Coil Binding Machines w/ Coil Crimping PliersCoil binding, in my opinion, is one of the best looking book binding formats around. Supplies are affordable, colors are diverse and the format is extremely durable. One critical part of the coil binding process is the coil-crimping pliers (found here). The only problem is that many models don’t include these pliers, meaning you have to purchase the pliers separately. So which coil binding machines include the coil-crimping pliers? I would like to provide you with a list.

So what are coil-crimping pliers? These are used to cut off excess coil and crimp the ends off to prevent the coil from spinning back out of the holes. These pliers look a lot like needle nose pliers. The benefit of coil crimping pliers, versus needle nose pliers, is that they cut and crimp the coil in a single pass. Once you figure out how they work, the pliers are actually very fast and effective.

So which brands and models include the pliers? I have found that pretty much all Akiles and all Intelli-Bind coil binding machines include the pliers. Here is a list of the models that do:

Manual Coil Binding Machines

  • Intelli-Bind IC210A (found here) – This is one of the least expensive coil binding machines on the market. It is basically a coil binding paper punch. Coils are manually inserted.
  • Intelli-Bind IC110 (found here) – This is one of the least expensive coil binding machines that includes an electric coil inserter. It is excellent for a home or small office.
  • Akiles Rubicoil Spiral Binder (found here) – This is a coil binding punch, which means it will punch the holes for your coil bound book but the supplies need to be manually spun through by hand.
  • Intelli-Bind IC210 (found here) – This is essentially the same machine as the IC210A, but includes an electric coil inserter. This helps speed up the binding process by quickly spinning coils through the punched holes. This is one of our most popular models.
  • Akiles iCoil 41 (found here) – This compact coil binding station is one of the newest models released by Akiles. It folds up and is very easy to store in a cabinet. It includes the punch, pliers, a small inserter and a foot pedal.
  • Akiles CoilMac-M (found here) – This coil binding punch features the quality Akiles is known for along with 5 disengageable punching pins. This model does not include an electric inserter.
  • Akiles iCoil 41+ (found here) – This machine is the same as the regular Akiles iCoil, but includes the Plus hole pattern. This is essentially an oval-size hole versus a circular hole. According to Akiles this makes the coils easier to insert and pages easier to turn.
  • Akiles Coilmac-M Plus (found here) – This is a coil punch that features the Plus oval-shaped hole pattern as well as 54 disengagable punching pins. It is a solid machine, but does not include an electric inserter.
  • Intelli-Bind IC310 (found here) – This is one of our best selling coil binding machines. It is popular because it includes a full width inserter, selectable punching pins, includes pliers and features a metal body design.
  • Intelli-Bind IC410 (found here) – This tough machine includes a nice leveraged punching handle, six selectable punching pins and a nice wide electric inserter. This machine features a durable metal body and is extremely sturdy.
  • Akiles CoilMac ER (found here) – This is the first of several Akiles machines that feature the metal body and an electric inserter. It features 5 disengaging dies as well as a compact coil inserter found on the top left of the machine.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ER Plus (found here) – This is the same machine as the standard ER, but includes the Plus oval punching dies and includes 54 selectable punching pins.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ECI (found here) – This is one of the most robust Akiles machines we offer that features a manual punch. It is made out of durable metal components and features a full width electric inserter.
  • Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus (found here) – As is the case with the other “Plus” machines, this is an upgraded version of the standard ECI, which includes the oval-shaped punching pins and features 54 selectable punching pins.

Electric Coil Binding Machines

  • Intelli-Bind IC21E (found here) – This is by far the most cost effective coil binding machine that features an electric punch. On top of that, it also includes coil crimping pliers, an electric inserter and  46 disengageable punching pins.
  • Akiles CoilMac-EPI (found here) – Having used this machine myself, I can say that this is a beast of a binding machine. It is tough, easy to use and the electric motor really packs a punch. It also includes five selectable punching pins and a full width electric inserter. This is made to last for years.
  • Akiles CoilMac-EPI Plus (found here) – This is the Cadilac of coil binding machines. It is well built, looks nice and is excellent for high-volume coil binding. It features the oval-shaped Plus hole pattern and includes 54 fully disengageable punching pins.

When you take into account that coil crimping pliers can cost anywhere between $30 and $70, having them included with the machine is actually a huge value. If you have questions about any of these machines, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. Do you own one of these machines? Please post your feedback and experiences here as a comment. Thank you for reading!