Waste Paper Shredding

Posted by: Morgan on April 21st, 2011

Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper ShredderQuestion

I work for a small office of around 40 people. We were looking to reduce our landfill waste by shredding tough paper (microwave lunch paper containers, paper coffee cups, etc). By shredding these products, we are able to keep them on site in our composting containers and they will biodegrade faster. Is there any product that is designed for this?

Andrew L.

We highly recommend the Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper Shredder. The model S16.50 will shred all of the tough paper products you listed. It will also easily tackle entire file folders, large stacks of computer printouts, cardboard pieces, employee time cards, and just about any other kind of office waste made out of paper.

The shredder’s wide 20-inch shred throat is ideal for destroying large volumes of paper at a time. The S16.50 paper shredder is available in either strip cut or cross cut shred styles. We recommend the cross cut version for your particular application.


Please Provide Industrial Shredder Recommendation

Posted by: Morgan on April 6th, 2011

HSM FA 400.2 Premium Paper ShredderQuestion

Could you please provide a recommendation for: Industrial Shredder (Needed to shred large volumes of high impact paper, paper clips, credit cards, CD’s and cardboard boxes). Need at least a 79 gallon capacity bin for security level 3 cross cut that will adequately shred the sensitive financial and personnel documents. – Thermal Switch

Thank you,

Jamie H.


We recommend the HSM FA 400.2 Premium Paper Shredder. This powerful model can shred a wide variety of paper weights. Its wide shred throat is ideal for shredding just about any type of supplies used in an office environment. It will securely destroy sensitive information and handle a wide variety of paper products including oversized legal documents, computer printouts, file folders and cardboard. You may also shred CDs, credit cards, ID badges, paper clips and other items that you typically cannot shred with a common office paper shredder. Combined with the HSM model 40VL baler, you may efficiently shred large quantities of paper, and then form the paper into a bale for easy disposal.


Why we Recommend OEM Paper Shredder Bags

Posted by: Morgan on March 30th, 2011

OEM paper shredder bagsCustomers sometimes ask us if they can use a regular trash can liner with their paper shredder instead of the bag from the shredder manufacturer. You can certainly use these less expensive waste bags. Most work pretty well. However, Office Zone recommends OEM paper shredder bags for a couple of good reasons. First, OEM shred bags are much thicker than regular garbage can bags. The extra thickness comes validates the extra investment whenever you are shredding CDs, DVDs, papers with staples, paper clips, or other objects that produce a sharp point or edge. This extra durability in the bag means no rips or tears while you are carrying shredded material from the shredder to the dumpster. A torn shredder bag is simply an annoyance and can make a big mess on your office floor.

The second reason why an OEM bag makes so much sense is waste capacity. These bags were designed with specific paper shredder models in mind. The bag fits perfectly inside the shredder cabinet and maximizes space. That means you won’t have to empty the bag as frequently as a plastic garbage can liner. Office Zone has paper shredder bags for most brands and models. Be sure to browse our wide selection and order your paper shredder bags today.


Automatically Shred Paper With the FD 8500AF Autofeed Shredder

Posted by: Morgan on March 2nd, 2011

FD 8500AF Autofeed ShredderIn past years, competing manufacturers have attempted a dedicated auto feeder unit on their paper shredder. The results were disappointingly less than successful. Today, however, one shredder manufacturer has actually succeeded in the office shredder auto-shredding arena. The new Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Shredder features a unique auto feeder that saves you significant labor and money.

Now you can actually load a large stack of paper into a shredder, press the start button and walk away. The FD 8500AF with its dedicated auto feeder is an impressive sight to behold. Take a look at this video demonstration from the manufacturer’s Web site.

No more time wasted by you or your staff standing in front of a shredder, slowly feeding thin stacks of paper into the machine at a time thanks to the FD 8500AF. Its auto feed hopper has a 175-sheet capacity, and is compatible with larger 11” x 17” size paper.

The shredder also has a traditional hand-feed opening (16 inches) that lets you insert up to 18 sheets of paper at a time. The FD 8500AF boasts several commercial-grade features including a steel cabinet, large ample waste bin, AC geared-motor, heat-treated steel blades, easy-to-operate LED control panel, and load indicator.


Looking for Shredder With Continuous Motor

Posted by: Morgan on February 15th, 2011

Destroyit 4002 Heavy-Duty Paper ShredderQuestion

Good morning.  I recently visited your website and would like to request more information on a few paper shredders we are interested in.  From the model numbers listed below, I need to know if these are all continuous motor paper shredders and if they are jam free.  We are a large department that needs a machine that can handle continuous shredding.  Please let me know which one you recommend, or if there are other models you think would be better for our needs.  Also, we are on a restricted budget and hope to stay within the $500.00 – $600.00 range.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • HSM 104.3
  • HSM 105.3
  • HSM 104.3 Cross Cut
  • HSM 105.3 Cross Cut
  • Rexel 1050 S2


Gayla L.


Those are all excellent shredders, but the least-expensive model Office Zone sells that qualifies as a continuous-operation shredder is the Destroyit 4002 Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder. The Destroyit 4002 shredder has a powerful motor that will run all day, and offers features typically only seen in higher-end models.

There are several obvious reasons why a shredder with a continuous motor makes sense for an office. The elimination of downtime is the greatest benefit. That means you do not have to wait for the machine to cool down before you can resume operation. The shredder head on the Destroyit 4002 is capable of chewing through both staples and paper clips. It stops automatically when the shredder jams and immediately backs the paper out.


I Want a Shredder for CD’s, Credit Cards and Paper

Posted by: Morgan on December 21st, 2010

Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Paper ShredderQuestion

Not sure you have them, but are there any cross-cut shredders that cut something (CD’s, credit cards and paper) into 20 vertical pieces (I want to make sure that they can’t be put back together).

Sean C.


We highly recommend the Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Paper Shredder. This will completely destroy your CD’s, credit cards and paper in one pass. The 2604 will cut up all of these items into more than 20 separate pieces. Once a CD, for example, is shredded, there is absolutely no way to reassemble it.

Destroyit shredders have an earned reputation for offering some of the best, quality-built shredder models for office shredding needs. And, the Model 2604 is definitely no exception. This shredder may be used non-stop throughout the day thanks to a thermally protected motor. It also contains sensors for jam prevention.

The Destroyit 2604 has an easy-to-use control interface. The shredder head and motor in this shredder are relatively quiet. The 2604 was designed for use in an office environment and will not cause any unnecessary distractions.


Why do you Need to oil a Paper Shredder?

Posted by: Morgan on December 15th, 2010

Paper Shredder OilThis is a question we hear on a frequent basis at Office Zone. Our customers want to know why we encourage them to buy a bottle of shredder oil with their machine. It would initially appear that the main benefit would be in providing lubrication to the shredding heads. Shredder oil indeed helps cut down on the wear and tear that paper shredders endure when they are used. Shredder oil helps lubricate the moving parts in the shred head, and does help extend machine life. By the way, Office Zone recommends you oil your shredder at least every time you change the shred bag or waste bin.

Those are all valid considerations why you should use paper shredder oil. However, the most significant reason why consistent shredder lubrication is important has to do with maintaining the machine’s maximum shred capacity. Each shredder has a paper shredding rating handed down by the manufacturer. This lets you know how many regular sheets you can safely insert into the machine and shred at a time. Consistent oiling helps prevent build-up of paper dust and other substances that can gum up the cutting blades, thus decreasing performance. This ensures maximum shredding operation and extends the life of the machine.


Paper Shredder Reviews: Part Two

Posted by: Morgan on March 13th, 2009

Small Office Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko Model SH261PO Deskside Cross Cut Shredder

Techko SH261PO ShredderAlthough the Techko SH261PO is a smaller-sized shredder, it’s still rated by the manufacturer to shred 10 sheets of standard 20 lb. paper at a time. However, we recommend backing that off by a few sheets. Its auto-start feature engages the shredder whenever it detects paper. A reverse switch comes in handy when you need to clear out paper jams. This is a cross cut model that shreds papers at security level three.

Price: $135

Office Zone rating: 2 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

Kobra 240 Cross Cut (C4) Office Paper Shredder

This highly versatile shredder is also listed in our Home Office Deskside Shredders category. You can read Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4the review here. The Kobra 240 C4 performs works extremely well in both home and office environments.

Price: $1,005

Our rating: 3-1/2 Stars

Small Department/Multi-user Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

HSM 104.3 Paper Shredder

The HSM 104.3 is designed for continuous use, and it does just that. This is a shredder that handles some HSM 104.3 Shredderof the most difficult shredding jobs. It features several sensors and switches that make operation simple. The HSM 104.3 has an automatic sensor that detects paper and turns the shredder on and off as needed. Another sensor tells you when the shred bin is full. This is a strip cut, security level two shredder.

Price: $490

Our rating: 3 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

GBC 3890D Micro-Cut Office Shredder

Keep your sensitive business information safe with the GBC 3890D paper shredder. This cross cut security level five shredder features SmartShred visual indicators that make operation a snap. The model 3890D GBC 3890D Shredderalso has unique Jam-Stopper features that help prevent annoying paper jams.

Price: $3,021

Our rating: 2-1/2 Stars

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Paper Shredders Rated

Posted by: Morgan on March 6th, 2009

Customers often ask, “What’s the best paper shredder out there?” There are a lot of quality machines available that we could recommend. The answer however all depends on what you need the shredder to do for you and what kind of budget you are working with. There are several models available today that can tackle most jobs. The following review spotlights the various shredder categories, and then rates the lowest and highest priced shredders in each category.

Today’s blog entry features shredders from two very popular categories …

Home And Desk Side Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko SH51006 Paper Shredder

Strip cut, security level one (the lowest security level). Its shredded paper strips measure seven millimeters Techko SH51006in width. Intended for light to medium use; recommended for use in a home or small home office.

Price: $31

Office Zone rating: 1-1/2 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

HSM 102.2 Compact Paper Shredder

The HSM 102.2 has a powerful motor capable of chewing through paper with ease. This shredder features a convenient automatic on/off sensor, and a front waste bin window that lets you see how full the shredder HSM 102.2 Compact Paper Shredderis. The strip cut model shreds at a number two security level, while the cross cut model shreds at level three.

Price:  $327 (strip cut model), $377 (cross cut)

Our rating: Four Stars

Small Office Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko SH1524CP Paper Shredder

The Techko SH1524 CP shredder is capable of shredding up to 18 sheets of paper at a time, but we recommend shredding about half that amount. It has a 7.8-gallon basket. That means you won’t have to Techko SH1524CP Paper Shredderspend a lot of time emptying its waste bin. The Techko SH1524CP is an adequate deskside paper shredder. It features casters that allow you to roll the shredder from one location to another. This strip-cut model shreds at security level two.

Price: $85

Our rating: Two Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4

The Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4 is a highly versatile paper shredder capable of shredding a variety of paper and other materials. The cutting heads can even handle hard-to-see staples. The C4 is actually one of five Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4different models in the 240 series. It shreds paper at security level three.

Price: $1,005

Our rating: 3-1/2 Stars

Next week we’ll take a look at Small Department/Multi-User paper shredders and Departmental Heavy Duty paper shredders.


Cross Cut Shredders – Your Best Choice For Destroying Documents

Posted by: admin on January 7th, 2009

Using paper shredders is a good practice and a good habit to get into. It is no secret that paper shredders are great for destroying sensitive information and protecting one’s identity. That being said, some paper shredders do a better job of shredding paper than others. The biggest difference is the size of the shredded paper after the process is done.

cross cut shredderWhile answering a few questions in Yahoo! Answers the other day, I came across someone asking the question, “Is it OK if I use scissors to cut up credit card applications?” I almost let out a gasp of disbelief. I then went on to post my own answer to the question. It went something like this.

Cutting up a credit card application, or other paper material, with scissors is certainly better than nothing, but will not give you adequate protection from identity theft. Paper cut with scissors is relatively easy to put back together if one has the time. Most criminals won’t bother, but some will.

There are actual documented cases of credit card applications being taped back together, filled out, sent in and accepted! To put it in simple terms, tearing or cutting up sensitive information does not work.

I then went on to explain proper document destruction. Documents that contain any information you don’t want others to see should be shredded, using an electric-powered paper shredder. Not only should you use a paper shredder, but it should also be a cross cut shredder (also known as confetti cut or particle cut shredders).

Strip cut paper shredders just don’t cut it (excuse the pun). Strip cut shredders cut paper into ¼ and sometimes 1/8-inch strips of paper. These strips, although much more difficult than scissor-cut paper, can be re-assembled. Iranian basket weavers proved this after the U.S. embassy was overrun in the 1970s. Secure government documents were re-assembled and ended up being very legible. You can actually read some of these re-assembled documents on Wikipedia.

In a nutshell, cross cut shredders are the only way to go. The blades in the shredder head cut the paper in two different directions, both horizontal and vertical. There is still a wide variety of different cross cut shredders based on the size of the particle. This is usually referred to as the security level of a paper shredder.

I recommend going with a security level of three or higher. Levels five and six are for high security shredding and are usually unnecessary for home or office use. Be aware that the smaller the particle, the fewer sheets that can be shred at any given time due to stress put on the blades and motor.

Paper shredders should be used on a regular basis, whether at home or in the office. Contact Office Zone for more information on paper shredders.