David-Link Biometric Time ClocksIf you need a time clock for your new business, need to replace a broken time clock or are simply looking to upgrade, you need to seriously consider using a David-Link biometric time clock (found here). Having used these time clocks myself, and considering the extremely low price point, I recommend these for just about any size business. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying one.

Here are just a few reasons why I highly recommend David-Link time clocks:

Price – When I say these time clocks are affordable, I’m not kidding. You simply are not going to find a comparable model with the same features for the same price. Keep in mind that all versions of the W-988 and W-1288 are equipped with biometric and pin technology. They all include software and they all make it possible to run reports and easily view data on hours worked.

Biometrics – Biometric technology, when implemented correctly, is one of the best features to have in a time clock. It stops buddy punching dead in its track. You literally have to be present to sign in and out of work. This also means you don’t have to worry about illegible time sheets, fraud, lost time badges and other quirks that make time clocks such a pain.

Unlike other biometric time clocks that require you to slide your finger and are plagued by temperature issues, the David-Link time clocks require that you simply touch the scanner. I have used PTI biometric time clocks that required me to slide my finger multiple times in order to work. I have thoroughly tested these time clocks and it reads my finger the first time, ever time.

Proximity Capabilities – The “P” versions of the David-Link time clocks also include the ability to read proximity cards. The “P” versions (W-988P / W-1288P) come with 10 proximity cards in the box, but additional cards may be ordered. If you don’t like biometrics, buy a “P” version and use it for its proximity card reading capabilities.

Huge Database Support – All of these time clocks have the ability to store up to 3,000 fingerprints and they can all hold up to 50,000 log records.

David-Link DLTMS Software – The software included with these time clocks allows you to run a variety of different reports and will even allow you to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet that can then be imported into many payroll programs such as Quickbooks.

USB & Network Integration – All versions of the David-Link time clocks come with a USB flash drive that can be used to download data to later be used with the David Link DLTMS software on a computer. All of these can also be directly connected to a computer with a USB cable and all can be wired into the local area network (LAN) via an Ethernet cable.

This diagram illustrates the connectivity capabilities of these time clocks:

David-Link Network & USB Capabilities

Remote Access – The W-1288PB has the ability to be accessed remotely over the Internet via another computer / laptop that is running the David Link DLTMS software. This is a huge plus as there is no monthly fee required to do this.

Included in the Box: These time clocks include the software, the biometric time recorder itself, a USB drive, a USB capable, a power adapter and include free tech support.

So what is the difference between all the versions of the David-Link time clocks? To begin with, the W-988 and W-1288 models are functionally the same. The only difference is the W-988 models have a monochrome white backlit screen, where the W-1288 use a full color TFT LCD with a more user friendly menu for navigation purposes. If the model is followed by a P, it has proximity card reading capabilities. If it is followed by a PB, it has proximity card reading and a battery backup. There you go! Here is a visual representation of the differences that may help better highlight what they can do:

Additional RFID
Card Identification
Display Type
Port Forwarding for
Remote Access of
Attendance Reports
W-988 N/A N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988P N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988PB White Backlight N/A
W-1288 N/A N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288P N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288PB TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu

In conclusion, I just have to say that I highly recommend these time clocks. They really are a great value and the quality is very nice. If you have additional questions about these time clocks and the software they use, please give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. One of our Time Clock Specialists should be able to help you out. Have you used a David-Link time clock? Post your experience here as a comment! You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks here.