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How To Prolong Your Paper Drill

Posted by: James on June 17th, 2011

Paper DrillsIf you own a paper drill, then chances are you’ve had to buy new drill bits, which can quickly become frustrating.  My experience with selling drill bits is many people do not know which style of bit they need.  Paper drills themselves can last a long time, and more often than not, the employees will come and go, leaving the new person without the knowledge of which drill bit to purchase as a replacement.

Because it is so important to obtain the same style of bit for your machine, you don’t want to make the mistake of getting the wrong ones.  Fortunately, there are many ways drill bits can be prolonged.

Proper Drill Bit Depth – For starters, an easy mistake to make is not having the drill bit depth adjusted right.  If it is set too deep, you risk causing extra damage to the drill blocks.  Worse than that, you may also wear your drill bit tips out faster.  A sure sign the depth is not set right is you’ll probably see smoke.  Never a good thing.

Paper Drill BitsSharpen Your Drill Bits – Another great way to extend the life of your bits are to sharpen them.  Officezone offers a wide variety of different paper drill sharpeners for each occasion.  Depending on your budget, we have the very basic sharpeners from hand held models and pencil sharpener styles, to mounted precision models.  You can find our drill sharpeners here.

Depending on how often you use the bits, I would recommend sharpening them for every new job, if not daily.  I would also recommend keeping your drill bits constantly lubricated.  Paper drills use a lot of heat, which can damage your paper and leave burn marks.  Properly lubrication will eliminate this problem.

Lil-Bit Drill SharpenerSharpening the bits is fairly simple.  One of our most popular sharpeners is the Lil-Bit sharpener, which can be found here.

To sharpen this your bits using this model, simply use your machine to lower the bit on top of the sharpener.  Make sure the machine is turned off before you do so.  Once you have it properly aligned under the sharpener, turn on the machine until you hear a slight grinding noise.  You only need to leave the bit on the sharpener for about 5 seconds.  Note: It is not recommended to use this sharpener on a hydraulic paper drill.

Use Clean Drill Blocks – When you’re paper drilling, the bits should make just a slight impression on the drill block.  If you forget to replace the drill blocks, or abuse them, your bits will wear aware much faster.  Drill Blocks are cheap and affordable, yet crucial to the process.  Our entire selection of drill blocks can be found here.

Chip Board Or Thick Covers – This is a tip most people aren’t familiar with.  Sometimes the bottom of your stack of paper doesn’t come out with a smooth, complete drill or cut.  Having a thick cover or chip board piece on the bottom of your paper stack will make sure you get a perfect drill each time.  This will also help buffer the amount of pressure applied to the drill block.

While these tips will definitely prolong the life of your drill bits, they won’t last forever.  When it comes time to replace them, we will have what you need.  We sell a variety of drill bit styles, in varying sizes, from many different brands.  Our complete selection of drill bits can be found here.

If you simply need to upgrade or replace your damaged paper drill, we have what you need, as well.  Ranging from table top models, to floor models, to pneumatically powered models, we have you covered.  Our paper drills can be found here.


How to Maintain a Sharp Paper Drill Bit

Posted by: Morgan on March 24th, 2011

Precision MS-1 Drill SharpenerQuestion

We are quoting a job that requires a 1/4-inch hole punched into a cardboard fingernail file. After the hole is punched we secure a key chain to the fingernail file.

We have a drill press made by Challenge.  It looks like it could be an antique.

Your help in answering the following questions would be appreciated.

1) The drill bits get dull after less that 1 hour of use. What type of bit do you recommend?

2) What type of sharpening equipment do you recommend?

3) What type of lubricating stick do you recommend?

4) Any other advice would be appreciated


Greg L.


Office Zone has all of the paper drill supplies you need to keep your paper drilling operations running at top efficiency. First, we recommend you try one of our Teflon drill bits. We suggest you use some of our specially formulated drill wax and a drill bit sharpener. The Precision MS-1 Drill Sharpener comes highly recommended. This precision sharpener has a solid carbide cutting head. Its self-seating, lathe-type design helps you quickly and efficiently sharpen almost any brand of drill bit, from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch in diameter.