Work?

Posted by: James on December 21st, 2012

Counterfeit Money DetectorsCounterfeiting money is a multimillion dollar industry in the United States. If you don’t protect yourself, or your business, you could quickly end up with bogus currency and could be out hundreds of dollars or more. Many of our customers have purchased and now use portable counterfeit detectors (found here) that they use for scanning $50, $100 and sometimes other denominations. This is a great way to catch counterfeit bills and save yourself money. So how does a counterfeit bill detector work and which type should you use?

Bill counters come in a variety of designs, depending on the amount of money you need to scan and how often you need to use it. Some machines scan everything at once, where other machines have stations that detect different counterfeit elements in a bill. You can read more about important features in bills by going here. Here are the four most common counterfeit detection methods used today:

  • Magnetic (MG) – US currency uses magnetic ink in strategic areas that can be detected by a counterfeit bill detector with magnetic detection.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) – US bills have ultraviolet strips (inscribed security thread) placed in different areas, based on the value of the denomination. The location of this strip will let you know what the value of the bill is. This method of counterfeit detection is excellent for catching bills that have been bleached and re-printed with higher denominations.
  • Watermark (WM) – Modern US bills have a watermark built into the bill. The watermark is of the face of the individual printed on the bill. Using a light, this watermark can be viewed and authenticity of the bill can be verified.
  • Ink Pen – The counterfeit pen uses special ink that reacts with starches found in regular paper (not present in bills). If the ink shows up, the bill is counterfeit. If the ink is clear, the bill is probably real.
  • Visual – There are many visual elements found in a US bill that can be seen by the naked eye or with a magnifying glass. Some of those visual elements can be seen by going here .

Now that we have established the counterfeit features built into a bill, what type of machine should you use? Here are a few examples of machines you may want to use.

  • Bill Counter w/ Counterfeit Detection (found here) – Many modern bill counters include ultraviolet, magnetic or both types of detection. This is a very fast way to scan through a stack of bills. If the bill doesn’t pass the UV / MG test, the machine will stop and audibly alert the operator.
  • Handheld UV ScannersHandheld UV Light (found here) – These are handheld UV lights that can be held over a bill to highlight the UV properties. This is a cheap and affordable way to verify money. These are especially popular because they are often battery-powered and are very easy to move around.
  • Counterfeit Bill Scanner (found here) – These scanners use very sophisticated technology to scan a bill for multiple properties. Many can even verify the denomination value of the bill being scanned. It usually takes a second or two for the bill to be scanned. The machine will then alert the operator as to the authenticity of the banknote.
  • Counterfeit Bill Detector StationsCounterfeit Station (found here) – Counterfeit detection stations are tabletop devices that usually incorporate several counterfeit detection technologies. Many of these stations, like the ABC-95, include a magnetic ink scanner, backlit light, UV light, magnifying glass and a counterfeit detection pen.

At Office Zone, we offer several counterfeit bill detectors (found here). The model you use depends on the business, volume of bills being handled and where the bills need to be scanned. We have years of experience with money handling devices including counterfeit bill detectors. If you have questions, please give us a call at 1-800-543-5454.


Types of Counterfeit Detection and What You Need

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Counterfeit Bill DetectorsCounterfeiters are clever and are always looking for ways to work the system. While the US government is always looking for newer and more clever ways to battle counterfeit money, you should still be on guard. Criminals that counterfeit money are often clever, using the latest in technology to produce near-perfect duplications. Luckily there are several methods of catching counterfeit bills. I will discuss a few of those methods in this article.

One of the best ways to combat counterfeit money is by using a counterfeit bill detector. There are literally dozens available. The model you use will depend on a lot of factors.

  • Bill Counter with Counterfeit DetectionSpeed – If speed isn’t an issue, you may be able to use most of the machines out there. If you need to scan a bill on the fly, you may need a machine capable of detecting counterfeit bills in just seconds.
  • Quantity – If you need to scan hundreds to even thousands of bills in a day, you probably aren’t going to need a handheld scanner. You are probably going to need a high-speed bill counter with counterfeit detection capabilities.
  • Location – Where do you need to use you bill counter? Is an outlet available? While most counterfeit bill detectors are portable, not all can run on batteries. If you aren’t going to be near an outlet, I highly recommend using a battery-powered machine. Some can use both an outlet and batteries.
  • Lighting – Some of the more manual counterfeit detectors will only work indoors. Sunlight can often make it difficult to visually inspect the results of a counterfeit bill detector.

Now that you have answered these questions, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different types of counterfeit detection technology.

  • UV – UV scanners use ultraviolet light to detect the UV strip found in legal U.S. currency. This strip will light green / yellow under a UV light. This is one of the most common and popular counterfeit detection methods used today.
  • MG – MG (magnetic) detectors are able to scan the magnetic properties of ink used in legal bills. This may be done automatically or may require you to physically rub the bill over a sensor, depending on the machine being used. Magnetic detection is also one of the most common counterfeit detection methods used today.
  • WM – WM detection (watermark) is essentially a backlight that allows you to see watermark properties in bills. Most US bills incorporate a watermark face. While you can hold a bill up to a light to get the same results, the power of the light may affect the outcome. WM detectors use bright white light, which leaves little room for error.
  • Size Detection – Many modern bill detectors can detect whether or not a US bill is the right size or not. While this method isn’t going to detect everything, it is an excellent extra layer of protection.
  • Magnifying Glass – Many stand-alone counterfeit detectors have a magnifying glass that makes it easy to read micro text and other microscopic features incorporated into legitimate US tender.
  • Pen – The pen used to be one of the most popular counterfeit detection method used. Ink in the pen would react with starch found in standard paper, causing a visible reaction. While this is still a good way to catch many counterfeit bills, it won’t catch everything out there.

This is an example of a standard desktop counterfeit money detector:

These are by far the most common counterfeit detection methods used today. At Office Zone we carry a great selection of counterfeit bill detectors (found here) and an excellent selection of bill counters (found here) that incorporate counterfeit detection technology.

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts at 1-800-543-5454.


Semacon S-520 Coin Counter / Sorter Review

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Semacon S-520 Coin Counter & SorterCoin sorters are a very important piece of office equipment for businesses and organizations that receive large volumes of coinage. As there are several types of coin sorters it is important to verify the type of sorter you’re purchasing. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty coin sorter that will count, value and sort the coins, then you should strongly consider purchasing the Semacon S-520 coin counter and sorter. This coin counter and sorter is designed to be multifunctional, operator-friendly, and portable. The capabilities of the Semacon S-520 coin counter make it an ideal choice for companies that want more than just a standard coin sorter.

Using the Semacon S-520 coin sorter and counter is as simple as pushing a button. The Semacon S-520 coin counter has several sorting, counting and batching functions that the operator can program in to the machine. This makes the coin counting more efficient, and gives the user exactly what they require.

Unlike some lesser styles of coin counter, there is no need to presort the coins before placing them in the machine. The Semacon S-520 coin sorter can sort while counting all five types of US coinage. This feature can be a real time saver. Once the piles of coins are placed in the hopper the machine does the rest. The Semacon S-520 automatically feeds the coins through the coin sorter. As the various coins are sorted, the machine displays each of the denominations sorted plus the value and the total of all denominations.

The Semacon S-520 coin counter has a very good processing capacity that will work well for companies that need a medium-duty counter. The Semacon S-520 is able to count 450 coins a minute, and has a hopper that can hold 500 assorted coins at one time. As the coins are processed through, the Semacon S-520 sorts the coins, separating the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into coin drawers for easy storage. The coin drawers have a high capacity that can hold 150 pennies, 80 nickels, 250 dimes and 200 quarters. It also has an optional coin bagging or coin wrapping attachment that will automatically fill the coin rolls.

This coin counter is produced a Semacon, a manufacturer that specializes produces a product line of Currency Handling and Coin Handling Equipment to solve the money handling needs of a wide variety of businesses. They produce high quality financial equipment used internationally by banks, credit unions, casinos, vending operators, amusement operators, retail stores, restaurants and other companies that need high-quality Currency Counters & Coin Counters for high-volume or mid-volume money counting environments.

The Semacon S-520 coin counter has a compact design. This enables it to easily fit on an office or bank desktop or tabletop, and is easily moved between departments if necessary. Though the Semacon S-520 may not be as large as other coin counters, it provides all the functionality and performance of larger counting and sorting machines, and at a much lower price.

You can purchase the Semacon S-520 coin counter, and other currency counting products, at Office Zone.


Cassida C100 Coin Counting Machine Review

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Cassida C100 Coin Counting MachineA cocky high-school boy brought $250 to school to pay for his tuition and fees. Usually, this is not a big deal, except for the boy bought the whole amount in a bag. It was all in nickels, dimes and quarters. As the school secretary was counting the coins, she probably wished she had a Cassida C100 Coin Counter to do the work for her and save a lot of time and frustration.

The Cassida C100 is a professional grade coin counter and coin sorter that is simple to operate will give accurate money counts. It has a fast count rate and is easy to operate. The Cassida C100 Coin Counter and coin sorter is a popular choice for small business, vending machine operators, schools, churches, arcades, entertainment centers, retail stores and other small to mid-size businesses.

The Cassida C100 has a design that makes it very intuitive to operate. The buttons are clearly marked, and guide the user through different coin counting options, such as counting mode, adding mode and batching mode.

To use the Cassida C100 coin counter, the user simply pours the coinage into the hopper. The machine does the rest, sorting the coins into separate receptacles for quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. The digital display screen will show the denomination and the amount of coins counted. The total counted value is automatically displayed on the screen as the machine counts. This lets the user stop the machine if a specific total value is needed. The school secretary would have appreciated the capacity the Cassida C100 coin counter has. The hopper is able to hold 1500 coins, and it can count and sort the coins into the separate receptacles at a rate of 250 coins per minute.

The C100 coin counter and coin sort is the product of the Cassida Corporation. According to their website, the Cassida Corporation manufactures a complete line of money handling equipment. Their coin currency counters, sorters, and counterfeit detectors provide flexible business solutions that offer business solutions at affordable prices. In other words, their stuff works well and doesn’t cost a lot.

The Cassida C100 coin counter has several factors that make it attractive to frazzled school secretaries, as well as other professionals. It has a compact size that makes it convenient to use between different departments and doesn’t take up a lot of space on a store office counter or desktop. It has large buttons that make it easy to set up the machine and select the specific batch type. The drawers that catch the coins on the Cassida C100 coin counter are easy to access, even in if there isn’t a lot of available space. This means if you’ve got a lot of clutter on your desk, like some school secretaries, you’ll still be able to retrieve the sorted coins. The machine doesn’t need to be supervised while it’s operating so you’ll still be able to complete other tasks while it counts and sorts.

You, along with school secretaries, can get a Cassida C100 coin counter and coin sorter at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of coin counters here.


Cassida 5510 UV Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on August 12th, 2011

Cassida 5510 UV Bill CounterBill counters are fast, effective and extremely accurate. It surprises me that not every business that handles bills on a regular basis has one. Considering that half the bill counters out there also include counterfeit detection, owning one just makes financial sense. One highly-reputable model that you may want to look at for your business is the Cassida 5510 UV currency counter. This is a review.

To begin with, Cassida is one of the top 5 manufacturers of money handling equipment in the United States. The manufacture a wide range of bill counters, coin counters and counterfeit detectors. They have a great reputation, their machines are stylish and they get the job done. Simply put, our customers like Cassida.

The Cassida 5510 UV is build much like many other bill counters out there. It has a hopper on the top where the bills are inserted and an exit where the bills leave the machine once counted. Setting it up is simple and the process takes just seconds to complete.

While many bill counters hover around speeds of 900-1200 bills per minute, the Cassida 5510 UV counts bills at a speed of about 1,300 bills per minute, which is fast. You get all this for just under $200 (at the time of this article). This is a very good value, especially for you budget shoppers out there.

One of my personal favorite features of the Cassida 5510 UV is the UV (ultraviolet) counterfeit detection. While the 5510 UV is counting the bills, it is scanning them for UV properties found in legitimate bills. This includes $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills. This piece of mind is nice and it is pretty darn accurate.

Speaking of accurate, the counting capabilities of this machine are extremely accurate. You can run the same stack of bills through it over and over and get the same results. This is all done thanks to a sensor that detects the edge of the bill as it runs through the machine. IT can also detect double notes, half notes and chain banknotes.

While many bill counters just get you “by,” the build quality on the Cassida 5510 UV is exceptional. It featurs a convenient snap-open front cover, a self-diagnostic system and self-lubricating bearings. It even includes a maintenance kit and spare parts (should they be needed). This bill counter is meant for long-term continuous use.

The hopper on this machine holds about 200 new bills or 100 used bills. No special fanning is required as the bills are placed in the hopper. It will automatically start when bills are detected and automatically stop when bill counting is completed.

Counting data is clearly displayed on a digital display and control panel allows you to set the Cassida 5510 UV up for counting mode, adding mode and batch counting mode.

I highly recommend this bill counter. It is accurate, affordable and is one of the best buys in this price range. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the Cassida 5510 UV currency counter here and our entire selection of bill counters here.


Magner 35-3 Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on August 4th, 2011

Magner 35-3 Currency CounterThere are much better, and more sanitary, ways to count money than by shuffling through bills with your hands while licking your thumbs after each bill. You really don’t want to know where those bills have been. A better approach is to use an electronic bills counter. No, this isn’t just a machine that licks your thumbs for you. A currency counter tallies the bills for you. And among money counters, there is a good reason the Magner 35-3 currency counter is the best selling bill counter in the world. It does its job well, and it does its job fast. The Magner 35-3 currency counter has consistently offered the user quality and performance since it first rolled off the line.

The Magner 35-3 currency counter is a popular choice of money counters among banks, financial institutions, casinos, currency exchange agencies, government offices, schools, department stores and other retailers that receive large volumes of paper currency.  The Magner 35-3 currency counter offers simplicity of operation and a host of standard features that make work and end of day business reconciliation much more expedient.

The Magner 35-3 is a very efficient and easy to use money counter. Paper currency is placed in the hopper, while a friction roller automatically feeds the money through the machine, and within seconds the bills are stacked neatly and ready for binding. The easy to read display window presents the exact number of bills counted.

The Magner 35-3 has several standard features that make it an appealing option for your currency counter purchase. This money counter has selectable speeds and is able to count up to 1500 bills per minute. It also has an automatic start so you don’t waste time pushing start/stop buttons. The operator can also select its variable batching options and an accumulation mode.  The Manger 35-3’s full error detection guarantees its accuracy and reliability. But this should be expected from the most popular bill counter.

Like all bill counters, the biggest limitation to the Magner 35-3 currency counter is that it does not differentiate between denominations of bills. If you put in a stack of mixed bills it will not sort them or give you a total value. It only tells you how many bills have been counted. So be sure to only feed presorted bills through the machine.

This bill counter was manufactured by the Magner Corporation of America, which was founded in 1983. According to their website, The Magner Corporation of America is a long-standing market leader in currency counters and authentication devices, coin equipment, and cash settlement systems. They are the predominant supplier of money processing equipment, systems and supplies to many of the nation’s largest financial institutions, retail businesses, vending companies and gaming enterprises as well as many others who process coin and currency. In other words, they know what they’re doing.

The Magner 35-3 currency counter, and other Magner Corporation money counter products, is available for purchase at Office Zone. You can find our entire selection of currency counters here.

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Ribao CS-10 Coin Counter Review

Posted by: James on August 4th, 2011

Ribao CS-10 Coin Counting MachineSome may say that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between coin counters. But these people have likely never used the Ribao CS-10 coin counter and sorter. This coin counter and sorter is designed to be operator-friendly, portable, and versatile. The Ribao CS-10 coin counter features several functions that make it an ideal choice for companies that handle different types of coinage.

Operating the Ribao CS-10 coin sorter and counter is an easy task. The Ribao CS-10 coin counter has a keyboard for the operator to program the machine to do batching and accumulating counting. The operator then adjusts the settings of the coin counter to accommodate the size of the coins. This is an important feature for businesses that deal with coins other than US currency. Coins are then poured into the hopper, which automatically feeds the coins through the coin sorter. As the various coins are sorted, the LED display shows the coin count, which can be either the total dollar value or total number of coins.

Customers who choose the Ribao CS-10 coin counter will be pleased at the processing capacity it offers.  The Ribao CS-10 is able to sort and count up to 1,800 coins per minute. The coin counter has a top feed hopper that can handle a load of 1,500 coins at a time. As the coins are processed through, the Ribao CS-10 sorts the coins, separating the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into coin tubes for easy storage.

A feature that sets the Ribao CS-10 apart from other coin counters is the option to adjust the counter to sort by the diameter and thickness of the coin. This handy feature enables users to process foreign coinage or tokens.

The Ribao CS-10 was designed for easy storage. It’s a lightweight portable unit that can be easily folded down into a compact case. The Ribao CS-10 is light to carry and has a handle making it easily transportable. This will be a benefit for companies that have to share coin counters between departments.

The Ribao CS-10 coin counter is commonly used by banking institutions, currency exchange locations, government offices, schools, vending machine operators, department stores and other retailers that receive large volumes of coins.

This coin counter is produced a Ribao Technology, a manufacturer that specializes in banking and office equipment. They produce high quality financial equipment and their prices are competitive for the marketplace. To be sure that their counters meet federal regulatory standards, they have their products inspected and CE approved by TUV laboratory and also receives FCC certification.

The Ribao CS-10 coin counter, and other Ribao currency products, is available for purchase at Office Zone. You can find our entire selection of coin counters here.