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Applied Magnetics Lab: New Vendor Spotlight by Office Zone

Posted by: Morgan on November 17th, 2009

We recently added a fascinating new product line to our Web site. Office Zone completed an agreement with Applied Magnetics Lab., Inc. to distribute their line of shredders and data destroyers. Since 1973, the company has manufactured a wide variety of specialty equipment including devices that drive artificial hearts, refine plutonium, separate dirt from potatoes, and locate unexploded ordinance located deep underwater.

Today, the company fabricates some of the most incredibly durable shredders in the industry. Applied Magnetics’ specialty is making sure you have a way to destroy information in such a manner that even the most determined adversary cannot possibly recover it.

Shredders by Applied Magnetics are so durable, they have never had a unit returned due to damaged or worn parts. A good example is the Infostroyer 301. This model was recently identified by Research and Development Magazine as one of the 100 Most Significant Technology Products of the Year.

The Infostroyer 301 is a shredder that destroys large quantities of paper, ID badges, magnetic tape, credit cards, optical disks and more. This machine has a self-healing feature that actually repairs damage to itself if it is ever injured by foreign objects. It is the only shredder on the market capable of doing this.

Be sure to visit the Office Zone Web site to discover more interesting features about the new shredding and data destroying machines from Applied Magnetics.


Protect Your Business With PVC Employee Photo ID Badges

Posted by: Morgan on August 14th, 2009

More businesses today are migrating their employee photo ID badges from older, traditional materials to newer easier-to-use substances such as PVC. A PVC ID card or badge is simply a slab of thin plastic that is roughly the same size as a credit card. Most come with rounded edges.

PVC photo ID badge cards are made of a 40 percent polyester core with aPVC Employee Photo ID Badges

PVC laminate, top to bottom. PVC cards feature a polished, scratch and debris-reduced, high-quality surface made to last for years.

Blank PVC cards can then be loaded into digital photo ID printers that can print, on four-color, a employee’s photograph and key information such as a clearance number.

Some cards are available with a magnetic stripe or mag stripe, on the back. This is similar to the dark magnetic stripe on the back of your debit or credit card. This area can be encoded with an employee’s information, or other key data. Be sure to take a look at Office Zone’s wide selection of PVC photo ID card badge materials today.


Put A Little Men’s Room To Your Office: Emergency Porta Potty Saves Time And Stress From Frequent Potty Breaks

Posted by: Morgan on November 25th, 2008

Just a little holiday humor today (and yes, we really do sell these items).

Looking for holiday gift ideas, but bored with the same old drab selection? Well, it’s a safe bet that Office Zone doesn’t come to mind when you think about shopping for friends and family, but we do carry some unusual, yet functional products – certain to be the hot topic of conversation on Christmas day.

Emergency Porta Potty

Sure, the Emergency Porta Potty was designed for disasters when water is in short supply, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the benefits of this bucket ‘o fun. The Emergency Porta Potty is the perfect solution for employees who lose productivity from frequent potty breaks.

The idea here is to Emergency Porta Pottykeep your workers at their desks no matter what may come to pass.

Porta Potty from Office ZoneStep one: Replace all office chairs with a practical, yet comfortable emergency portable potty.

Step two: Strategically position each potty behind desks for privacy reasons. Step three: Permanently seal off all office restroom doors. Step four: Let nature take its course.

For extremely shy employees, the Emergency Porta Potty comes with a blue tarp for added privacy. Air freshening chemicals are included as well. Your staff will thank you for saving them long, tiring walks to the restroom, and providing them with hours of productive working fun.

Cooling Vests

Does your office hover around 90 degrees during the summertime, making you sweat like a pig? And your boss won’t let you touch the thermostat?

Cooling Vest from Office ZoneNot to worry. These cool new cooling vests were mostly designed for construction crew and other workers exposed to constant heat. But why should they have all the fun? Each cooling vest keeps you chillin’ and sweat-free for up to four comfortable hours in just about any environment – especially your office.

You’re certain to be the popular one when sporting this futuristic-looking Aluminized High Temperature Vest at your next department meeting. We predict everyone will be wearing a hot-looking cooling vest in the future, so order yours before all the popular styles and colors are gone.


Office Chairs With A Religious Twist

Posted by: Morgan on October 16th, 2008

Here’s a little known fact about some of the office chairs that we carry. If you take a look at our Flexible Office Seating index, you’ll notice something different. These chairs were designed with church use in mind. That means they’re built to endure decades of use and abuse.

Churches typically have a modest furniture budget, that’s why their furniture has to last. Offices can take advantage of these added furniture features too. Select office chairs featured at Office Zone are hand-made from northern red oak. This is a wood typically used with church furniture because of its sturdy, long-lasting qualities. It holds up well in most environments and climates.Office Chair

This selection of office chairs also includes extra padding in the seat for added comfort. Instead of one-inch foam padding, you get two inches of foam. That means you can finally sit in comfort for hours during your next thrilling staff meeting. The tough commercial-grade fabric covering the chair’s seat and back is also rated to last much longer that most office chairs.

Be sure to take a closer look at these special office chairs, with a religious flair, today.


Semacon Currency Counters: The Curtis Mathes Of Bill Counters

Posted by: Morgan on October 8th, 2008

The name Curtis Mathes probably doesn’t ring a bell with most, but in the 1970’s-early 80’s, the company was a well-known TV manufacturer in the U.S. They produced some memorable television commercials by saying they had “the most expensive television set in America – and darn well worth it”. Curtis Mathes also offered longer warranties than their competitors.

No, Office Zone doesn’t sell television sets, but we do feature a vendor called Semacon that has a lot in common with the Curtis Mathes company and their business philosophy. Semacon produces high-quality bill and coin counters. The engineering standards are much higher than most machines in their class, that’s why the company’s products come in at a typically higher price point. Semacon money counting machines have a strong reputation in the industry for high quality standards and longevity.

Semacon Bill Counter

Like Curtis Mathes of old, Semacon is not afraid to say their bill counters may be more of an investment up front, but the cost savings over the years more than make up the difference. High-end Semacon bill counters are especially unique. They feature a fan filtration system that eliminates contaminated dust and particles. This helps prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and other grimy stuff. It is also nice for people who have asthma or are sensitive to dust-filled air.

Semacon machines, such as the S-1400 series, break up brand new bills that typically stick together, thanks to an agitation feature. Best of all, Semacon offers a factory warranty that stands out from the rest: one-year warranty on parts, labor, and shipping. That’s correct, shipping both ways is covered by Semacon.

Be sure to take a closer look at the Semacon money counting line today.


Buddy Punching Problems? Biometric Time Clocks Have The Situation Well In Hand

Posted by: Morgan on October 7th, 2008

Do you have a problem with “Budding Punching” at your office? No, we’re not talking about friendly fighting here. If you use an employee time clock like most business do, then the issue of having one employee punching in for another who is not present is a big problem. Fortunately, this is no longer a concern with offices that use biometric time clocks.

Biometric Time Clock

This innovative , yet simple technology eliminates costly buddy punching by actually requiring the presence of your employees when they punch in and out for work. They absolutely must be present to clock in. Thanks to biometric time clocks, old-fashioned, paper time cards and clerical payroll errors are reduced or completely eliminated.

There’s no more need to continually purchase or maintain expensive stocks of badges, time cards, ribbons or other supplies, thanks to state-of-the art time clocks such as the Acroprint Handpunch 1000. Be sure to take a look at this impressive time clock, and others offered by Office Zone, today.


Signature Capture Pads: Electronically save signatures in seconds

Posted by: Morgan on September 19th, 2008

For quite some time, Office Zone has offered a large selection of signature capture pads, pen tablets, and related accessories. Models can handle a wide variety of tasks from inserting electronic signatures in documents or e-mails, to heavy use in busy retail environments.

SigLite 1X5

Our pen tablet pads are used with most signature capture programs. An entry level model, the SigLite 1X5, is also compatible with Word, Excel, Access, Acrobat, Notes, Domino, HTML, Java, ASP, VB, VC++, Delphi, Images, Crystal Reports, and so on.

We make integration of our signature capture pads easy by giving our customers, free of charge, a wide variety of drivers and open-source software to help most devices work with existing programs.

We have several models in stock and can can ship them same-day. Be sure to learn more about Office Zone’s signature caputure pads today:


Letter Opener–Not A Man’s Job…Not A Woman’s Job Either. Leave It To The Machines

Posted by: admin on June 25th, 2008

L04073 Letter OpenerLike most people, businesses are inundated with mail. Unlike most people, who can just toss their mail and it doesn’t make a difference, businesses might actually need some of the contents. Some larger businesses, particularly parent companies, receive hundreds of letters a day. Opening all those letters gets extremely taxing, which is why Office Zone has a prestigious selection of letter opening machines. The most elaborate machines can open up to 350 letters a minute. Investing in a letter opener saves bosses the time and trouble of doing it themselves or the money of paying someone else to do it. Perhaps most significantly, letter openers save fingers from endless paper cuts.

Of course, a finger exposed to years of abuse could prove to be very handy. Why, it could get callused over and become completely impervious to pain. Now that I think about it, a human letter opener could have a future of limitless possibilities: “Baby Crocodile Feeder” at the zoo; “Volcanic Lava Or Just Orange Glowing Foam Tester;” “Handgun Barrel Corker” (not sure what good that does, but hey, a talent’s a talent).



Company Meetings–A Pain In The Rear…Literally

Posted by: admin on June 13th, 2008

Fabric stackable chairI picture hell as one big business seminar. The devil handpicks speakers out of the crowd and prods them to the microphone with his fiery pitchfork. His selection criteria is simply any idiot who has intensely passionate feelings toward something no one else in the room cares about like “fantasy combat playing cards.” The chosen ones discourse for hours while everyone else tries to fall asleep, but can’t, because the hemorrhoid-inducing furniture they’re all sitting on isn’t having it. Hell even has managers, inexplicably immune to boredom, that ask rhetorical questions such as “Long night, huh?” and “Tired, Smith?”

Unfortunately, most people who didn’t do anything to deserve such torment have experienced it many times. The stuffy atmosphere, the cyborg lecturer, always sitting next to the person with chronic B.O.–these things seem to be inevitable; the sadistic furniture doesn’t have to be. If buyers want to save money, they don’t have to resort to the Renaissance Torture Store to find their meeting/conference chairs. Perhaps they want to keep employees awake, which a regular chair does, but it can’t keep their attention. A little padding on the other hand, is a good way to keep them happy. Office Zone padded conference chairs are just as stackable as the hard, flat type and at our discount prices, it’s only the boss’ fatter wallet that causes kidney failure, not the chairs.

Other discount furniture is available at Office Zone as well. We can’t promise a higher quality presenter, but we can promise a higher quality podium. We can’t promise tables of the sales-chart kind that will put the boss in a good mood, but we can promise tables of the wooden kind that will. You get the idea.