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Minipad 4000 Padding Press Notepad Making Machine

Posted by: Morgan on May 26th, 2011

Minipad 4000 Padding PressQuestion


I’m interested in possibly purchasing the Minipad 4000 Padding Press/ Notepad Making Machine, but I have a couple of questions:

1. Will it bind 8.5″ x 11″ paper along the 11″ side?
2. Will I need to purchase additional parts such as glue and cardboard for binding?

Thank so much


The Minipad 4000 Padding Press will pad documents up to nine inches wide. However, the MiniPad 4000 padding press is still a popular choice with our customers. It can pad a stack of paper up to 10 inches high (approximately 4,000 sheets of 20 lb. paper). That’s why it’s one of our best-selling items. But for you, we recommend the Superpad Padding Press Notepad Machine. The model can pad up to 18 inches wide. If you are looking for a padding press that is capable of padding thousands of sheets of paper at a time, then the Superpad Notepad Machine padding press is your best option. This high-volume padding can literally pad up to 10,000 sheets of paper at a time.

Yes, you will need to purchase padding press supplies to properly bind your notepads.


Will a Shrink Wrap Machine Melt Frozen Pizza?

Posted by: Morgan on May 25th, 2011

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap FilmQuestion


I am looking for a machine to wrap my product much like the plastic you’d find around frozen pizzas. My problem is that these shrink wrap machines use heat, right?

Well my product is supposed to be an uncooked frozen pastry. I know that frozen pizzas are normally cooked then frozen, so this wouldn’t be  problem for them. But for my product i think it would. Or does the heat not affect the product directly? Is there another type of machine you could recommend for me to use which won’t affect my product by cooking it, but which will give that same tightly wrapped pizza result?

Thank you,

Sabrina J.


Yes, shrink wrap machines do use heat to package products. The heat inside a shrink wrap machine chamber is actually relatively low. It gets hot enough to shrink down the Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film, commonly used with food products. However, this film requires a low temperature to form around and item, thus most food products are unaffected. Take a look at our Minipack Galaxy Quick Overview Video. Notice how quickly and efficiently the machine fully shrink wraps the demo pizza. It takes only two seconds … and you’ll notice that the pizza has the shrink film tightly wrapped around the pizza. Two seconds in a shrink wrap machine chamber is simply not enough time to melt the cheese on your pizzas.


Paper Folding Machines With Manual Bypass

Posted by: Morgan on May 9th, 2011

Dahle 10560 Letter FolderQuestion

Does the IntelliFold IF300 paper folder have a manual bypass?

Valerie M.


The Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folding Machine does not have a manual bypass folding feature. However, it’s still the best value for an automatic letter folder in its price category. The Dahle 10560 Letter Folder folds up to three sheets of paper at a time, thanks to is manual feed bypass. Overall, the model 10560 does a rather admirable job with multiple-sheet folding. If you need more accuracy and consistency with manual bypass paper folding, we recommend the Model FD 38X Automatic Tabletop Paper Folder. The 38X is a relatively new paper folder model by Formax that includes a patented multi-sheet feeder. The feeder lets you manually insert up to four sheets of stapled paper at a time. We have actually tested this unit at Office Zone. It definitely does the best job of folding multiple sheets when compared to competing models.


Looking for a High-Volume Paper Folding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on May 6th, 2011

Formax FD 38X Automatic Tabletop Paper FolderQuestion

We are looking for a High Volume Folding Machine as per specifications :-

– Folds up to a minimum of 10,000 pieces per hour

– Minimum 500 sheet feeder

– Support different folds (Single-fold, Double-fold, Letter or C-fold, Offset C-fold, Z-fold, Gate-fold)

– Load on the fly

– Support cross-folding capability

– Can accommodate a high-capacity stacker or optional

Ajay B.


We recommend the Formax model FD 38X Automatic Tabletop Paper Folder. This powerful unit will fold up to an amazing 20,100 sheets per hour! If you plan to fold letters on a daily basis, you require an automatic folding machine that’s tough as nails. The Formax FD 38X automatic paper folding machine makes the paper folding process as fast and easy as possible. The machine’s paper hopper/feed tray will hold up to 500 sheets at a time. Its conveyor exit system will also hold up to 500 folded sheets, making this paper folder a highly productive model.

The FD 38X will execute all of the different folds you requite. You simply select the pre-programmed fold from the unit’s menu. Once selected, the FD 38X will automatically adjust itself to the desired fold. The FD 38X is a relatively quiet paper folder, especially when compared to competing models. This is a highly versatile machine. It features a patented multi-sheet feeder that allows you to manually insert up to 4 sheets of stapled paper at a time for folding.


Shrink Wrapping Vinyl LPs and Videotapes

Posted by: Morgan on May 4th, 2011

Shrink wrap filmQuestion

Dear Person:

I would gratefully appreciate it if you could answer these few questions I have about shrink wrapping before I study all the types of units that you offer on your website.

In regards to shrink wrap for record old vinyl Lps and Video Tapes VHS old videos:

I have NO AC my items would be stored at room temperature which gets to 100* in the summertime.

Q1) If I do shrink wrap old vinyl LPs and Videotapes, will the shrink wrap protect the items from room temperature heat? Or  will the shrink wrap only increase the heat/temperature to the item by trapping in the heat from room temperature???

Q2) Does shrink wrap breathe? or it DOESNT allow air through it?

Thanks for your time and services.

I look forward to your replies.


No, shrink wrap film will not protect your LPs and videotapes from the heat or cold. It will not increase the temperature of the item either. The film will, however protect your records and tapes from moisture and dust. Most shrink wrapped items are still exposed to air. Larger chamber sealer shrink wrap machines put tiny perforation holes in the film to improve the effectiveness of the shrink wrap process. A smaller I-bar system will not punch holes, but there are typically tiny holes, not readily visible, along the seams and edges of the cut and heat-sealed film. Either PVC or Polyolefin film should work just fine for your LP record and videotape archiving.


How Does the Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 Signature Capture Pad Work?

Posted by: Morgan on April 29th, 2011

Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 Signature Capture PadQuestion

Topaz SigLite 1 X 5 (SL Series) Signature Capture Tablet. How does this device work? Can it plug into a computer and as signatures are written onto the device, it will save onto the computer? What type of file are the signatures saved as?

Arica R.


The Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 signature capture pad digitally captures signatures for a variety of applications. This particular signature pad may be integrated with software such as Microsoft Office, MS Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs and Internet applications. Signature capture pads can be used to sign contracts, forms etc. Signatures are digitally captured and stored in an image file format.

The SigLite 1X5 T-S460 is available in a serial port or USB model. The serial port versions will eventually be phased out by Topaz since USB is the popular computer connection in the industry. The SigLite 1X5 is typically used by banks and credit unions, retailers, insurance agents, government agencies, loan and leasing services, pharmacies, application service providers, human resource departments and more.


Looking for Small, Sturdy Shrink Wrap Machines

Posted by: Morgan on April 27th, 2011

MiniPack Galaxy Shrink Wrap System 5Question

I’m looking for 2 small shrink wrap machines that are sturdy and can run for long periods of time.  Will be in use 24 hour a day, 6 -7 days a week. Possibly considering the MiniPack Galaxy System 5.

Celine L.


There are literally dozens of types of shrink wrap machines available that could meet your requirements. Your best option would be to contact our knowledgeable customer support staff. They can answer any questions you may have, and will help you pick the best shrink wrap model for your specific needs. However, since you mentioned the MiniPack Galaxy Shrink Wrap System 5 model, we can confidently recommend that machine to you as well.

The Galaxy System 5 is a high-performance shrink wrap machine capable of packaging an impressive 300 units an hour. And, it can withstand hours of non-stop use. MiniPack shrink wrap machines and systems have most everything you need to start shrink packaging a wide variety of items including food, DVDs, CDs, software boxes, books, archived documents and more.


Waste Paper Shredding

Posted by: Morgan on April 21st, 2011

Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper ShredderQuestion

I work for a small office of around 40 people. We were looking to reduce our landfill waste by shredding tough paper (microwave lunch paper containers, paper coffee cups, etc). By shredding these products, we are able to keep them on site in our composting containers and they will biodegrade faster. Is there any product that is designed for this?

Andrew L.

We highly recommend the Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper Shredder. The model S16.50 will shred all of the tough paper products you listed. It will also easily tackle entire file folders, large stacks of computer printouts, cardboard pieces, employee time cards, and just about any other kind of office waste made out of paper.

The shredder’s wide 20-inch shred throat is ideal for destroying large volumes of paper at a time. The S16.50 paper shredder is available in either strip cut or cross cut shred styles. We recommend the cross cut version for your particular application.


Need An Employee Time Clock

Posted by: Morgan on April 20th, 2011

Acroprint ES900 Atomic Time Clock SystemQuestion


Could you please recommend an electronic sturdy side-punch time clock that automatically handles month and time changes? It would be stored in an outdoor tent and used to track time for farm workers. Our budget is not much over $300.

Thank you so much!

Kendall S.


We recommend the Acroprint ES900 Atomic employee time clock. This employee time clock is simple to set up and use, and never needs to be reset. That’s because the unit comes complete with a perpetual internal calendar that automatically adjusts the date, including daylight savings time adjustments.

The ES900 LCD display is easy to read and shows the time, date and day of the week. The unit’s clear cover makes it easy for employees to align their time cards for accurate punching. Left- or right-sided punching is possible. The ES900 Atomic Time Clock System boasts a three-year internal battery for accurate back up of critical payroll information.


Need Maximum Punch Capacity for 2:1 Pitch Wire

Posted by: Morgan on April 19th, 2011

Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Multipunch MachineQuestion

Hello –

I’m looking for a solution to a book binding problem we have.  We have a bottleneck in our production at the binding machine.  Currently, our 2:1 binding machine only has the capacity to punch 20 pages at a time.

We make about 50 wire-bound books a day, so it’s not a lot, but the time spent punching the holes is too much.  Can you help me understand what our options are for maximum punch capacity?  Price wise, we’d like to stay under $750.

Thank you,

Megan D.


We can help speed up your production volume by about five sheets per punch. The Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Multipunch Machine will punch through 25 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. This paper punch from Intelli-Zone was designed for high-volume document binding punching. It is offered with your choice of punching dies including 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire, 19-ring comb and 3:1 wire with a thumb cut for calendars.

The included foot pedal makes it possible to hold paper with both hands while punching. This unique feature alone helps speed up binding production in a significant way. The Intelli-Bind IM1000 does not cost under $750, but it’s definitely in the neighborhood of your budget. It is the ideal punching machine for long-run binding jobs and is typically used by our customers as an accessory to other document binding machines.