If you’re doing a lot of stapling on a daily basis, you should really be using a heavy duty stapler (found here). At Office Zone, we offer a great selection of heavy duty staplers ranging from desk mounted saddle staplers to tabletop electric staplers. We have years of experience with staplers and I would like to share some of our top rated staplers with you. These are staplers that have a proven track record and have proven themselves to be reliable.

Choosing a stapler can be a tricky task. If you’re not sure which stapler you need, consider reading our stapler guide found here. Staplers come in all shapes and sizes. This includes saddle, long reach, flat, high capacity and more. I would like to recommend one stapler from each of the categories we offer on our site.

Manual Saddle Stapler

  • Screbba W115 StaplerSkrebba W115 (found here) – This is by far one of the best and most versatile manual saddle staplers we offer. Besides the quality, I really like the fact that this stapler can easily be changed from saddle stapling to flat stapling, making it excellent for a variety of stapling jobs. It connects to the edge of a table and has a 50 sheet stapling capacity (based on 20# paper). This is very affordable and is excellent for medium-duty stapling jobs. The included guides make it easy to staple along multiple locations. You simply won’t find a better manual saddle stapler.

Electric Saddle Stapler

  • Rapid 106 Saddle StaplerRapid 106 (found here) – The Rapid 106 stapler has been around for years. Like the W115, the Rapid 106 can be adjusted from saddle stapling to flat stapling easily. The stapler connects to the side of a stable and quickly staples through up to 40 sheets of paper. It can even be connected with other Rapid 106 units for simultaneous stapling. The Rapid 106 can staple paper via the micro switches or by using a foot pedal. I have used this stapler personally multiple times and really like it.

Long Reach Staplers

  • Skrebba W117L Long Reach StaplerSkrebba W117L (found here) – The W117L is a heavy duty flat stapler and features long reach capabilities. It will staple through up to 120 sheets of standard 20# bond paper and has 10″ depth adjustment capability. A nice angled handle makes stapling easy. This long reach stapler has been a customer favorite for about a decade and has one of the best track records when it comes to staplers.

Header Card Staplers

  • Staplex S-630NHL Card Header StaplerStaplex S-630NHL (found here) Staplex is synonymous with quality when it comes to stapling. Staplex staplers are made in the USA and the S-630NHL feels like it was crafted out of a solid block of metal. It is excellent for high-volume header card stapling throughout the day and uses a powerful motor to pound staples through up to 40 sheets of paper at a time.

Desktop Electric Staplers

  • Staplex Model ST Desktop Electric StaplerStaplex Model ST (found here) – If you need a nice tabletop electric stapler for use in the office, the Staplex ST is excellent. It has a small footprint, takes up little space, and can staple up to 18 sheets of paper at a time. This is a well built stapler and far outperforms and outlasts cheaper electric staplers. This is the stapler you want if you are stapling frequently on a daily basis in an office environment. I have seen these staplers used at the DMV for attaching expiration stickers to registration paperwork.

These are some top notch staplers and as I mentioned earlier, they all have a great track record with our customers. While I didn’t list them all here, I would like to mention that we have always had great luck with our entire lineup of Staplex Staplers. They are made in the USA and feature high-end components. If you still have questions about staplers, or need a recommendation, feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454. You can find our entire selection of staplers here.