Which Mil Thickness is Best for Lamination Film – 3, 5, 7 or 10?

Posted by: James on October 24th, 2012

Pouch Lamination FilmIf you own a pouch laminator, you are probably well ware of the fact that you have to use a laminating pouch to complete the lamination process. I get at least one or more people a day asking me which mil thickness they should use. I would like to start off this article by explaining what a mil thickness is and then I will go into which thickness is best for you. Before I continue, you can find our entire selection of high quality pouch lamination film here.

You would be surprised how many people think Mil is short for millimeter. I would just like to clarify that they are in no way related. Mil is actually short for thousandth of an inch. This means that 3 mils is 0.003″ thick. Being a Spanish speaker, I would also like to point out that mil in Spanish is thousand in English. Is there any relation? I really don’t know.

So 3 mil is 0.003″ thick, 5 mil is 0.005″ thick, 7 mil is 0.007″ thick and 10 mil is 0.01″ thick. Seems simple enough, right? Well, not so fast. I don’t want to confuse you too much, but a 3-mil pouch is actually 6 mils thick. What? That’s right. A laminating pouch has two sides. A 3-mil lamination pouch has two 3-mil sides, totaling 6 mils. A 5-mil pouch is actually 10 total mils thick, a 7-mil pouch is actually 14 total mils thick and a 10-mil pouch is actually 20 total mils thick. A credit card is 30 mils thick, so that just gives you an idea to just how thick a 10-mil pouch is.

Pouch LaminatorsNow if you have ever looked at a box of lamination pouches, you may have noticed a fraction or a series of numbers on the side. This usually indicates the hard plastic and glue ration. A box of 7 mil pouches may say 5/3 on the side of it. This means five mils of the pouch is hard plastic and 3 mils is glue, totaling 7 mils.

Now that you know what a pouch is, what the thickness means and what it is made from, you probably want to know which mil thickness is most popular. With over a decade of experience under my belt, I have found that a 5 mil laminating pouch is the most common thickness. It is rigid enough to provide support, yet does a great job of protecting the document inside. It is also more affordable than 7 and 10-mil thick pouches. If you need the utmost in thickness, you will want to go with a 10-mil thick pouch. Just be aware that a 10-mil pouch is thick.

At Office Zone, we sell laminating pouches 100 per box. We offer a price break starting at 5 boxes of film. Each box of film includes a carrier, which is designed to provide the pouch with support as it makes its way through the laminator. I would like to go on record saying that we have some great prices on our film and it is the high-quality kind of stuff you want to use. The film comes out crystal clear, lacking the bubbles, ripples and cloudiness found in other cheaper film. You can find our entire selection of pouch lamination film here. You can find our wide assortment of pouch laminators here.


Electric Text Stamps – A More Efficient Way to Track Your Documents

Posted by: James on October 23rd, 2012

Electric Text Stamping MachinesProper document control can mean the difference between mass confusion and precision organization. If your business handles and works with a lot of paperwork, you may have the need of a document control text stamp (found here). At Office Zone, we currently offer three different models depending on what your needs are. Here is what we have to offer and why you should consider using a text stamp.

Text stamping machines aren’t just novelty items used for stamping your name onto a document. Text stamps are designed to designate and assign paperwork for workflow and organizational purposes. Examples of words used with text stamping machines include, RECEIVED, PREPAID, SENT, DATA PROCESSING, PROCESSED THROUGH, PAID, CANCEL, VOID and much more. In fact, many of the text stamps we offer have an engraving area where you can put a lot of text.

The text stamping head in these units is electric powered. A motor actually forces the crash plate into a ribbon, leaving an impression on the document. The penetrating / striking power can be adjusted to accommodate multi-part carbon forms and much more. The impression left is clean, crisp and clear. Legibility is very important in a text stamp and these produce far more accurate and legible results than a non-electric text stamp.

The type of text stamp you buy will depend on what you will be stamping. We offer machines with both fixed and non-fixed text plates. Right now, we offer three different models made by Widmer. These are the models we currently offer:

  • Widmer Model O-3 (found here) – The Model O-3 imprinter is a text-stamping machine that uses a fixed die. It has a total engraving area of 2″ x 1 7/8″. This machine is designed to be used in document control situations where the message is going to remain constant. This is excellent for document validation, instructions for orders, shipping instructions and more. The O-3 has an adjustable pressure to accommodate almost all document types.
  • Widmer Model D-3 (found here) – The Model D-3 is both a text stamper and a date stamping machine. It features text on top, the date in the middle and text on the bottom. Each of the two brass text stamping plates are 2″ W x 5/8″ H. This style of text stamp and date stamp helps control documents while helping pin-point possible bottlenecks in operations.
  • Widmer Model R-3 (found here) – The Model R-3 is a text stamp designed for use where the message needs to change. It uses an interchangeable 2″ x 1 ¾” brass text stamp. It is extremely easy to swap out. Simply depress the lever, remove the plate and replace it with another brass plate with a different message. This is excellent for use where text stamping is necessary and versatility is needed.

Each of these three text stamps are made in the USA and are build using the highest-quality parts and components available. We have been selling Widmer stamping machines for over a decade and have had great success and have seen great results with their product line. If you have more questions about text stamping machines, please call us at 1-800-543-5454. We would love to help answer your questions.


Best Deal In Town – David Link Biometric Time Clocks

Posted by: James on October 22nd, 2012

Biometric Time Clocks from David-LinkIf your business is in need of a reliable time management system, and you really like the benefits biometrics has to offer, you should seriously consider investing in a David-Link time clock system (found here). David-Link manufactures some of the cheapest (and arguably some of the best) biometric time clock systems available. To date, there are six systems you may want to consider depending on what your business needs.

I have personally spoken with many customers about biometric time clocks including those made by David-Link. Here are some of the most common questions I have been given over the past five years.

  • What is biometrics? Biometric time clocks use a hand or a finger to log an employee in and out of work. No badges are required and biometric time clocks almost completely eliminate fraud such as buddy punching. There is also no security risk or cost associated with a lost badge or card. Older clocks required a finger to be swiped, but David-Link has adopted a “touch” system that is far more accurate and does not need repeated attempts to read the finger correctly.
  • Are there any monthly costs? David-Link time clocks do not have any monthly subscription. When you pay for the machine, you receive everything you need to get it up and running.
  • How does this save your business money? For one, time logged is accurate and precise. The time clock itself adds up the time, eliminating human error. It also eliminates a lot of fraud associated with traditional time clocks.
  • How is data accessed? Data can be accessed directly from the time clock itself or it can be exported onto an included USB drive. Computers can also be attached to the time clock using a USB cable or a network cable.
  • Can multiple time clocks be used together? Yes, multiple time clocks can be used together.
  • What comes with the system? David-Link time clocks include the clock, software, customer support, a USB drive, power adapter and a USB cable. Proximity card versions also include 10 proximity cards.
  • Can data be imported into payroll management software? Our David-Link time clocks are not directly compatible with payroll software programs like Quickbooks, but they export data into an MS Excel format that can then be imported into Quickbooks and other payroll management programs.
  • Can data be remotely accessed if away from the office? Only the David-Link W-1288PB (found here) can be accessed remotely via another computer. The included software allows for the W-1288PB to be accessed via an IP address making it possible to export data and use it as if the remote computer was connected directly to it.

So what are the differences between the six different versions of the David-Link time clocks?  Here is a chart that shows you just what the differences are between the different models.

Additional RFID
Card Identification
Display Type
Port Forwarding for
Remote Access of
Attendance Reports
W-988 N/A N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988P N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988PB White Backlight N/A
W-1288 N/A N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288P N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288PB TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu

It a nutshell, David-Link time clocks like the W-1288 and the W-988 (found here) are an excellent value. Other competitors and comparable machines don’t even come close when it comes to support, accessories offered and price. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-543-5454 for answers to your questions.


Auto Feed Paper Shredders – Why You Should Use One

Posted by: James on October 22nd, 2012

Auto Feed Paper ShreddersHave you ever stood by a shredder, feeding in a handful of paper at a time until the entire stack is shredded? This isn’t exactly the most exciting activity in the world. When shredding a large stack of paper, and depending on the model, it could take 15+ minutes to finish. This is where auto feed paper shredders (found here) have a huge benefit.

I was just speaking to a customer last week. They said, “I need a paper shredder that I can just put in my paper and walk away.” I explained to the customer that they could either purchase a high-capacity paper shredder or go with an auto feed paper shredder. I went on to suggest a few models.

So what is an auto feed paper shredder and why might you want one? Auto feed shredders have a feed tray, much like a printer, where you can set a stack of paper. The shredder will then pull in one sheet at a time, much like a copy machine, and shred it. Most auto feed paper shredders can accept 100 plus sheets of paper at a time. You can literally set a stack on the shredder, start it up and leave.

Auto feed paper shredders cost a lot less than a high-capacity shredder. So basically if you need to shred 50 sheets of paper at a time, you can either purchase a shredder that can shred 50 sheets of paper at once or you can buy an auto feed shredder that takes 50 sheets and shreds them one at a time. Sure the high-capacity shredder will be much faster, but if speed isn’t what you need, the auto-feed will do the same job at a much lower price.

One auto-feed shredder that I have personal experience with is the Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed (found here). One reason I like this auto feed shredder is because it has a slot for auto feed shredding and a separate slot for manual feeding, much like any other shredder. It sits on casters, has a front cabinet door for emptying the shredder and it looks like any other paper shredder.

The auto feed tray on the Formax FD 8500AF can handle 175 sheets of 11″ x 17″ paper at a time, making this shredder ideal for the office. The 16″ wide hand feed opening can accept 16-18 sheets of paper at a time. These two options make this a great centralized office shredder for use in an office department.

The FD 8500 AF also features the typical whistles and bells such as an auto on/off sensor, a load indicator that lets you know when you are shredding too much paper and an oil indicator light that lets you know when the shredder needs to be oiled. It also features a thermally protected continuous duty motor.

Here is a video demo of the Formax FD 8500 in action:

In conclusion, if you need to shred a lot of paper, but you are limited by a budget, you should seriously consider using an auto feed paper shredder. They handle a lot of paper, are safe to use and best of all they usually won’t break the bank. If you have questions about auto feed paper shredders, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-543-5454. You can find our entire selection of high-quality paper shredders here.


My Shredder’s Jammed, What Should I Do?

Posted by: James on October 19th, 2012

Paper Shredder JamsJams are one of the most common issues people have with their paper shredders. Either the shredder won’t work anymore, paper is stuck or another issue results in the machine no longer functioning correctly. There are some very easy solutions to fixing a jam and preventing future paper jams. At Office Zone we have a lot of experience with paper shredders (found here). Here are a few tips that should help keep your paper shredder on track towards a long life.

How to clear a jammed shredder:

  • The first thing to remember when clearing a jam is not to force the shredder to continue trying to pull the paper through. This could result in long-term damage to your shredder. Many people don’t realize that forcing paper through a shredder can strip the cogs off of the nylon gears inside the shredder.
  • If you’re shredder is jammed as a result of being fed too much paper and the motor is over stressed, there are a couple of things you can do. First, try to put your shredder into reverse (if it is so equipped). If that doesn’t work, or if your shredder doesn’t have a reverse, try putting vegetable or shredder oil over the opening. This should help soften the paper enough to pass through.
  • Another option, especially if you tried shredding a credit card that jammed the shredder, is to unplug the shredder, take the shredder head off and try to remove the jammed particles from the underside of the shredder. Be sure the shredder is unplugged and that you are extra careful. A pair of pliers may be needed to help remove clogged or jammed paper / plastic.
  • If you’re shredder is now cleared out, but it is not functioning correctly, you may need to get a replacement part or purchase a new shredder (found here). Regardless of what you decide to do, I recommend you contact our Service Department at 1-800-543-5454 x129 to see what they recommend. There may be a very simple fix that requires a cheap replacement part.

How to prevent a paper jam:

  • Paper Shredder OilNow that we have established how to clear a jammed shredder, I would like to cover a few things that can help prevent future jamming issues.
  • Keep your shredder properly oiled by using shredder oil (found here). Oil helps keep your shredder running at maximum power and efficiency, which means far fewer jams for you.
  • Try to be careful when shredding paper. If it seems like to much paper, it probably is. Shredding too much paper is the most common culprit in a shredder jam.
  • I highly recommend you consider buying or using a shredder with load protection. These shredders use sensors that detect how much load and stress is being put on the motor. If the shredder detects that too much paper is going in, it will quickly stop the shredder and put it into reverse. Intimus, Intelli-Zone, HSM, Destroyit and Dahle are all shredder brands that often feature load control.
  • If you are looking for a paper shredder, you may want to consider buying one with a chain drive or with metal gears. These shredders have a reputation for chewing through paper quickly without jamming.

If you still have questions about paper jams or finding a jam-proof shredder, please feel free to call and speak with one of our experts at 1-800-543-5454. They can help point you in the right direction, answer your questions and provide you with affordable quotes. You can find all of our paper shredders here.


Signs You May Be Binding Too Much Paper

Posted by: James on October 17th, 2012

Book Binding MachinesHave you tried binding a book, but only to have it result in poor results? One of the most common issues I have found when people are having problems with their binding machine is that they are trying to bind too much paper. I would like to point out some common signs that you are binding too much paper and provide you with some tips and suggestions. I will cover the three most common binding formats; these being comb, wire and coil (located here).

Comb, wire and coil binding all have their benefits. Comb is extremely cheap and available in several colors. Wire has a finish that is extremely professional and presentable. Coil is near indestructible and allows books to lay flat and pages to turn a full 360 degrees. When used correctly, all three of these binding formats produce satisfying results.

Binding too much paper usually results from putting too much paper into a binding element. If you are experiencing “over capacity” results, try upgrading to the next diameter (or several sizes up). Here is how you know you are binding too much paper with all three binding styles:

  • Comb Binding – It is easy to know when you are binding too much paper with a comb. The first symptom is difficult page turns. The paper will bind together, making it difficult to turn the pages. This can even cause the paper to begin to tear as pages are turned. Another symptom is pages begin to fall out. The stress of too much paper on a small binding element can cause the comb to lose integrity, resulting in pages falling out.
  • Wire Binding – If you are binding too much paper with wire, much like comb, you will experience difficult page turns, often resulting in torn pages or the inability to navigate the book. Too much paper can also cause the wire itself to begin to bend and mangle, resulting in a mess.
  • Coil Binding – Coil binding probably handles over capacity binding the best. While the integrity of the spiral element itself holds up, and pages won’t fall out, pages can still be difficult to turn when too much paper is bound.

Now that we have established identifying over capacity books, I would like to help you by showing how much paper each binding element’s diameter can handle. This will help you establish the appropriate amount of pages to bind for the size of element you are using.

Comb Binding Sheet Capacities

Comb Binding Sheet Capacities

Wire Binding Sheet Capacities

Wire Binding Sheet Capacities

Coil Binding Sheet Capacities

Coil Binding Sheet Capacities


Hopefully these capacity guides help you out. At Office Zone, we offer a huge selection of book binding machines (found here) at great low prices. Please feel free to browse our selection. You can call us at 1-800-543-5454 to speak with one of our Book Binding Specialists. They can help answer any questions you may have.


Office Zone October 2012 Discount Coupon Code

Posted by: James on October 3rd, 2012

At Office Zone, we pride ourselves on having some of the best selection and best customer service you will find online. We offer a great selection of laminators, paper folding machines, binding machines, shrink wrap machines and other office equipment. For the month of October, we would like to offer our loyal blog readers a 5% discount code that can be used toward any purchase.

The coupon code you will want to use is OCTOBER05. This code will immediately take 5% off your order. The code can be mentioned over the phone or used with our secure shopping cart. Please be aware that this code does not discount shipping. The OCTOBER05 discount code is valid with equipment or supply purchases.

Office Zone October 2012 Coupon Code

Here are a few items you may want to consider purchasing with your discount code:

Corner Rounders (available here) – We offer a large selection of commercial-grade corner rounders from brands like Lassco and Akiles. These corner rounders are designed to lop the corners off of large stacks of paper.

Friction Feed Paper Folding Machines (available here) – These paper folding machines are some of the best available. Most of them are designed to automatically pull a sheet of paper from a stack and fold it. Most of these paper folding machines can create letter folds, half folds, accordion folds and much more.

Electric Letter Openers (available here) – If you have a mailroom or a business that receives and opens a lot of mail on a regular basis, you may want to consider buying a letter opener. We offer letter openers that range from battery-powered handheld devices all the way up to high-end machines capable of opening thousands of letters a day.

Biometric Employee Time Clocks (available here) – At Office Zone, we offer a huge selection of biometric time clocks from David Link. These clocks are very affordable and use your finger to log in and out of work. Many of our biometric time clocks include proximity badge readers and numerical keypads.

I-Bar Sealers (available here) – If you are packaging your own Blu-rays, DVDs, boxes, baskets and other products, you may want to consider using shrink wrap and an I-bar sealer. Our I-bar sealers are competitively priced and are excellent for low to medium-volume use.

We offer literally thousands of products online. Please call us at 1-800-543-5454 for help tracking down an item, for answers to your questions or to place an order.

Please be aware that our discount codes have the following restrictions:

  • Only good for savings up to $200.
  • Only applicable to products that are in stock.
  • Cannot be combined with other discount codes.
  • We reserve the right to decline the coupon.


Top 10 Recommended Office Paper Folding Machines

Posted by: James on October 2nd, 2012

Top 10 Recommended Paper Folding MachinesIf you are in need of a paper folding machine for your office, you may be wondering which model you should purchase. Let’s be honest, some paper folding machines are simply garbage and are no better than a paperweight. The good folding machines, however, are almost worth their weight in gold simply by saving you time and money. I have used dozens of paper folding machines over the last 10 years and would like to share some of that knowledge with you.

To begin with, I am writing this article with regular businesses in mind that doesn’t need anything completely automated. To that end, I will be recommending my top 10 suggestions for friction feed manual setup paper folding machines. That means these machines use rubber rollers to pull paper in for folding. These machines are more affordable than air-suction machines, but are known to choke on slick, glossy and coated paper. This is because glossy paper can slip on the rubber rollers, resulting in a paper jam. If you are using standard paper or standard finish card stock, this article is for you.

Intelli-Fold DE-172AF Paper Folding MachineMy Top 10 Recommendations for Manual Setup Office Paper Folding Machines

  1. Formax FD 305 Desktop Folding Machine (found here) – This little paper folder is designed to sit on the edge of your desk and fold the occasional sets of paper as needed. It creates a C fold and can be used to automatically feed paper and fold it or multi-fold up to three sheets of paper at a time. This type of machine is perfect for folding the occasional invoice, mailer or bill. For what it is, this is a solid machine.
  2. Intelli-Fold IF300 Folding Machine (found here) – This entry-level automatic paper folding machine can be used to create a letter fold, Z fold, double parallel fold, half fold and more. It is compact, yet has a feed tray that can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. It is cheap (in price) and even includes a digital counter. It is an excellent value for what you get.
  3. MBM 93M Compact Paper Folder (found here) – This compact paper folding machine screams quality. It has fully customizable folding plates and is one of the most affordable machines to include a powered exit conveyor with stacking wheels. It creates all common folds and can even be used to create custom folds.
  4. Intelli-Fold IF300 Paper Folding MachineIntelli-Fold DE-102AF Folding Machine (found here) – This machine is directly comparable to the Dynafold DE-102AF, but with the superb customer support offered by Intelli-Zone. This machine features some of the best build quality you will find in a manual setup folding machine. It includes three friction wheels for pulling in paper and has a feed tray that will hold up to 500 sheets of paper at a time.
  5. Intelli-Fold DE-112AF Paper Folding Machine (found here) – This is basically the DE-102AF mentioned above with a few upgrades. The DE-112AF includes a powered exit conveyor with stacking wheels, a variable speed control dial and includes sensors that will prevent operation of the machine until the folding plates are properly set. This machine is perfect for daily invoice and letter folding and can be used for custom folds as well.
  6. Intelli-Fold DE-172AF Large Sheet Paper Folder (found here) – This is a larger version of the DE-112AF that is capable of folding sheets of paper up to 11″ x 17″ in size! It is fast, versatile and includes the convenient exit conveyor with stacking wheels making it possible to keep folded material in sequential order. Need to fold restaurant menus? This is the machine for you!
  7. Intelli-Fold DE-202AF Letter Folder (found here) – This is basically the same machine as the Dynafold DE-202AF, but with the excellent support Intelli-Zone offers. This time-tested model has been around for years and has proven itself to be a reliable machine. The DE-202AF is excellent for folding paper both small and large.
  8. MBM 93M Paper Folding MachineFormax FD 320 Letter Folding Machine (found here) – Formax is known for their envelope inserting machines. Their paper folders are equally as good. This folding machine has a nice long exit conveyor and utilizes a feeding tray that doesn’t require the paper to be pre-fanned prior to placement. It features a variable speed control dial on the side of the machine and it is extremely fast.
  9. MBM 207M Paper Folding Machine (found here) – This paper folder is probably the easiest non-automated folding machine to set up. The folding plates have folds clearly marked. Rather than loosening thumb screws and sliding the folding plates, the MBM 207M uses a pinch-and-slide mechanism that makes it possible to be set up and operational in less than a minute. It also incorporates a paper counter, a test button, a powered exit conveyor and stacker wheels.
  10. Martin Yale Mark VII Paper Folding Machine (found here) – If you were a fan of the Martin Yale 959, you are going to love the Mark VII. This is the replacement for the 959. It is blazing fast (35,000 sheets per hour) and can fold paper as large as 14″ x 20″ in size. While the folding plates are manually set up, this is clearly an industrial quality paper-folding machine designed for heavy-volume paper folding throughout the day.

Each of these paper folding machines are solid and excellent for offices looking for a way to speed up letter and invoice folding operations. These machines all have an excellent track record with our customer and we completely back up each of these machines. If you are still in need of some paper folding machine advice, please speak with one of our experts by calling 1-800-543-5454. We are more than happy to help you out, provide you with quotes and guide you in the right direction.  You can find our entire selection of friction-feed paper folding machines here.


Formax FD 6202 Series Folder Inserter Review

Posted by: Morgan on May 30th, 2012
Formax FD 6202 Series Folder Inserter

The Handsome Formax FD 6202 Series Folder Inserter

We have used the Formax FD 6202 Advanced 2 machine at the offices of Office Zone for about eight years. We typically use this folder inserter for sales demonstrations. It also comes in handy when a potential client wants us to test their mailing samples before they invest in a substantial piece of office equipment.

The one feature that I am the most impressed with, over all the other bells and whistles offered with this model, is the ease of accessing all moving parts in the machine. When you open the lid on the FD 6202, you have immediate access to all off the rollers, belts, gears … essentially all of the critical components. These are the areas that you need ready access to whenever things go wrong – a stuck envelope, jammed piece of paper, etc.

This also makes unit maintenance a simple process. All you need to do is release a latch and all of the rollers in the FD 6202 are exposed. You can then easily apply roller cleaner or anti-static spray to ensure optimum performance.

The Formax FD 6202 boasts industrial-grade paper folding and inserting performance. This system is capable of folding and inserting up to five sheets into an envelope at a time. The model 6202 has several of the features typically found on larger, more expensive folder/inserters. Yet, this Formax model is still relatively simple to use – an ideal machine for most offices.

The FD 6202-Advanced model 1 offers a one-sheet feeder and one-insert/Business Reply Envelope (BRE) feeder. The Advanced 2 model has two automatic sheet feeders and a single insert/BRE feeder. The FD 6202 offers an auto-set feature that lets you program new jobs with a single touch. The machine will automatically measure paper lengths, envelope sizes and fold lengths. If desired, you may program the folder/inserter to remember your most frequent folds so that they are available without having to enter them each time.

Be sure to contact us before ordering your next folder/inserter machine. Office Zone requires that you first submit samples, at least 30 of each mailing piece, for testing before we release your new machine. This ensures we match your specific mailing requirements to the optimum machine. Some of our customers have actually saved themselves thousands of dollars in manual labor per month after investing in a Formax FD6202 series folder/inserter. Be sure to call us today to find out how you can save money and precious time with a paper folder/inserter.


Office Zone Introduces New Intelli-Zone Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machines with Heat Gun

Posted by: Morgan on May 14th, 2012
Intelli-Zone Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machines with Heat Gun

The New Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine

Office Zone is pleased to present the new Intelli-Zone Intelli-Pack line of Standard I-Bar shrink wrap sealers. These professional-grade tabletop machines are ideal for packaging just about everything that needs a protective layer of shrink film: from DVDs, CD’s software boxes, books, crafts, merchandise, chocolates, food and more.

The Intelli-Pack shrink packaging process is relatively simple and surprisingly affordable. You may choose from five different I-bar lengths, ranging from 13 inches long up to 40 inches. If you anticipate the need for wrapping larger items at some time in the future, then we recommend you use smaller length rolls of shrink film with a larger length machine. You may also cut and wrap domed shrink bags and square shrink bags with the Intelli-Pack Standard I-Bar Sealers.

Using the Intelli-Pack line of I-bar shrink machines is a simple process. First, place a roll of centerfold shrink film on the film support rollers. There are a total of two support rollers with each machine. You may use either PVC or Polyolefin film with the machine. Then, feed the shrink film through the film opener. Once the film is in place, insert the product into the film pocket and pull down the cutting arm. The I-bar will then cut and seal the film. You then simply turn the package 90 degrees to the left and seal the remaining open side of film.

The next step is to shrink the film to size. Each Intelli-Pack shrink wrap machine includes an industrial-grade variable temperature heat gun. The gun is then used to quickly shrink and wrap the down the film around the product. Although the steps to shrink wrapping may sound like an elaborate process at first, it really is quite easy. The entire effort actually takes several seconds to a minute (depending on the size of the item).

Very little training is required to operate an Intelli-Pack shrink wrap machine. You can literally get your packaging production line up and running within minutes. Intelli-Zone Standard I-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machines feature a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Be sure to contact Office Zone today to learn more about the Intelli-Pack line of shrink wrap machines by Intelli-Zone.