Reviewed: Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder Corner Cutter

Posted by: James on September 14th, 2011

Lassco CR-20 Corner RounderMost people grow up with their parents telling them that they need to be well rounded. While most of us don’t mature into the well rounded people our parents hoped for, you can at least created stationary and other products with well rounded edges.

Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder (aka Corner Rounder) is a corner cutter that is used by print ships, design houses and other businesses to cut the pointed corners off of sheets of paper and plastic, creating a nicely smoothed rounded edge. Cutting rounded edges is a common practice for paper business products such as business cards, greeting cards, invitations, awards, certificates or office stationary.  The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder can also cut rounded corners on thin plastic products, such as credit cards, id cards, licenses, and signage.

The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder is an easy corner cutter to operate. The operator places the paper or plastic sheets on the cutting board. It is designed for regular duty office use, and can handle cutting a half inch stack of sheets. Using the sizing tools, the operator can adjust the cutting area to accommodate the size of paper or plastic sheets to be cut. The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder Corner Cutter is designed to handle standard 8 ½ x 11 sheets, but it can be extended to handle a larger size of paper or plastic sheeting.  After all the settings are adjusted, all the operator has to do is pull down on the manual handle. The The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder Corner Cutter uses shear cutting action to make clean cuts, giving the material a professional appearance.

The CR-20 Cornerounder corner cutter is a product of the Lassco Wizer company. Lassco Wizer is a manufacturer of office equipment for paper products. Along with top quality corner cutters, they also produce equipment such as paper drills, paper joggers, and staplers. Their machines are sturdy and tend to be easy to maintain.

The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder has several features that make it a practical choice among corner cutters. It is large enough to handle the cutting jobs, but is smaller than some corner cutters, so it fits neatly on a desk or countertop. It is also easy to move around so it can be shared among different departments. Along with being able to cut well rounded corners on paper and plastic, the The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder is also able to cut through lightweight metals, so you can also use it to cut magnets  and other marketing collateral. The right angle push block on the cutting board makes rounding the corners on smaller product simple and easy. If you prefer an automatic machine, you can upgrade to an electric or pneumatic floor model.

Along with print shops, The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder is a good choice for offices that print their own business cards or marketing collateral, or make their own id cards. It’s also a practical choice for schools, factories, human resource management companies, churches and other organizations.

The Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder Corner Cutter can be purchased for a reasonable price at Office Zone.  You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of corner rounders here.


CR-20 Corner Rounder vs. Diamond-1: Which is Best?

Posted by: Morgan on January 5th, 2011

Lassco CR-20 CornerounderQuestion

Hello, we need a corner rounder to cut corners on 100 lb. laminated (3 mil) cardstock. We are looking at the Lassco CR-20 and the Akiles Diamond 1. Which do you recommend? The items to be cornered are 2.75 x 3.5 and a “little old lady” will be doing the work. We are looking for speed and ease of use. Any help making this decision is appreciated.

Patricia G.


We have actually used both corner rounders here at Office Zone. Both models are an excellent choice, but we prefer the Lassco CR-20 Cornerounder. The dies used with the CR-20 are the same size as the Diamond-1 Corner Rounder; however, they are definitely more durable and extremely efficient at cutting through a stack of paper.

It is also much simpler changing dies with the CR-20. You simply pull out the die to remove and insert a different one. By comparison, the Diamond-1 by Akiles requires that you replace the die by removing two bolts. The CR-20 also requires less physical effort to perform a corner cut when compared to the Diamond-1. The engineers at Lassco certainly didn’t “cut corners” when designing this baby!