Binding, Cutting or Printing? You May Need a Paper Jogger!

Posted by: James on September 7th, 2011

Paper JoggersNo, a paper jogger is not a machine that runs paper around the track. Paper joggers are simple, yet effective machines, that every person that handles paper should use. You will find paper joggers in printing presses, binderies and businesses around the country. So what is a paper jogger? I’ll explain in this article.

Paper joggers are machines that are designed to take disorganized and jumbled stacks of paper and vibrate them back into shape. They square paper up as if it was brand new and in the package. This is ideal for paper prior to placement in a copy machine, printer, burster, folding machine or stack paper cutter. Paper joggers can be used with standard copy paper, card stock, glossy and even coated paper.

So how do paper joggers work? It is actually pretty simple. They have special motors that rotate at several hundred to several thousand revolutions per minute (RPMs). As the motor spins, it causes the paper jogger’s bin to vibrate. These vibrations, combined with gravity, cause paper to quickly square up. Many paper joggers include variable speed motors, usually controlled by a dial, that allow the operator to adjust the vibration speed.

While paper joggers are primarily designed to square-up sheets of paper, they are also popular for squaring up folded sheets of paper, brochures and even mail. I have even seen people use paper joggers to square up manila envelopes and file folders. Paper joggers also have a couple of other benefits other than just shaking a stack of paper.

Static Elimination – Paper joggers channel away jam-inducing static electricity. Many people that have issues with paper handling machines jamming may not realize that they may have electrostatic issues. Many people I have spoken with eliminate paper jams in their printers, collators, copy machines and paper folding machines simply by running paper through a jogger prior to insertion in a machine.

Ink Drying – Paper joggers help dry ink. This is especially nice for offset printers and digital duplicators. While ink drying happens in any jogger, those that are air equipped (pneumatic) are best for drying ink the fastest. If you need to quickly dry ink, prior to inserting the paper in another machine, a paper jogger may be just what you need.

Paper joggers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Types of Paper Joggers

Air Paper JoggerAir Paper Joggers – Air paper joggers are designed for high volume and continuous paper jogging. This are primarily found in print shops and production houses. Most paper joggers are floor models, which include their own stand. Most air paper joggers feature adjustable jogging speeds.

Desktop Paper Joggers – These types of paper joggers are designed to be used on a desktop, countertop or table. They are compact and can often be placed right next to a paper folding machine, copy machine or other paper handling machine. These are the most common paper joggers used today. Simply plug them into a wall, place your paper in the bin and flip the switch to the “on” position.

Multi-Bin Paper JoggersMulti-Bin Joggers
– These types of paper joggers have multiple paper slots for jogging multiple individual stacks of paper. These types of joggers are ideal for high-volume jogging or for use with multi-bind paper handling machines like paper collators.

Do you still have questions about paper joggers? You can speak with one of Office Zone’s paper jogger specialists at 1-800-543-5454. They are more than happy to answer your questions. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of paper joggers here.


Can the AJ-700 Paper Jogger jog only Five Pages?

Posted by: Morgan on January 26th, 2011

AJ-700 Paper JoggerQuestion


We are looking for a paper jogger that will handle anywhere from 5 pages up to 250 or more pages (8.5”x11” or 8.5”x14”). Is the AJ-700 Paper Jogger capable of handling as little as 5 pages? If not, could you recommend one that would be able to handle a small number of pages?

Thank you for your information.

Robin M.


You need to jog only five sheets at a time? We were intrigued by your unusual request and conducted an informal paper jogger test here at Office Zone. The AJ-700 Paper Jogger is a highly versatile machine that can jog only five pieces of paper at a time. It will also jog 250 pages within the measurements you stated. We recommend you turn off the air feature on this particular machine when jogging only five pages.

You can jog and organize large stacks of paper in merely seconds with the AJ-700 paper jogger. This versatile paper jogger produced by MBM is both reliable and fast. The unit not only provides the traditional jogging method with its shaking motion, but has a forced air feature to help reduce jogging time. The air flow helps prevent papers from sticking to each other with static electricity. This ultimately helps prevent paper jams and other issues when printing, collating or automatically folding paper.