The Advantages of Using Plastic Comb Binding Machines

Posted by: Morgan on May 11th, 2012
The Intelli-Bind IB700 Comb Binding Machine by Intelli-Zone

The Intelli-Bind IB700 Comb Binding Machine by Intelli-Zone

What ever happened to comb binding machines? You know, those strange looking gadgets that sit alone in a dark corner in the copy room. It seemed only just a few years ago that comb binding was the most popular method to professionally binding office documents. Wire binding machines and coil binding machines have been around for a while too, but they have lured away former loyal comb binding enthusiasts in recent times.

There still remains, however, a strong customer base for comb binding machines. For example, we have several schoolteachers and others in the education market that love the versatility and relative low-cost of comb binding machines and materials. A plastic comb binding spine is easy to remove from a punched document. You would do this if you needed to remove or add a page or two to an already bound document.

If your child brings home a stack of artwork or similar project from school, chances are it’s been bound with a plastic comb binding machine. Several of our customers also prefer using a comb binding machine over other binding methods simply because of the ease of use, low costs for supplies, and you can actually bind up to several hundred sheets at a time.

The Intelli-Bind IB700 Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone is a solid, all-around model for most binding needs. This manually operated comb binding unit is not difficult to use or expensive. We have actually extensively tested this model in the offices of Office Zone. Its specially designed punching handle is leveraged in a way that you only need to exert minimal effort to punch a stack of paper.

The Intelli-Bind IB700 actually makes punching a stack of 20 sheets of paper feel like you’re only punching through five. Not only is the IB700 simple to operate, it is also equipped with high-end features, typically not found in a competing model in this price range. Some of the unique features include disengaging (selectable) punch pins, punch and comb opening levers that work independently of each other, adjustable margin depth, waste catch tray and more.

The IB700 is designed to last for several years of typical office needs use. It’s an attractive machine that looks good in any office or copy room. The IB700 and is the ideal solution for most medium-volume document binding needs. Be sure to contact Office Zone today to learn more about the comb binding machines that we recommend, including the impressive IB700 from Intelli-Zone.


Shrink Wrap Machine Review: The MiniPack Galaxy

Posted by: Morgan on May 8th, 2012
MiniPack Galaxy shrink wrap machine

The MiniPack Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machine

I had the opportunity last week to demonstrate the MiniPack Galaxy shrink wrap machine to one of our local customers. Before he arrived, we discussed his specific shrink wrap packaging needs over the phone. I determined that the Galaxy would be the best fit for his application.

Over the years I’ve learned that the MiniPack Galaxy is a reliable shrink wrapping machine that satisfies the packaging requirements for several businesses. For starters, the Galaxy’s relatively large shrink chamber has the capacity to accommodate a wide spectrum of products of various sizes. We have sold machines in years past to customers who are packaging DVDs, books, candy boxes, frozen pies, machine parts, artwork, all sorts of food products and more.

The operating controls on the Galaxy are most definitely user-friendly. It’s also simple to install a new roll of shrink film on the machine. The Galaxy has been rated by Office Zone as a high-performance shrink wrap machine, able to package up to 300 units an hour. You can use PVC or Polyolefin centerfold shrink film with the Galaxy. After the film is loaded, it passed through the built-in tearless perforating system. Tiny holes are necessary to ensure quick and efficient shrinking of the film. Without the tiny perf holes, the shrink film would look like a big mess with waves of air pockets and wrinkles. The maximum film roll for the Galaxy width is 20 inches; maximum roll diameter is 10 inches.

The machine includes a helpful adjustable shelf in the sealing area that may be positioned up or down, according to product height. The lid automatically opens after the film cutting and shrink wrapping process is complete. The film is trimmed to size with an electronic pulse that flows through a Teflon-coated sealing blade. You can program the cutting blades and heat chamber to adjust to different shrink wrapping needs. For example, if the item you are packaging requires a significant amount of shrink film, the cutting blades and heat chamber may be adjusted to apply more heat to efficiently encase the product in film. On the flip side, you may also decrease heat chamber time to prevent melting with sensitive food items such as chocolates.

The MiniPack Galaxy includes an overheat safety circuit that prevents the internal parts from any significant damage. Please be aware that an electrical end plug is not included with this machine. This is because MiniPack shrink wrap machines are sold internationally — where power systems vary — thus allowing you to install the correct plug extension for your building.

Be sure to contact Office Zone’s customer service department today to learn more about the MiniPack Galaxy and how it can save you time and money with your packaging needs.



Product Review: Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Paper Cutters

Posted by: Morgan on May 1st, 2012
Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Paper Cutters

The Professional M Series Rotary Paper Cutter

We often receive phone calls at Office Zone from shoppers who need a paper trimmer that will do much more than handle small home crafts and similar projects. Smaller, budget-friendly paper cutters certainly have their place and most perform well and meet expectations. However, if you need a paper trimmer that offers extremely long duty life and precise cuts, then the Professional M Series Rotary Paper Cutter from Rotatrim is without question your best choice.

At Office Zone, we feature several rotary style paper cutters on our showroom floor. Without question, the Rotatrim paper trimmer is the one that is used 99 percent of the time by or office staff. And whenever a member of our sales team plans to do a product demonstration for a local customer, the Rotatrim is always the model of choice. Why? Because it’s simply the most consistent, most accurate paper cutter in its class. Once a Rotatrim brand machine leaves the building, it’s not coming back. Period.

The Professional M Series cutter is the ideal option for photographers, graphic artists serious srapbookers and other industry professionals who require a paper cutting tool that will meet their high standards for quality. The unique design of this Rotatrim brand cutter features a twin chrome-plated steel rail. This innovative design alone sets this cutter apart from the competition. The stability of the two-rail system guides provides professional accuracy and impressive results. The machine also includes a clear, self-clamping strip that secures sheets of paper for added accuracy.

Professional Rotatrim M Series cutters are available in a wide range of cut lengths from 12 inches (305mm) to 54 inches (1374mm). Materials up to 3mm thick are easily and accurately cut with this machine. Rotatrim machines boast blades that are called self-sharpening. What this essentially means is the unit features long-lasting tungsten steel flat and rotary blades that rub against each other with each cut. This does not mean that blades will not dull over time, but this unique trimmer design does help extend the life of the cutting unit.

Manufactured in England, Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Paper Cutters are backed by a 5-Year warranty guarantee. Be sure to contact Office Zone today to find out more about our lineup of rotary paper cutters from Rotatrim.


New Product Review: The Formax FD 6102 Tabletop Inserter

Posted by: Morgan on April 27th, 2012
Formax FD 6102 Tabletop Inserter

Formax FD 6102 Tabletop Inserter

Have you ever been an unwilling participant in a late-night paper folding/envelope inserting “party” at the office? You know the situation: The marketing department is pressed to make a deadline with the post office and hundreds, or even perhaps thousands, of letters with multiple sheets must be folded, inserted and mailed by the next day.

Thankfully, innovative companies such as Formax provide an affordable solution to this type of unwanted hassle and stress to your career. It used to be that the type of machine that could tackle a somewhat technical process was too much of an investment for most businesses.

Formax recently introduced the FD 6102 Desktop Inserter. Why is this newly designed machine such a big deal? Well, for one, the FD 6102 is the most affordable low-volume paper folder inserter in it class. The machine’s impressive lineup of powerful features makes make it the best low-volume paper folder/inserter option available today.

The FD 6102 can process paper up to 14 inches in length. It also has the capability of folding and inserting up to five sheets of paper, stapled or unstapled, at a time. This impressive possibility alone makes the FD 6102 a significant value. This Formax model sports two fully automatic sheet feeders; with one automatic insert feeder. This feeder gives you the option of inserting a business reply envelope, or BRE, into a No. 10 business flap envelope.

The FD 6102 delivers a wide range of paper folding and inserting capabilities. Paper fold types include half, letter and double parallel. Other impressive innovations include a color touch screen, revamped internal engineering, new feeding systems and a user-friendly interface with job wizard. The FD 6102 also has an impressive total 15 programmable jobs. You can expect to process up to 5,000 mail pieces per month with this unit. The model 6102 also offers the ability to process half folds for 6” x 9.5” envelopes.

The 6102’s new feeding system is based on proven technology borrowed from the Formax FD 6202 series. Also included are green foam paper fold rollers that reduce toner build-up from copy paper. They also improve folding consistency. Internal mechanics are easier to access and document catch points have been eliminated.

Intuitive icons have been added to help users better understand how to load paper and envelopes.  Formax is an industry leader in the design, engineering, sales and support of office machines. The company has a strong reputation in the industry for continually introducing new and innovative products.

Be sure to contact Office Zone today for further information about the Formax FD 6102 paper folder and inserter.



What Shrink Wrap Film is Best for you?

Posted by: Morgan on April 26th, 2012
Poly Shrink Wrap Film

Poly Shrink Wrap Film

Let’s face it, when you really want to give your product that extra look of professionalism, a shrink-wrapped container makes a lot of sense. Shrink wrap film can also give your product an added measure of security since it’s highly tamper evident. It’s extremely difficult for someone to open a shrink-wrapped item on a shelf without damaging the film. And, shrink wrap is an ideal way to wrap a gift basket or fruit basket to give it an extra layer of protection and a nice look.

When callers ask our shrink wrap specialists at Office Zone for advice on what shrink wrap machine would be best for their needs, they are often caught off guard when asked what type of film they plan to use. Fortunately, it’s a rather simple process to uncover what shrink film would work the best for their specific application. The two types of shrink wrap film are PVC and Polyolefin, or simply Poly. We typically recommend PVC shrink wrap film when cost is a concern and the item that will be wrapped is a non-food product. PVC works very well with most packaging applications, it’s just not safe to use with food. PVC has a somewhat brittle feel after it’s been cut to size, heated and wrapped around something. PVC is also the ideal film to use if you want something shrink wrapped quickly with a relatively low melting temperature.

One thing about PVC that you should know about … the film does give off a fair amount of fumes, especially in high-production settings. Be sure your shrink wrap machine is set up in a well-ventilated area when using PVC film.

Poly shrink wrap film is used heavily in the food industry. Poly film requires more of an investment than PVC, but it’s well worth it. The food-safe feature is a big selling point with most of our customers. And, Poly film may also be used quite effectively with packaging non-food items as well … which makes it highly versatile. Poly film has a plastic stretch wrap feel to it, the consistency is very similar to Saran Wrap®.

Office Zone’s varied assortment of shrink wrap film is available in a wide range of thicknesses, or gauges, lengths and widths. Our film works well with most L-bar and I-bar style sealer systems. Our large selection of shrink film is guaranteed to  give your boxes, baskets, DVD’s, CD’s, and other products a professional finish and shine. Our quality film shrinks evenly and quickly. Not only are Office Zone’s rolls of shrink wrap film made of high-quality materials, it is available to you at competitive prices. We stock most of our own shrink film, which means better prices and faster shipping to you. Be sure to talk with one of our customer service representatives today to find the best shrink wrap film for you.



What’s the Best Shrink Wrap Machine for Me?

Posted by: Morgan on April 25th, 2012

One of the most common questions we are asked at Office Zone is, “What shrink wrap system would you recommend for me?” It’s a good question. There seems to be simply too many models out there to choose from. However, after asking the caller a few questions that uncover the user’s needs and expectations, the right model for the job soon appears in view.

Today’s modern design shrink wrap machines are often used to professionally package a wide variety of items. For instance, several of our customers use a shrink wrapper to help them wrap DVD’s, CD’s, food, books, software boxes, and so much more. At Office Zone, we use our shrink wrap machine to bundle archived files including old invoices, bank statements and other important business documents.

Shrink wrapping your products in-house can be significantly cost-effective, and is the professional way to package goods for retail sale. We offer a variety of shrink machines, systems and film for varied packaging requirements and budgets.

AIE I-Bar Sealer With Heat Gun

AIE I-Bar Sealer With Heat Gun

In the entry-level arena, the AIE I-Bar Sealer With Heat Gun comes highly recommended. AIE brand I-bar shrink wrap machines include a heat gun, free starter roll of shrink film and a parts replacement kit to ensure optimum up-time. The AIE system is ideal for packaging product boxes, DVDs, CDs, photos, artwork, books and more. The nice feature about this highly affordable system is once the unit is plugged in to a power source, it is ready for use. No warm-up time required whatsoever. AIE is a leading manufacturer of shrink wrap machines. Their I-bar sealers are some of the best available in the market today.

Truline PP1622 Combo Shrink Wrap System

Truline PP1622 Combo Shrink Wrap System

Now, swinging rapidly up the shrink wrap scale, focusing on fully automated machines, the Truline PP1622 Combo Shrink Wrap System is an automated machine of wonder. The PP1622 was specifically designed to make shrink packaging easy. You can package a wide array of products with speed and enjoy professional results with this commercial / industrial shrink wrap unit. The model PP1622 machine boasts a highly dependable track record. Its micro-knife system means you won’t have to worry about production down time due to seal wires breaking or wearing out. The tunnel design is highly efficient and shrinks film evenly around products. The tunnel has a re-circulating air chamber design with roller rod conveyor system.

We offer manual and automated machines, designed to make packaging easy. Be sure to call 800-543-5454 to order your shrink wrap machine from Office Zone today.



Save Now With Office Zone’s Discount Coupon Code!

Posted by: Morgan on April 24th, 2012

For a limited time, Office Zone is offering a coupon code to customers that may be applied to any equipment or supplies purchase over $35. This coupon code will be valid through the end of May 2012. Be sure to place your order with Office Zone today to take advantage of this limited-time savings.

Simply enter the code: SPRING05 in our shopping cart before you submit your order. Or, you can mention the code when calling our customer service department at 800-543-5454. This coupon code is good for 5% off your order — up to $200 in savings.

Saving your business money, or perhaps your own personal pocketbook, is always a good idea. Now, you can improve production and streamline operations at work with new office equipment and supplies from Office Zone, plus improve the bottom line.

Office Zone’s deep lineup of office equipment includes laminators, binding machines, paper cutters and paper folding machines, shrink wrap machines, employee time clocks, office furniture and more. Popular supplies include binding materials such as spiral coils, wire loop binding elements, plastic combs, staples, lamination film including laminator rolls and laminator pouches.

The Office Zone shopping cart has a field that reads: “Enter coupon or gift certificate number.” Once you have entered the code SPRING05 in the box, simply hit “Enter.”

At Office Zone, we are always seeking new ways to save you money and help you streamline operations. Established in 1996, Office Zone has earned a solid reputation for a large office machine and supplies selection, competitive prices and trusted customer service. Be sure to contact Office Zone today for all of your office automation equipment needs.



Plastic Coil Binding Machines – Best for You?

Posted by: James on September 16th, 2011

Coil Binding MachinesIf you’re shopping around for a coil binding machine, you may want to take a look at a coil binding machine. Why? There are a lot of reasons why I consider coil binding to be one of the most superior book binding formats out there. Before I explain why I personally like coil binding, let me go over exactly what makes up a coil binding machine.

Coil binding machines, frequently called spiral binding machines, use a special plastic PVC coil to bind and hold sheets of paper together. This binding format is very similar in appearance to the lined spiral notebooks you can buy at the store for school purposes. The only difference is that PVC coil binding is available in multiple colors and doesn’t easily bend or break.

Coil binding comes in two different hole patterns, commonly referred to as the pitch. These are 4:1 pitch and 5:1 pitch. A 4:1 pitch is 4 holes per inch, which ends up being about 44 holes along an 11″ side of paper. A 5:1 pitch is 5 holes per inch and ends up being about 55 holes along the 11″ side of a sheet of paper. Between these two hole patterns, I find 4:1 pitch to be more popular. This is because it can be used to bind more sheets of paper.

Coil Binding Pitches4:1 Pitch Capacity: 2 to 230 sheets of paper (1/4″ to 1 1/4″ of paper)

5:1 Pitch Capacity: 2 to 152 sheets of paper (1/4″ to 13/16″ of paper)

The binding format you use ultimately depends on your own personal preference. I personally like both. A 4:1 pitch has a more spaced look where 5:1 pitch has a tighter look. Both can be used to bind reports, presentations and books. You will find, however, that 4:1 pitch coil supplies are more readily available online and locally.

A few binding machines I personally like include:

  1. Akiles iCoil 41 Coil Binding Machine
  2. Intelli-Bind IC310 Coil Binding Machine
  3. Intelli-Bind IC410 Coil Binding Machine
  4. Akiles CoilMac ER Coil Binding Machine
  5. Akiles CoilMac-ECI Coil Binding Machine

These machines are all manual punch machines with an electric coil inserter. I personally think an electric coil inserter is a must-have accessory on a coil binding machine. Some entry-level machines don’t include an inserter, which means you will have to manually spin coils through the punched holes.

I really like coil binding because the spines look nice, the pages turn easily and pages can even be wrapped a full 360 degrees. I have used cookbooks bound in coil and I love the face that the pages wrap around and the books even lay flat for easy reading.

Coil binding is available in a wide variety of colors and diameters. If you need to bind books smaller than 11″, you simply cut off a little more coil when crimping the ends of the coil closed. It is simply a very versatile binding format. Here is a vide demo of a coil binding machine in use:

As you can see from this video, coil binding a book takes just a minute or so. It is easy to do, the machines typically hold up well and they can be used at home, in the office, at a school or in a church. Coil binding is both function and professional.

Did I mention that coil binding is extremely durable? You can drop coil bound books, step on them, stack other books on them and the coil will retain its look. The same can’t be said for comb binding or wire binding.

You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of coil binding machines here, coil binding supplies here and binding covers here.

Happy binding!


Best Paper Cutter or Trimmer for the Job

Posted by: James on September 16th, 2011

Rotary Paper CutterIf you’re shopping around for a paper cutter, you may be thinking, “which of these models should I choose?” There are hundreds of different paper cutters out there from literally dozens of different brands. So which paper cutter should you go with? I will explain some of the most common paper cutting projects, the best paper cutters to use and the pros and cons of each style of cutter.

To begin with, there are 3 main types of paper cutters. There are divisions within those categories, but most people categorize paper cutters as:

I’ll go into more detail in this article what each of these paper cutter types are and what they are used for.

The term paper cutter and paper trimmer are often used interchangeably. Most industry experts, however, consider trimmers to be light-volume machines and paper cutters to be medium to higher-volume machines.

What do most people cut? Having spoken to thousands of customers, most people want to cut paper, photographs, card stock, business cards and laminated materials. Here is the paper cutter you may want for each of these projects:

  • Photos / Photographs – If you are cutting photos, I generally like to steer people towards rotary paper trimmers like those made by Rotatrim, Dahle or Carl. They are precise, excellent for alignment and are affordable for photographers and scrapbookers alike. If you are looking for a multi-purpose cutter that can also handle photos, you may want to consider using a guilllotine paper cutter.
  • Card Stock – If you are cutting down dozens to hundreds of sheets of card stock, I recommend using a stack paper cutter. These amazing cutters are capable of cutting entire reams of paper, with some even capable of cutting up to 3″ of card stock at a time. If you are only cutting a few at a time, I recommend to first consider a guillotine paper cutter and then a rotary paper trimmer.
  • Business Cards – I first and foremost recommend using a business card cutter. These cutters are designed to cut standard 3.5″ x 2″ cards. Simply print your cards and run them through one of these handy machines. If you are cutting non-standard size business cads, or need to cut hundreds to thousands of them, I recommend using a stack paper cutter. In a few passes, a stack paper cutter can create thousands of cards.
  • Laminated Paper – If you are cutting out menus, signs, ID badges or other laminated paper, I recommend using a rotary paper cutter like those made by Dahle or Rotatrim. These trimmers are designed for precision, and thanks to self-sharpening blades, the lamination film does not easily dull them. If you also need to cut card stock, chipboard and other material, a guillotine paper trimmer also does a great job.

Now that we have covered some of the most common uses of paper cutters, let me go over the pros and cons of each style of paper cutter.

  • Rotary Paper CuttersRotary Paper Cutters – These cutters are extremely precise, which is why they are so popular for cutting photographs, art prints and artwork in general. They are also great for cutting paper, cover stock, laminated material and much more. The only downside to rotary paper cutters (aka rolling paper trimmers) is that they don’t usually have the cutting capacity of guillotine or stack cutters.
  • Guillotine Paper CuttersGuillotine Paper Cutters – Guillotine paper trimmers are one of the most common style of trimmers used in schools and copy centers. Many of the older guillotine trimmers cut crooked and were a little dangerous. Modern guillotine trimmers have excellent paper clamps, razor sharp blades and are chuck full of safety features. Simply put, guillotine paper cutters are the best rounded machines out there.
  • Stack Paper CuttersStack Paper Cutters – Stack paper cutters are available in manual, electric and hydraulic designs. The are designed for high-capacity and heavy-volume cutting. You will often see these cutters in print shops, copy centers and other locations where hundreds of sheets of paper need to be cut at a time. These workhorses are great for cutting a lot of paper, but are not the best machines for cutting a single sheet or a few sheets of paper.

Hopefully this helps you determine which cutter is best for you. We have over 30 years of experience with paper cutters and trimmers, so feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454 for advice on the right paper cutter for you. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of paper cutters here.


Reviewed: MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Triumph 4305 Stack Paper CutterIf you’re looking for a precision paper cutter that is more rugged and can handle cutting thicker stacks of paper than a standard table top paper cutter then you should seriously consider purchasing the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter.

The MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter is built from solid, high quality metal that is designed to hold up for years of use. The design of this manual, high performance paper cutter enables the user to make clean cuts through stacks as thick as 1 1/5 inches. This capacity for clean, heavy duty cuts makes the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter an excellent choice for print shops, in-house design departments and publishing companies and other businesses.

The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is an arm style paper cutter that has some special design features that sets it above other table top paper cutters. The extra-large cutting arm and blade makes cutting through thick stacks of paper require minimal effort. The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter has a spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank so the user can set the paper to a precise cut measurement. It has a 17 inch cutting blade length that enables it to cut through larger sizes of paper, leaving a precise and clean cut as good as an original factory edge.

To operate the MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, the user begins by placing the stack of paper to be sliced on the cutting board. This paper cutter is designed for heavy-duty use and can accommodate a stack of paper almost 2 inches thick. The user adjusts the side guide with measuring scale to match the desired measurement to be cut. For convenience, the lever-activated, fast-action clamp holds the stack of paper in place so there is no shifting during cutting. This is especially important when cutting thicker stacks. One the paper is set and secured the user can make the cut.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a product of MBM Corporation, Inc. Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation has produced world-class equipment for the graphics and printing industries for 75 years. According to their website, MBM has used innovative thinking and exhaustive research and development to design and build all their products.

There is a lot to like about the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter that makes it a good purchase option. The fact that it can cut through stacks of paper repetitively without breaking the user’s back or wearing out the user’s arms is a big plus. The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter features a safety cutting system that includes transparent front and rear safety guards the cutting edge of blade to prevent injury. The blade also stays covered when it is being changed to a new one.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a good, affordable option for print shops, publishing houses, churches, schools, scrap book and craft stores, manufactures, colleges and large businesses.

You can purchase the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, along with the rest of the MBM catalog of paper cutting equipment at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of stack paper cutters here.