Acroprint ETC Time and Date StampQuestion

To Whom It May Concern:

I am inquiring about the Amano PIX-15 Electronic Time Recorder is it possible to request a personal set message for the machine? We would like to see if we are able to have the machine say “Received by Haas Automation Human Resources” or “Received by Human Resources”?

Thank you for your time and respond,

Nancy A.


The Amano PIX-15 Electronic Time Recorder unfortunately cannot be modified to print your personal message. However, you can record time and imprint a customized message with the Acroprint ETC Time and Date Stamp. Optional engraved plates let you imprint specific information on forms. The unit provides an efficient, cost effective way to register important documents with vital information such as the year, month, date and time. The heavy-duty ETC Time and Date Stamp is engineered to handle thousands of print registrations per day.

The ETC time stamp is basically an automatic print recorder. You simply insert a document, trip the auto sensor and the information you need is embedded onto the paper. The unit’s type wheels deliver a sharp clean imprint that will penetrate multiple copies.