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Coil Binding Machines With Coil Crimping Pliers

Posted by: James on January 21st, 2013

Coil Binding Machines w/ Coil Crimping PliersCoil binding, in my opinion, is one of the best looking book binding formats around. Supplies are affordable, colors are diverse and the format is extremely durable. One critical part of the coil binding process is the coil-crimping pliers (found here). The only problem is that many models don’t include these pliers, meaning you have to purchase the pliers separately. So which coil binding machines include the coil-crimping pliers? I would like to provide you with a list.

So what are coil-crimping pliers? These are used to cut off excess coil and crimp the ends off to prevent the coil from spinning back out of the holes. These pliers look a lot like needle nose pliers. The benefit of coil crimping pliers, versus needle nose pliers, is that they cut and crimp the coil in a single pass. Once you figure out how they work, the pliers are actually very fast and effective.

So which brands and models include the pliers? I have found that pretty much all Akiles and all Intelli-Bind coil binding machines include the pliers. Here is a list of the models that do:

Manual Coil Binding Machines

  • Intelli-Bind IC210A (found here) – This is one of the least expensive coil binding machines on the market. It is basically a coil binding paper punch. Coils are manually inserted.
  • Intelli-Bind IC110 (found here) – This is one of the least expensive coil binding machines that includes an electric coil inserter. It is excellent for a home or small office.
  • Akiles Rubicoil Spiral Binder (found here) – This is a coil binding punch, which means it will punch the holes for your coil bound book but the supplies need to be manually spun through by hand.
  • Intelli-Bind IC210 (found here) – This is essentially the same machine as the IC210A, but includes an electric coil inserter. This helps speed up the binding process by quickly spinning coils through the punched holes. This is one of our most popular models.
  • Akiles iCoil 41 (found here) – This compact coil binding station is one of the newest models released by Akiles. It folds up and is very easy to store in a cabinet. It includes the punch, pliers, a small inserter and a foot pedal.
  • Akiles CoilMac-M (found here) – This coil binding punch features the quality Akiles is known for along with 5 disengageable punching pins. This model does not include an electric inserter.
  • Akiles iCoil 41+ (found here) – This machine is the same as the regular Akiles iCoil, but includes the Plus hole pattern. This is essentially an oval-size hole versus a circular hole. According to Akiles this makes the coils easier to insert and pages easier to turn.
  • Akiles Coilmac-M Plus (found here) – This is a coil punch that features the Plus oval-shaped hole pattern as well as 54 disengagable punching pins. It is a solid machine, but does not include an electric inserter.
  • Intelli-Bind IC310 (found here) – This is one of our best selling coil binding machines. It is popular because it includes a full width inserter, selectable punching pins, includes pliers and features a metal body design.
  • Intelli-Bind IC410 (found here) – This tough machine includes a nice leveraged punching handle, six selectable punching pins and a nice wide electric inserter. This machine features a durable metal body and is extremely sturdy.
  • Akiles CoilMac ER (found here) – This is the first of several Akiles machines that feature the metal body and an electric inserter. It features 5 disengaging dies as well as a compact coil inserter found on the top left of the machine.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ER Plus (found here) – This is the same machine as the standard ER, but includes the Plus oval punching dies and includes 54 selectable punching pins.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ECI (found here) – This is one of the most robust Akiles machines we offer that features a manual punch. It is made out of durable metal components and features a full width electric inserter.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus (found here) – As is the case with the other “Plus” machines, this is an upgraded version of the standard ECI, which includes the oval-shaped punching pins and features 54 selectable punching pins.

Electric Coil Binding Machines

  • Intelli-Bind IC21E (found here) – This is by far the most cost effective coil binding machine that features an electric punch. On top of that, it also includes coil crimping pliers, an electric inserter and  46 disengageable punching pins.
  • Akiles CoilMac-EPI (found here) – Having used this machine myself, I can say that this is a beast of a binding machine. It is tough, easy to use and the electric motor really packs a punch. It also includes five selectable punching pins and a full width electric inserter. This is made to last for years.
  • Akiles CoilMac-EPI Plus (found here) – This is the Cadilac of coil binding machines. It is well built, looks nice and is excellent for high-volume coil binding. It features the oval-shaped Plus hole pattern and includes 54 fully disengageable punching pins.

When you take into account that coil crimping pliers can cost anywhere between $30 and $70, having them included with the machine is actually a huge value. If you have questions about any of these machines, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. Do you own one of these machines? Please post your feedback and experiences here as a comment. Thank you for reading!


Best Small Business Paper Shredders for the Office

Posted by: James on November 9th, 2012

Best Small Business Paper ShreddersWhile large businesses often use paper shredders (found here) to destroy sensitive data, it is equally important for small businesses to do the same. The biggest difference between the two is that a small business isn’t going to need a massive shredder to get the job done. Most small businesses are fine with a machine that is designed to be used by 4-8 people. So what is the best small business paper shredder?

We have decades of experience with shredders and would like to share some of our customers’ top picks. As you read this article, you will probably notice a similar them with many of our shredders. We have found that the best-built shredders originate in Germany. They seem to have figured out the correct formula for design and build quality. Popular German paper shredder brands include Destroyit, Intimus, HSM and Dahle.

At Office Zone, we offer two separate indexes for shredders. These are:

Now that we have gone through that, I would like to point out some of our most popular small business shredders and why they are a great option for you.

Best Small Business Paper Shredders for the Office (sorted by least to most expensive)

  1. Destroyit 2360CC ShredderIntelli-Zone ST-10C (found here) – This shredder offers a Level 3 cross cut pattern in a compact deskside design. It is extremely quiet and can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at a time.
  2. Intelli-Zone ST-12C (found here) This is another great Level 3 shredder from Intelli-Zone, featureing a 12 sheet shredding capacity and the ability to also shred CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and other optical discs.
  3. Destroyit 2360CC (found here) This German-made paper shredder is about as tough as they come in this size. It is reliable, extremely durable and even features a continuous-duty motor for regular shredding needs.
  4. Intimus Pro 32CC3 (found here) – Intimus shredders have been around for decades and have developed a good reputation with the government. The 32CC3 can be used to shred paper, optical discs and much more. This shredder features some of the latest in modern paper shredder technology.
  5. Intelli-Zone ET-15C (found here) – This shredder has a nice 15 sheet shredding capacity, features a 7 year warranty on the shredder blades and has a nice 7-gallon shred bin. This shredder is aesthetically pleasing and is very quiet, making it ideal for the office.
  6. Destroyit 2404 (found here) – This German built shredder features hardened steel shredding blades, a large 13-gallon shred bin, sits on mobile casters and is one of the easiest shredders to use and operate. It even features a continuous-duty motor.
  7. Intimus 45CC3 (found here) – This Intimus shredder is a tough little paper destroying machine. It is excellent for small business use and can keep up with use by multiple people throughout the day. It cuts paper using a level 3 pattern and can be used to destroy paper, CDs, DVDs, credit cards and more. It is silent, absorbs noise-causing vibrations and is full of safety technology.
  8. Dahle CleanTEC 41214 (found here) – If you need a quiet and reliable shredder, the Dahle CleanTEC line of shredders is an excellent shredder. These shredders are German made, feature a quiet design and are energy conscious.

These are just eight of our most popular small office shredders. In case you need more cutting capacity or a larger shred bin, we offer several high-quality larger models of shredders as well. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454 with your paper shredder questions. We are more than happy to answer your questions, provide you with quotes, match prices and more.


Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folding Machine Review

Posted by: James on September 8th, 2011

Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folding MachineA common mistake that is made when people are considering what office equipment to buy is that of over purchasing. They buy equipment that can do all sorts of cool things, but isn’t really practical for what they require. Take paper folding machines for example. Some people will buy a paper folder than can fold 30,000 sheets per minute, which is awesome! But what if those same companies don’t even send out 30,000 sheets in a year? They’ve wasted a lot of money something they didn’t need. That’s what makes the Intelli-Fold IF300 paper folder such a good choice for some companies.

The Intelli-Fold IF300 paper folder is a low volume paper folder that folds a lot of paper, and folds it very well. While it doesn’t fold 30,000 sheets an hour, it does fold 3,600 sheets of paper per minute. This makes it very practical for small business, community banks, local insurance companies, schools, churches, or other organizations that need a good, quality paper folder that meets their needs.

The Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder is a friction style folder that rapidly feeds the paper through using a friction roller and conveyor system. It is an automatic paper folder than will self-feed the paper and fold it when the paper is placed in the hopper. The paper hopper can hold 100 sheets at a time.The Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder can fold sheets into a Half Fold, Z Fold, Letter Fold, or Double Parallel Fold. It accommodates standard paper sizes like, 8 ½ x 11. After all the paper has been fed through the machine, the Intelli-Fold IF300 will automatically shut off after 10 seconds, going into standby mode.

This is a video demo of the IF300 in operation:

The Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder is produced by Intelli-Zone. According to their website, Intelli-Zone is a manufacturer of high quality office equipment. Their paper folders and other office machines are built to be rugged, reliable, and should provide many years of use. This commitment to quality, combined with their competitive prices, make their paper folders a sound purchase choice.

Some of the features built into the design of the Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder show that that company had the consumer in mind. This is foremost evident in how quiet the Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder operates. Most paper folders are quite noisy as they feed, fold and stack the paper.  The Intelli-Fold IF300 operates at a lower noise level of only 65 decibels. This is so quiet that you’ll still be able to hear your co-workers carrying on a conversation about their most recent Facebook post over the sound of the paper folder while it’s operating.  It is also easy to set up and it has the option to set custom style folds.

The only downside of the Intelli-Fold IF300 is the shortcoming that afflicts all friction-style paper folders. It shouldn’t be used to fold glossy paper. If you’re in a business that uses a lot of slick, shiny paper then you’d be better off with a suction-operated paper folder.

You can get the best price on an Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folder, along with other office equipment from the Intelli-Zone line, at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of paper folding machines here.


Advice on Paper Trimmer Models for Booklets

Posted by: Morgan on March 25th, 2011

Intelli-Cut 550MS Electric Stack Paper CutterQuestion


I am researching paper cutters/trimmers. I am hoping you can give me some advice on product selection? I have two different tasks, maybe one cutter/trimmer can do both? We have a medium-volume color laser printer that can do saddle-stitched booklets. We would like a machine that could trim the 1/4″ margins off three sides after they were printed and bound. Also, we sometimes would like to trim flyers, etc. into 1/2 page (8-1/2′ x 5-1/2″), 1/3 page, 1/4 page etc in small quantities up to about 3,000 sheets or so. We don’t need 3,000 sheets in one cut, just want to do them faster & easier than our manual, guillotine-style cutter.


John F.


We highly recommend the Intelli-Cut 550MS Electric Stack Paper Cutter. This cutter was specifically designed to tackle large cutting jobs such as yours. The model 550MS handles thick stacks of paper with ease, yet will execute accurate trimming strokes as well. It can cut through sizeable quantities of standard paper, card stock and chipboard. This paper cutter is made from durable metal components and includes a long-lasting cutting blade that stays sharp for a long time.


Label And Bar Code Printer–Resistance Is Futile

Posted by: admin on July 22nd, 2008

Ksun Label and Bar Code Printe

There are three great mysteries involving codes: Is there really a Di Vinci Code? Are bar codes a government conspiracy? And why aren’t there any famous dudes named Cody?–it’s a fairly popular name, I’d think one would attain celebrity status.

Government conspiracy or not, bar codes are immeasurably valuable. Anyone who was ever in line when a store’s scanning system went down knows how much longer it takes to arrive at a total by hand–even with a calculator. Contrary to what I thought as a kid, bar codes are not placed on products in a warehouse in some obscure city by someone working directly for the devil himself (at least not the Devil part anyway). Anyone with the right machine can label and code their own products and they don’t, as far as I can tell, have to put a number, computer chip or any other identifying mark anywhere in their bodies.

Bar codes save huge amounts of time. Our machines allow the user to easily type and print labels as well as create bar codes that are just as easily read as they are made. Check out Office Zone’s Ksun Label And Bar Code Printer and let me know what you think. Maybe someone can even tell me why they’re called bar codes. I mean, one of the only places where you don’t use them is in a bar. Please enlighten me if you have responses to my profound observations.



Emergency 72-Hour Kits…For The 8 Hours You Aren’t Home

Posted by: admin on July 16th, 2008

Disasters don’t wait for victims to get off work before they strike. Employers should treat the potential for an emergency in the office like they would in their own homes. I have compiled some good ideas and bad ideas for office preparedness.

Good idea: Take preventative action where you can. Require identification tags for anyone in any restricted area. Have cameras and recorders installed in high-risk or vulnerable areas.

Bad idea: Make everyone wear cameras and place identification tags on all vulnerable areas.

Good idea: Keep enough 72-hour kits on hand for an emergency shut-in situation.

Bad idea: Replace 72-hour kits with 72′, model Corvette kits.

Good idea: Encourage employees to receive first-aid training so they can use a 72-hour kit on someone else if they need to.

Bad idea: Encourage employees to receive combat training so they can take a 72-hour kit from someone else if they need to.

Good idea: Try to anticipate and be prepared for every possible scenario; plan for the worst.

Bad idea: Purchase harpoons, missiles, or similar items to defend yourself against colossal lizards, gorillas, and/or Cloverfields. (If any of these kinds of creatures turn out to be real and destroy your business, send the bill to Office Zone, Attn: Taylor Morgan)Office 72-Hour Kit

Good idea: Employ a professional to advise colleagues about emergency signs, procedures, exits and all safety protocol.

Bad idea: Employ a psychic to advise colleagues about apocalyptic obliteration, alien invasions, unstoppable biochemical outbreaks, and all world-ending devastations. Our emergency 72-hour kits are top-of-the-line, but still not equipped to handle things of this nature. In the event of such an occurrence, emergency preparedness is futile, and bystanders are encouraged to panic hysterically; it might be the only time that this course of action is just as good as anything else.

Be ready; not just for insurance purposes, but because your employees and their families deserve it. Disasters happen everywhere. What the employer does to prepare can make all the difference in the world–just ask the families of the trapped coal miners from Utah.



Right Numbers Every Time? Don’t Count On It, Get A Counter On It–Coin Counters From Office Zone

Posted by: admin on May 30th, 2008

electric coin counter 3310Imagine your business does 100 transactions with monetary currency per day (or don’t imagine it does, if yours happens to do exactly 100 every day, but keep reading anyway). If every transaction was short a dime, by the end of one year, your cash losses would total $3650–enough money to buy a coin counter that could suit you even if your business was on the Las Vegas Strip and still have enough left over to ride The Stratosphere 30 consecutive times (We strongly recommend you get the coin counter; we strongly recommend you don’t ride The Stratosphere 30 consecutive times).

Basically, every business needs two kinds of money counters: the human kind and the machine kind. Both have features that the other can’t mimic. The human kind calculates, researches and audits. The machine kind never adjusts its figures to benefit itself.

When dealing with pocket change, being wrong once is not a problem; being wrong once every half-hour, all day long–which can happen with the human kind, not the machine kind– is a very expensive problem. Coin counters are the best way for businesses to be exact, right down to the last penny. I’m not sure what the best way is to ensure exactness with the other kind of counter. Perhaps hire the one that’s the most like a machine… oops, I forgot we were talking about accountants–that could be a very difficult task.



Old Time Clocks Need To Punch Out–High-Quality Time Clocks From Office Zone

Posted by: admin on May 27th, 2008

Statistics prove that over 100% of employees are unhappy with their current time clock system (margin of error: 100%). It’s probably not that bad, but if your time clock was the model that replaced the large-fanged, prehistoric bird from The Flinstones, perhaps the time has come for IT to be replaced. When a time clock malfunctions, the repercussions can be extremely frustrating for the employees. It’s no coincidence that most people’s payment due dates on their bills coincide with their paydays. Often times, if someone’s pay check is a day late–which usually translates to the following week, being a Friday–their bill payment or payments won’t clear. When that occurs, a “service fee” for insufficient funds is added to their account. These fees run the employee, who was not acting irresponsibly, anywhere from $20 to $30 for every check that isn’t covered. Even peopTime Trax Prole with “overdraft protection” of some kind are required to pay a “transfer fee” of six to ten dollars.

A time clock malfunction is also taxing on the department–generally accounting–charged with correcting the problem. Overtime hours that ought to be spent otherwise, are wasted calculating figures that should be automatic. If this department has to guess or rely on the employees’ memories, the process can also be financially burdening. So get a new time clock for your store or office. Put the old one by the entrance and mark it “solicitor check-in.”



Office Zone Envelope Openers VS. A Team Of Ten Monkeys

Posted by: admin on May 8th, 2008

Envelope openers or “envelopeners,” as I call them, are extremely useful in an office setting, particularly to companies that receive large quantities of mail. Monkeys, on the other hand, have been proven to be less FD 450 Envelope Openereffective in a “white collar” environment. Some envelope openers can prepare 350 letters for reading in one minute. Ten monkeys would be able to destroy 350 letters beyond recognition in one minute. Our machines safely and evenly cut envelopes without damaging the contents. Again, ten monkeys would be able to destroy 350 letters beyond recognition. Our envelope openers are of the highest quality and guaranteed to be priced lower than anywhere else. Primates of any species are expensive to care for and difficult to acquire; not to mention the cost of all the fines that would inevitably be imposed for employing ten of them. We have both manual and automatic machines with a variety of time-saving features. Opening letters with your hands is tiring and often results in paper cuts. Using the unsharp, dagger-looking device might get old fast but there’s nothing speedy about the way it does its job. Envelope openers, especially the automatic machines, enable office personnel to attend to more substantial things than opening letters (which is anything unless your job is to prove O.J. Simpson’s innocence). Besides, monkeys use their hands to open their mail–humans should use technology.



What You Saw Is What You Get–Foam Cutters From Office Zone

Posted by: admin on May 2nd, 2008

Junior 135In the world of construction, materials such as insulation, stucco and even some types of concrete are considered “foam.” Most of us hear that term and think of beer or rabid animals (notice OR as opposed to AND–never combine beer with rabid animals). Anyone who has ever tried to cut foam (in the industrial sense) with a conventional tool knows why Michelagelo never used it to sculpt anything. If he had, “David” would probably look like Jabba the Hut. Fortunately, home improvers and home builders alike no longer need to use their knives and saws to try to shape awkward blocks of foam–economy-size, insulation-slicing foam cutters deliver perfectly even cuts every time. Our foam cutters are the strongest, lightest (relative to mass), and most durable systems on the market. (“On the market” means “in the world, that we know of.” The government might have a nuclear cutter that penetrates interstellar foam from asteroids.) We guarantee we have the lowest prices and the highest quality, so whether its for home or work or both, you can stop trying to defy the laws of nature and renovation and start using the machine that was created to do that job.