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New Paper Folding Machine: Intelli-Fold DE-112AF

Posted by: Morgan on May 12th, 2011

Intelli-Fold DE-112AF automatic paper folding machineIntroducing the new Intelli-Fold DE-112AF automatic paper folding machine from Intelli-Zone. This model is the next step up from the Intelli-Fold DE-102AF. The most significant difference between the two models is the addition of an automatic exit conveyor. The conveyor with exit rollers ensure smooth ejection of folded paper. Your folded letters leave the machine in the order they were inserted. This improves paper folding efficiency and saves you time in a big way.

The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF is a great auto-feed paper folding machine intended for letter folding, accordion folding and four other popular fold styles. This machine is highly durable and capable of continuous operation. The folding plates on this machine are easy to adjust, ensuring highly accurate paper folds. The model DE-112AF paper folder is a terrific value and the ideal way for you to improve your organization’s paper folding needs.


Automatically Shred Paper With the FD 8500AF Autofeed Shredder

Posted by: Morgan on March 2nd, 2011

FD 8500AF Autofeed ShredderIn past years, competing manufacturers have attempted a dedicated auto feeder unit on their paper shredder. The results were disappointingly less than successful. Today, however, one shredder manufacturer has actually succeeded in the office shredder auto-shredding arena. The new Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Shredder features a unique auto feeder that saves you significant labor and money.

Now you can actually load a large stack of paper into a shredder, press the start button and walk away. The FD 8500AF with its dedicated auto feeder is an impressive sight to behold. Take a look at this video demonstration from the manufacturer’s Web site.

No more time wasted by you or your staff standing in front of a shredder, slowly feeding thin stacks of paper into the machine at a time thanks to the FD 8500AF. Its auto feed hopper has a 175-sheet capacity, and is compatible with larger 11” x 17” size paper.

The shredder also has a traditional hand-feed opening (16 inches) that lets you insert up to 18 sheets of paper at a time. The FD 8500AF boasts several commercial-grade features including a steel cabinet, large ample waste bin, AC geared-motor, heat-treated steel blades, easy-to-operate LED control panel, and load indicator.


Just Added: Professional Business Envelopes

Posted by: Morgan on December 17th, 2010

Professional Business EnvelopeToday, Office Zone just added new professional business envelopes to its site. We know, we know … you may say at first, “So what?” Why is that such a big deal. Good question! The reason why this is such a big deal, is now our customers have a convenient source for buying mailing envelopes that may be used in our automatic paper folding and inserting equipment.

These high-quality business envelopes, made by Relyco, come in standard business mailing sizes such as No. 9 and No. 10. These professional-grade envelopes may be used for a variety of different mailing applications, while providing you with maximum security.

The main benefit these envelopes offer, at least as far as we’re concerned, is the fact they may be used with most of our paper folder/inserter equipment. The envelope flaps are the correct size for securely closing folded and inserted material such as business letters, invoices, newsletters, etc. Be sure to take a closer look at Office Zone’s new business envelopes today.

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Dynafold Automatic Paper Folders Now Intelli-Fold™

Posted by: Morgan on November 12th, 2010

Intelli-Fold™ DE 202AFOffice Zone today announced the official transition with the paper folding machine line from Dynafold. The entire product line is now officially labeled Intelli-Fold™ by Intelli-Zone™.

The Dynafold DE 102AF automatic paper folder, for example, is now sold as the Intelli-Fold™ DE 102AF. The Dynafold DE 202 AF is now called the Intelli-Fold™ DE 202AF, and so on with the entire product line. The transition is as simple as that.

Intelli-Fold™ machines are made in the same manufacturing facility as the former Dynafold. The product features, performance ratings, specifications and quality are the same as well. The parts are interchangeable between both brands and can be serviced by Office Zone’s full-time service technicians.

For 15 years Office Zone has sold a significant amount of paper folding machines with the Dynafold label. We plan to continue to proceed by selling the same quality machines but with the new Intelli-Fold™ name.

When considering the dollar value, the Intelli-Fold™ paper folder line is one of the best reliable and quality constructed machines available today. Intelli-Fold™ paper folders are commonly found in businesses, schools, churches, government agencies and other similar work environments where paper folding is a critical part of the organization’s operation.


Introducing: New Low-Cost Office Machines From Intelli-Zone

Posted by: Morgan on July 22nd, 2010

Intelli-Zone Office MachinesIf you need to save money on your next office equipment purchase, Intelli-Zone has the machine you need. Intelli-Zone is a new manufacturer of office machines including paper shredders, binding machines, laminators and automatic paper folding machines. Intelli-Zone manufactures attractive, quality equipment with low prices.

Think you can only afford a cheap department store paper shredder for your office? Not to worry. Intelli-Zone Intelli-Shred paper shredders are not only extremely affordable, they are also durable and reliable. This new line of shredders have hardened steel blades that destroy a wide variety of materials. Most models shred DVDs, CDs, credit cards, ID tags, etc., without any problem. These shredders are simple to use and are attractively styled.

Why spend a large sum on a paper folder when you can get a reliable, quality machine for a fraction of the cost? Intelli-Fold paper folding machines are not only affordable, they are simple to set up, easy to adjust and may be adjusted to create the most common paper folds used in business today. You can even set up Intelli-Fold paper folders to create your own unique, custom folds.

Intelli-Lam pouch laminators are not only reliable and easy to use, they are also budget-friendly. These durable laminators may be used to laminate and protect a wide range of paper, craft projects, documents, and other materials. Most models feature adjustable temperature, four rollers, and the capability to process 10 mil thick laminating film.

Intelli-Bind binding machines look great, may be purchased at a competitive price, and are designed to hold up for several years. Intelli-Bind machines are available in all popular styles including comb, wire and spiral. All models are used to bind a wide variety of documents, proposals, books, school reports, projects, literature, and other materials. Our wide selection of Intelli-Bind binding machines includes manual and electric models.


Just added: Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper Cutter by Ideal

Posted by: Morgan on June 30th, 2010

Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper CutterIf you are looking for a heavy-duty, commercial-grade paper cutter, one that can cut a wide range of paper styles and thicknesses, then you should consider the new Triumph 5222 Digicut stack paper cutter by Ideal. The model 5222 Digicut cutter is intended for heavy, high-volume use. That means you can use the machine on a consistent basis throughout the day.

The 5222 Digicut features and advanced Safety Cutting System (SCS) package. This is a complete safety package that includes a front safety light beam, transparent safety cover, main switch safety lock with key, and required two-hand operation. If the operator so much as penetrates the light beam in the cutting area while the machine is functioning, operation stops immediately. These steps may initially appear to be overkill, but they are all highly critical when ensuring employee safety. Keep in mind: This is a powerful machine that can cut through up to a 3 1/8-inch stack of paper at a time!

Be sure to contact Office Zone for more details about the Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper Cutter today.


Just Added: David-Link W-988PB Biometric Employee Time Clock

Posted by: Morgan on May 26th, 2010

If you need an employee time clock that does it all, then you should consider the new David-Link W-988PB time clock. First, it has a convenient biometric finger scanner. This is one of the best finger scanners we’ve tested. Some competing models require that you slide your finger across a David-Link W-988PB Biometric Employee Time Clockthin sensor. This can be a sometimes frustrating experience since the sensor does not consistently recognize your fingerprint.

With the W-988PB, you quickly touch a small green screen with your fingerprint to log in. That’s all there is to it. The W-988PB will store up to an amazing 3,000 fingerprint scans! If you don’t want to require employee fingerprint scanning, then a proximity card reader is available. Or, you can simply have your employees clock in by keying in a pass code on the keypad. You may use one or a combination of these security methods for your employees to log in and out of work.

The technology used in this clock is state-of-the art. The unit is easy to use and program, thanks to its large blue backlit menu screen. The W-988PB comes bundled with time management software. It may be used as a stand-alone system, or with a computer.


Tamerica Unveils New C-Lam 3308 8-Roller Laminator

Posted by: Morgan on December 15th, 2009

The C-Lam 3308 pouch laminator from Tamerica features eight rollers for the clearest, cleanest finish available. The machine has four hot rollers and four cold. This highly versatile pouch laminator easily handles a wide variety of lamination film thicknesses from three to 10 mils.

The C-Lam 3308 laminator is the ideal choice for laminating photographs. The first set of hot rollers ensure adequate encapsulation and protection of your photos, while the remaining non-heated (or cold) rollers, located behind the hot, deliver smooth, ripple-free results.

You can also laminate promotional signs, restaurant menus, school projects and more. The model C-Lam 3308 laminator includes variable temperature and speed control. This built-in feature is ideal for professional-quality projects.

The machine automatically moves into energy-saving shut-off mode when not in use for 30 minutes. This impressive new pouch laminator from Tamerica is also simple to clean. All you need to do is remove four outer metal screws and the top lifts right off for quick, convenient access.


Applied Magnetics Lab: New Vendor Spotlight by Office Zone

Posted by: Morgan on November 17th, 2009

We recently added a fascinating new product line to our Web site. Office Zone completed an agreement with Applied Magnetics Lab., Inc. to distribute their line of shredders and data destroyers. Since 1973, the company has manufactured a wide variety of specialty equipment including devices that drive artificial hearts, refine plutonium, separate dirt from potatoes, and locate unexploded ordinance located deep underwater.

Today, the company fabricates some of the most incredibly durable shredders in the industry. Applied Magnetics’ specialty is making sure you have a way to destroy information in such a manner that even the most determined adversary cannot possibly recover it.

Shredders by Applied Magnetics are so durable, they have never had a unit returned due to damaged or worn parts. A good example is the Infostroyer 301. This model was recently identified by Research and Development Magazine as one of the 100 Most Significant Technology Products of the Year.

The Infostroyer 301 is a shredder that destroys large quantities of paper, ID badges, magnetic tape, credit cards, optical disks and more. This machine has a self-healing feature that actually repairs damage to itself if it is ever injured by foreign objects. It is the only shredder on the market capable of doing this.

Be sure to visit the Office Zone Web site to discover more interesting features about the new shredding and data destroying machines from Applied Magnetics.


New Product Spotlight: Tissue and Glove Box Dispensers

Posted by: Morgan on September 25th, 2009

If you work in a medical clinic, doctors office, or you are simply looking for an attractive tissue box cover for your office, take a look at Office Zone’s new tissue and glove box holders. Most medical clinics keep a handy box of tissues in the reception area for patients. They also typically use convenient wall-mounted latex glove dispensers.

Tissue and Glove Box Dispenser Cover

The new model GBW11-1 wooden tissue/glove box cover from Wooden Mallet dramatically improves the appearance of tissues and gloves by covering them with a beautiful oak frame. The GBW11-1 holds one box of tissues or gloves. Other models are available that hold more boxes.

Office Zone’s wooden glove and tissue boxes are crafted out of 3/4-inch thick oak sides. The bottoms consist of 1/4-inch thick laminate front panels. Be sure to take a closer look at our wide selection of wood glove and tissue box holders today.