Intelli-Fold DE-202AF Paper Folding MachineQuestion

Good Afternoon

We are looking to purchase a paper folding machine for our organization.  We print statements and invoices on a monthly basis and usually have about 2000 statements and invoices combined to fold and place into envelopes.

Ideally we would like a machine that can handle volume but still be reasonably priced.  Any suggestions – priced under $ 1200.00


Wendy B.


We recommend the Intelli-Fold™ DE-202AF Paper Folding Machine. The DE-202Af is priced well below your $1,200 budget and will handle your production level requirements. This automatic paper folder has been rated by Office Zone as a medium-volume model. Its motor is capable of producing enough revolutions to half-fold 6,000 sheets of paper per hour.

Office Zone, however, recommends a duty cycle with this particular machine of 12,000 folds per month. Staying within these parameters will ensure long-lasting peak performance by the DE-202AF. A unique feature of this model is that the unit automatically adjusts to different paper thickness and weights. It will also hold up to 500 sheets of standard 20 pound paper at a time.