Cassida 5520 Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on January 2nd, 2013

Cassida 5520 Currency CounterMoney counting machines are a must-have product for any retail environment, bank, credit union or business that handles money on a regular basis. They are accurate, eliminate human error and dramatically improve workplace efficiency. One of the most reputable manufacturers we offer is Cassida. When it comes to affordable machines, the Cassida 5520 currency counter (found here) is often mentioned. This article will cover how this machine is used and what features you may find helpful.

Before I go too far into this article, you should be aware that the Cassida 5520 is a currency counter, not a currency discriminator (aka mixed bill counter). This means the 5520 will provide you with a total number of bills counted, not the total dollar value. Most people have bills pre-sorted, so this isn’t an issue. If you do need a currency discriminator, you can find one here.

The Cassida 5520 comes in two flavors, one is a UV and the other UV/MG. This means one model implements ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection where the other has UV and magnetic (MG) detection. A currency counter with counterfeit bill detection is a nice tool to have on hand. The 5520 will actually stop counting bills when a counterfeit bill is detected and will notify the operator.

Looks aren’t everything, and they don’t even mean a machine is functionally better, but you still want something in your office that is attractive. The Cassida 5520 looks great. It has a black and gray color scheme. The rounded corners are easy on the eyes and there really isn’t anything on it that would snag on clothing. A handle, found on the top of the machine, can be lifted up for portability purposes. Cassida machines are some of the best looking we offer.

The hopper and stacker have a 200 bill capacity (based on crisp new bills). Bills are loaded into the top of the machine and they exit through the front. The sorting fingers help keep bills neatly stacked after being counted. The Cassida 5520 has a 1,300 bill per minute counting speed, which means the bills are counted almost as fast as you can load them into the hopper. The 5520 will scan double banknotes, half and chain notes.

The display, fount on the top of the machine, makes data easy to view. It even includes a remote display. It can be used to count bills, add multiple stacks of bills or batch count bills. The control panel is easy to navigate and setup takes very little time.

The cover on this currency counter easily opens up, allowing easy access to internal components. This makes cleaning out dust and maintenance easy.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454 with any questions you may have about this machine. We have been selling currency counters for well over a decade and have a lot of experience that may help you in selecting a machine. You can find our entire selection of currency counters here.


Cassida C100 Coin Counting Machine Review

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Cassida C100 Coin Counting MachineA cocky high-school boy brought $250 to school to pay for his tuition and fees. Usually, this is not a big deal, except for the boy bought the whole amount in a bag. It was all in nickels, dimes and quarters. As the school secretary was counting the coins, she probably wished she had a Cassida C100 Coin Counter to do the work for her and save a lot of time and frustration.

The Cassida C100 is a professional grade coin counter and coin sorter that is simple to operate will give accurate money counts. It has a fast count rate and is easy to operate. The Cassida C100 Coin Counter and coin sorter is a popular choice for small business, vending machine operators, schools, churches, arcades, entertainment centers, retail stores and other small to mid-size businesses.

The Cassida C100 has a design that makes it very intuitive to operate. The buttons are clearly marked, and guide the user through different coin counting options, such as counting mode, adding mode and batching mode.

To use the Cassida C100 coin counter, the user simply pours the coinage into the hopper. The machine does the rest, sorting the coins into separate receptacles for quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. The digital display screen will show the denomination and the amount of coins counted. The total counted value is automatically displayed on the screen as the machine counts. This lets the user stop the machine if a specific total value is needed. The school secretary would have appreciated the capacity the Cassida C100 coin counter has. The hopper is able to hold 1500 coins, and it can count and sort the coins into the separate receptacles at a rate of 250 coins per minute.

The C100 coin counter and coin sort is the product of the Cassida Corporation. According to their website, the Cassida Corporation manufactures a complete line of money handling equipment. Their coin currency counters, sorters, and counterfeit detectors provide flexible business solutions that offer business solutions at affordable prices. In other words, their stuff works well and doesn’t cost a lot.

The Cassida C100 coin counter has several factors that make it attractive to frazzled school secretaries, as well as other professionals. It has a compact size that makes it convenient to use between different departments and doesn’t take up a lot of space on a store office counter or desktop. It has large buttons that make it easy to set up the machine and select the specific batch type. The drawers that catch the coins on the Cassida C100 coin counter are easy to access, even in if there isn’t a lot of available space. This means if you’ve got a lot of clutter on your desk, like some school secretaries, you’ll still be able to retrieve the sorted coins. The machine doesn’t need to be supervised while it’s operating so you’ll still be able to complete other tasks while it counts and sorts.

You, along with school secretaries, can get a Cassida C100 coin counter and coin sorter at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of coin counters here.


Cassida 5510 UV Currency Counter Review

Posted by: James on August 12th, 2011

Cassida 5510 UV Bill CounterBill counters are fast, effective and extremely accurate. It surprises me that not every business that handles bills on a regular basis has one. Considering that half the bill counters out there also include counterfeit detection, owning one just makes financial sense. One highly-reputable model that you may want to look at for your business is the Cassida 5510 UV currency counter. This is a review.

To begin with, Cassida is one of the top 5 manufacturers of money handling equipment in the United States. The manufacture a wide range of bill counters, coin counters and counterfeit detectors. They have a great reputation, their machines are stylish and they get the job done. Simply put, our customers like Cassida.

The Cassida 5510 UV is build much like many other bill counters out there. It has a hopper on the top where the bills are inserted and an exit where the bills leave the machine once counted. Setting it up is simple and the process takes just seconds to complete.

While many bill counters hover around speeds of 900-1200 bills per minute, the Cassida 5510 UV counts bills at a speed of about 1,300 bills per minute, which is fast. You get all this for just under $200 (at the time of this article). This is a very good value, especially for you budget shoppers out there.

One of my personal favorite features of the Cassida 5510 UV is the UV (ultraviolet) counterfeit detection. While the 5510 UV is counting the bills, it is scanning them for UV properties found in legitimate bills. This includes $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills. This piece of mind is nice and it is pretty darn accurate.

Speaking of accurate, the counting capabilities of this machine are extremely accurate. You can run the same stack of bills through it over and over and get the same results. This is all done thanks to a sensor that detects the edge of the bill as it runs through the machine. IT can also detect double notes, half notes and chain banknotes.

While many bill counters just get you “by,” the build quality on the Cassida 5510 UV is exceptional. It featurs a convenient snap-open front cover, a self-diagnostic system and self-lubricating bearings. It even includes a maintenance kit and spare parts (should they be needed). This bill counter is meant for long-term continuous use.

The hopper on this machine holds about 200 new bills or 100 used bills. No special fanning is required as the bills are placed in the hopper. It will automatically start when bills are detected and automatically stop when bill counting is completed.

Counting data is clearly displayed on a digital display and control panel allows you to set the Cassida 5510 UV up for counting mode, adding mode and batch counting mode.

I highly recommend this bill counter. It is accurate, affordable and is one of the best buys in this price range. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the Cassida 5510 UV currency counter here and our entire selection of bill counters here.

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Can Your Currency Counter Detect Superbills?

Posted by: Morgan on November 30th, 2010

Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector and ScannerNo currency counter with ultraviolet/magnetic (UV/MG) detection features, even models that cost more than $1,000, can identify elaborate counterfeit notes. For example: The Cassida 5520 UV/MG Currency Counter does have basic counterfeit detection capabilities. However, washed counterfeit bills (a bleached $5 bill, reprinted as $100) are difficult for this machine and other similar competing models to detect.

Cassida’s model 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector and Scanner can identify these types of counterfeit attempts. In a recent test by Cassida, their model 3300 was able to identify 100% of counterfeits in the possession of the US Secret Service office in Portland.

This particular model is extremely reliable and can detect any bleached counterfeits or superbills. Superbills are high-quality counterfeit US $100 notes. Some have estimated that 1 in 10,000 bills is a supernote counterfeit. The Cassida model 3300 uses infrared detection — the most advanced and reliable security protection of US bills — to detect supernotes.

At Office Zone we recommend a counterfeit money detector for authenticating currency and buying a separate currency counter for counting purposes. Also, if you count more than 100 bills at a time, a top-loading currency counter is a lot easier to use (the Cassida 6600 series currency counter is a good example). Top-loading bill counters take in a lot more a bills at a time, are easier to load and the operator can add more bills while the machine is counting.