Fellowes W-11C Cross Cut Paper ShredderWhether you are a consumer, a business owner, or a politician, there are some documents that you need to dispose of that have sensitive information that you don’t want others to see. And since any transient, corporate spy, or scandal reporter can go through your garbage once it’s in the dumpster, how do you keep prying eyes off your private information? You shred the documents using a Fellowes W-11C paper shredder.

The Fellowes W-11C paper shredder is a crosscut paper shredder that will turn in documents and credit cards into inscrutable pieces of confetti. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, can handle large loads, and will  The Fellowes W-11C paper shredder an ideal choice for consumers who are concerned about identity thieves stealing your private information, like credit card numbers, account numbers, social security numbers or any other information that can be used to set up fraudulent accounts in your name. The Fellowes W-11C paper shredder crosscut paper shredder is also a good choice for business to maintain the privacy of their clients and their business operations.

Crosscut paper shredders, like the Fellowes W-11C, tends to give users that are particularly worried about protecting their information more piece of mind than strip cut shredders. Strip cut shredders slice documents into long strips of paper that can sometimes be pieced back together. Whereas crosscut shredders make cut the documents into undistinguishable bits so there is little chance of this happening.

The Fellowes W-11C crosscut paper shredder is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. To operate the Fellowes W-11C paper shredder, all the user has to do is feed the sheets of paper into the feed opening at the top. The shredder then self-feeds as it grinds the paper up into bit of confetti, which drops neatly and cleanly into the attached 5 gallon shred bin. You can either store a garbage ban in the shred bin or dump the contents directly into a recycle bin or trash receptacle.

The W-11C paper shredder is the product of Fellowes. Since 1917, Fellowes has grown into a trusted global manufacturer and marketer of business machines, records storage solutions and technology accessories, According to their website, Fellowes enables people to work with greater security, organization and productivity.

The Fellowes W-11C paper shredder has a medium capacity shredder that as a 9 inch shred opening. So it can handle all standard 8 ½ paper sizes. It can shred 11 sheets of paper at a time. The cutting blades are sturdy and can handle credit cards and staples. Not needing to remove staples before shredding can be a real time saver. The Fellowes W-11C paper shredder is only 18 inches high and 13 inches wide so it can fit easily next to a desk or a copy machine. The shredded bits of paper allow for more paper to fit into an office recycle bin. The blades are sturdy, and as long as the owner continues to oil the motor and blades at recommend intervals, the Fellowes W-11C paper shredder will provide years of use.

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