Semacon S-520 Coin Counter / Sorter Review

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Semacon S-520 Coin Counter & SorterCoin sorters are a very important piece of office equipment for businesses and organizations that receive large volumes of coinage. As there are several types of coin sorters it is important to verify the type of sorter you’re purchasing. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty coin sorter that will count, value and sort the coins, then you should strongly consider purchasing the Semacon S-520 coin counter and sorter. This coin counter and sorter is designed to be multifunctional, operator-friendly, and portable. The capabilities of the Semacon S-520 coin counter make it an ideal choice for companies that want more than just a standard coin sorter.

Using the Semacon S-520 coin sorter and counter is as simple as pushing a button. The Semacon S-520 coin counter has several sorting, counting and batching functions that the operator can program in to the machine. This makes the coin counting more efficient, and gives the user exactly what they require.

Unlike some lesser styles of coin counter, there is no need to presort the coins before placing them in the machine. The Semacon S-520 coin sorter can sort while counting all five types of US coinage. This feature can be a real time saver. Once the piles of coins are placed in the hopper the machine does the rest. The Semacon S-520 automatically feeds the coins through the coin sorter. As the various coins are sorted, the machine displays each of the denominations sorted plus the value and the total of all denominations.

The Semacon S-520 coin counter has a very good processing capacity that will work well for companies that need a medium-duty counter. The Semacon S-520 is able to count 450 coins a minute, and has a hopper that can hold 500 assorted coins at one time. As the coins are processed through, the Semacon S-520 sorts the coins, separating the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into coin drawers for easy storage. The coin drawers have a high capacity that can hold 150 pennies, 80 nickels, 250 dimes and 200 quarters. It also has an optional coin bagging or coin wrapping attachment that will automatically fill the coin rolls.

This coin counter is produced a Semacon, a manufacturer that specializes produces a product line of Currency Handling and Coin Handling Equipment to solve the money handling needs of a wide variety of businesses. They produce high quality financial equipment used internationally by banks, credit unions, casinos, vending operators, amusement operators, retail stores, restaurants and other companies that need high-quality Currency Counters & Coin Counters for high-volume or mid-volume money counting environments.

The Semacon S-520 coin counter has a compact design. This enables it to easily fit on an office or bank desktop or tabletop, and is easily moved between departments if necessary. Though the Semacon S-520 may not be as large as other coin counters, it provides all the functionality and performance of larger counting and sorting machines, and at a much lower price.

You can purchase the Semacon S-520 coin counter, and other currency counting products, at Office Zone.


Cassida C100 Coin Counting Machine Review

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Cassida C100 Coin Counting MachineA cocky high-school boy brought $250 to school to pay for his tuition and fees. Usually, this is not a big deal, except for the boy bought the whole amount in a bag. It was all in nickels, dimes and quarters. As the school secretary was counting the coins, she probably wished she had a Cassida C100 Coin Counter to do the work for her and save a lot of time and frustration.

The Cassida C100 is a professional grade coin counter and coin sorter that is simple to operate will give accurate money counts. It has a fast count rate and is easy to operate. The Cassida C100 Coin Counter and coin sorter is a popular choice for small business, vending machine operators, schools, churches, arcades, entertainment centers, retail stores and other small to mid-size businesses.

The Cassida C100 has a design that makes it very intuitive to operate. The buttons are clearly marked, and guide the user through different coin counting options, such as counting mode, adding mode and batching mode.

To use the Cassida C100 coin counter, the user simply pours the coinage into the hopper. The machine does the rest, sorting the coins into separate receptacles for quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. The digital display screen will show the denomination and the amount of coins counted. The total counted value is automatically displayed on the screen as the machine counts. This lets the user stop the machine if a specific total value is needed. The school secretary would have appreciated the capacity the Cassida C100 coin counter has. The hopper is able to hold 1500 coins, and it can count and sort the coins into the separate receptacles at a rate of 250 coins per minute.

The C100 coin counter and coin sort is the product of the Cassida Corporation. According to their website, the Cassida Corporation manufactures a complete line of money handling equipment. Their coin currency counters, sorters, and counterfeit detectors provide flexible business solutions that offer business solutions at affordable prices. In other words, their stuff works well and doesn’t cost a lot.

The Cassida C100 coin counter has several factors that make it attractive to frazzled school secretaries, as well as other professionals. It has a compact size that makes it convenient to use between different departments and doesn’t take up a lot of space on a store office counter or desktop. It has large buttons that make it easy to set up the machine and select the specific batch type. The drawers that catch the coins on the Cassida C100 coin counter are easy to access, even in if there isn’t a lot of available space. This means if you’ve got a lot of clutter on your desk, like some school secretaries, you’ll still be able to retrieve the sorted coins. The machine doesn’t need to be supervised while it’s operating so you’ll still be able to complete other tasks while it counts and sorts.

You, along with school secretaries, can get a Cassida C100 coin counter and coin sorter at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of coin counters here.

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Ribao CS-10 Coin Counter Review

Posted by: James on August 4th, 2011

Ribao CS-10 Coin Counting MachineSome may say that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between coin counters. But these people have likely never used the Ribao CS-10 coin counter and sorter. This coin counter and sorter is designed to be operator-friendly, portable, and versatile. The Ribao CS-10 coin counter features several functions that make it an ideal choice for companies that handle different types of coinage.

Operating the Ribao CS-10 coin sorter and counter is an easy task. The Ribao CS-10 coin counter has a keyboard for the operator to program the machine to do batching and accumulating counting. The operator then adjusts the settings of the coin counter to accommodate the size of the coins. This is an important feature for businesses that deal with coins other than US currency. Coins are then poured into the hopper, which automatically feeds the coins through the coin sorter. As the various coins are sorted, the LED display shows the coin count, which can be either the total dollar value or total number of coins.

Customers who choose the Ribao CS-10 coin counter will be pleased at the processing capacity it offers.  The Ribao CS-10 is able to sort and count up to 1,800 coins per minute. The coin counter has a top feed hopper that can handle a load of 1,500 coins at a time. As the coins are processed through, the Ribao CS-10 sorts the coins, separating the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into coin tubes for easy storage.

A feature that sets the Ribao CS-10 apart from other coin counters is the option to adjust the counter to sort by the diameter and thickness of the coin. This handy feature enables users to process foreign coinage or tokens.

The Ribao CS-10 was designed for easy storage. It’s a lightweight portable unit that can be easily folded down into a compact case. The Ribao CS-10 is light to carry and has a handle making it easily transportable. This will be a benefit for companies that have to share coin counters between departments.

The Ribao CS-10 coin counter is commonly used by banking institutions, currency exchange locations, government offices, schools, vending machine operators, department stores and other retailers that receive large volumes of coins.

This coin counter is produced a Ribao Technology, a manufacturer that specializes in banking and office equipment. They produce high quality financial equipment and their prices are competitive for the marketplace. To be sure that their counters meet federal regulatory standards, they have their products inspected and CE approved by TUV laboratory and also receives FCC certification.

The Ribao CS-10 coin counter, and other Ribao currency products, is available for purchase at Office Zone. You can find our entire selection of coin counters here.

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Can my business benefit from a coin counter?

Posted by: James on May 4th, 2011

ABC110 Electric Automatic Coin CounterJust as capturing Osama Bin Laden is important to the war on terror, so too can saving time and money be for your business.  No matter what type of business you run, it’s always a good idea to save energy, time, and money.  Have you been pondering up ideas to make your business run more efficiently, simultaneously making happiness a bigger part of your life?  If so, a coin counter might be the perfect fit!

One of the greatest things about coin counters that most people don’t realize is they are incredibly affordable.  Starting as low as $150.00, you can find a great solution for all your coin counting needs.  Whether you’re running a local laundry business, a church, an arcade, or any business with a lot of coins, there is definitely a coin counter just waiting to help your business run smoother, while at the same time making yourself or your employees more content.  Nobody likes counting coins when there are so many better things to do in life.

How do coin / currency counters work?

Coin counters come with many various functions.  With speed and amazing accuracy, all coin counters will add up your coins for you.  However, a lot of counters come equipped with the ability to sort, wrap, batch count, crimp, and bag.  They will use a metal basin that rapidly spins the coins into their respective slots or tubes.

If you run a business that deals mainly with quarters, there are many currency counters on the market for that, as well.  Take, for example, the Model 915 from Magner.
With this model, you simply set the machine to count the desired coin (quarter, dime, nickel, or penny) and dump in your stash.  The machine will automatically recognize the coin you selected, count it, and sort it into a bag or tube attachment, while at the same time rejecting all other coin types into a separate bin.

For counters that count and sort, either into tubes or drawer sets, here is a great video tutorial on how they operate:

ABC440 Coin Counter Video Demo

If wrapping or bagging is more ideal for you, here is another great video to show how they work:

You might be wondering if coin counters will only work with U.S. currency or standard coins in general.  The answer is no.  Many currency counters will work with tokens, loonies and toonies (Canadian coins), and many others.  A great model to consider for this would be the Semacon S-120 coin counter.

As a pioneer in the money handling industry, Semacon has been around for nearly 20 years.  I have been selling these machine for over 5 years, and I’ve found Semacon to be one of the most reliable brands in the market.

From the most basic and affordable counter, to the high end robust models, Officezone is an excellent–okay, the best–source for finding the highest quality currency counters from all the great brand names like Semacon, Magner, Klopp, Cassida, and many others.  You can find our entire selection of coin counters here.

Also, don’t forget to supplement your new currency counter with our great selection of bill counters, counterfeit detectors, and other great money handling equipment, all of which can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding currency counters, or any other money handling products, feel free to call us at 800-543-5454 and speak with our highly trained sales reps.