What is the most accurate paper cutter?

Posted by: Morgan on April 26th, 2011

Paper TrimmerA rotary style paper cutter comes highly recommended for low-volume paper cutting. Rotary cutters deliver the best option for precision and accuracy when trimming a few sheets of paper at a time.

There are several stack paper cutter models available for high-volume paper cutting. These cutters use a laser light that helps you line up your stack of paper and determine exactly where the blade will slice. This makes it possible to cut 500 or more sheets of paper at a time within an amazing 1/64 of an inch!

Manufacturers of arm style paper cutters have improved the accuracy of their machines over the years. Kutrimmer and Dahle brand paper cutters are known in the industry for their precision and quality cutting capabilities. Be sure to ask one of our customer service representatives for the paper cutter model that will best fit for your specific needs.


Need to Cut Sheets of Paper Accurately

Posted by: Morgan on February 24th, 2011

Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper CutterQuestion


I’ve purchased a paper folder from you guys and I’m really happy with it – Thank you!

I also need a new binding machine ( something I can recreate spiral notebooks with) and a good paper cutter.  I would use the cutter for accurate sizing down of printing I do.  In other words, I would need to be able to cut a few sheets of paper at a time very accurately.

Please help me find out some options!



Glad to hear the good news about your paper folding machine! We highly recommend the Akiles CoilMac-ECI Manual Spiral Binding Machine With Coil Inserter. This particular model is a big favorite with our customers. They prefer the CoilMac-ECI because it’s a durable binding machine that simply gets the job done. You can easily punch through a relatively thick stack of paper with it, and then quickly insert the binding coil with the unit’s electric coil inserter.

We also recommend any Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter model. What else can be said about the quality of Rotatrim cutters? Their construction and cutting quality are unsurpassed. We actually did a tolerance test a couple of days ago with a Rotatrim paper trimmer. It easily sliced through a wide variety of materials from tissue paper, cork board and then plastic magnetic pads. The most impressive thing about a Rotatrim cutter is that no matter the weight of the material, the blade stays sharp and you still get an accurate cut with every pass.


Can a Paper Cutter’s Blade be Re-sharpened?

Posted by: Morgan on February 9th, 2011

Dahle 561 Guillotine Arm Paper TrimmerThis is a common question, and the answer really depends on the type of paper cutter you are using. You may re-sharpen the blades on stack paper cutters and guillotine cutters, but Office Zone recommends you still have a replacement blade on hand. This eliminates production downtime while the dull blade is being re-sharpened.

Rotary paper cutters often have self-sharpening blades, but these eventually become dull as well. Once the blade is completely dull, it must be replaced. Arm paper cutters may be re-sharpened, but replacements blades are also an option for these as well.

Do you need your paper cutter blade re-sharpened? If so, be sure to contact Office Zone’s Service Department today. We would be happy to help you get your paper cutter blade cutting at its best as soon as possible.


Looking for Precise Rotary Paper Cutter

Posted by: Morgan on January 24th, 2011

Akiles Roll@Blade 1815 18-inch Rotary Paper CutterQuestion

I’m looking for a very precise rotary cutter for home use. I’m interested in the Akiles 1815, but I can’t find any info about the manufacturer, or the price of replacement blades. I’d want to be sure the product will still be made for a few years! Is this cutter my best bet?

Deb V.


The Akiles Roll@Blade 1815 18-inch Rotary Paper Cutter is a good choice … especially if you need to perform precise cuts. The manufacturer, Akiles, is a well-known brand in the office equipment industry. They have built a solid reputation by creating some of the most durable and dependable document binding machines available. Paper cutters are a relatively new entry for this company. However, from our testing we have found the Akiles model cutters to be just as accurate (if not better) than most competing brands.

The model 1815 rotary paper cutter is a high-precision paper trimmer. It features an ergonomic blade carriage and a tungsten steel alloy blade. Its two sliding poles deliver exceptional stability and cutting accuracy. Replacement blades are available for this model. The Roll-@-Blade also features a transparent clamping bar for added visibility and stability when cutting.


How Many Sheets can the Rotatrim M18 Professional Cutter cut?

Posted by: Morgan on January 6th, 2011

Rotatrim M18 Professional CutterQuestion

Dear Madam:

I am trying to buy M18 Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter. Can you please advise how many sheets of paper can it cut at one time. Can it be used as an all round office machine or is it just for a photographers studio.  Is model M18 any different to Rotatrim RC RCM18 18-Inch Cut .

Your advice is greatly appreciated

Best Regards

Vishindas K.


The Rotatrim M18 Professional Cutter is an excellent choice. Pro M series cutters are designed to withstand high volume tasks and cleanly cut virtually all sorts of paper and flexible materials up to 3mm thick. We have found from our own lab testing that this particular model will trim about 12 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. You can accurately cut a wide variety of materials with the model M18.

Rotatrim cutting machines are used around the globe in offices, workshops, photography studios and schools. This rotary cutter features a tungsten alloy blade and double-steel tube cutting suspension guide for accurate cutting. It also has an automatic transparent clamping strip that prevents paper from slipping during the trimming process.

The robust construction of the M18 is fully warranted for 5 years against faulty workmanship and materials. The only difference between the model M18 and RCM18 is the cutting board size. The RC board is two inches longer and wider.


Paper Cutter Tips For Scrapbookers

Posted by: admin on December 31st, 2008

Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States. Scrapbooking involves a wide assortment of materials, supplies and equipment. This involves various types of paper, scissors, paper cutters and laminators. If you have recently tried looking for scrapbooking equipment online, you have probably noticed that there is no shortage of choices.

Carl RT-200 Paper TrimmerThe difficult thing, when starting up this hobby, is finding the right equipment that will last for hundreds, if not thousands, of scrapbook pages to come. It may seem overwhelming, but do not be discouraged. This article will give you a few tips on choosing the right paper cutter for your future scrapbooking projects.

Although there are now many scrapbooking software programs available today, many scrappers still prefer old-fashioned cutting and piecing things together. They enjoy the texture, the socializing with friends and the overall finished product. Many feel printing a scrapbook page out on a printer simply takes away from the true spirit of scrapbooking.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of pieces that go into creating the ideal scrapbook page. One of the most important pieces is the paper cutter. This is because a paper cutter is required to cut pictures down to size and make other modifications to the paper and decorations.

There are many paper cutters to choose from. The two most popular scrapbooking paper cutters are arm paper cutters and rotary paper cutters and trimmers. Both types of paper trimmers are compact and easy to use.

Arm paper cutters use a pivoting arm with a blade on it. This arm is brought up and then back down to create the cut. Arm paper cutters have been around for some time, and although many safety modifications have been added, the overall design has not changed for years. These paper cutters aren’t as popular with scrappers. This is because many inexpensive models tend to make crooked cuts. This isn’t to say that all arm paper cutters are like this. Some paper cutters, from brands such as Kutrimmer, are very solid and durable.

Rotary paper cutters are now the cutter of choice for scrapbookers. Rotary cutters use a round wheel to slice through paper. This wheel is similar in appearance to a pizza cutter. The wheel sits in a housing that slides along a rail. These types of paper cutters are especially popular with scrappers due to their precision and ability to cut photographs. Many rotary cutters have interchangeable blades for creating a variety of cutting patterns. Carl rotary cutters, specifically the RT-200, is popular for this reason. Rotatrim is another popular brand due to is solid construction.

corner rounderLast, but not least, are the corner rounders. Corner rounders are popular for rounding the corners on pictures and paper. Most agree that rounding the corners, also a minor change, affects the overall appearance of the photograph. Corner rounders are often available with a variety of different cutting diameter dies. This usually varies anywhere from a 1/8-inch corner to a ½-inch corner.

Paper cutters continue to grow in popularity with scrappers and this popular hobby doesn’t appear to be running out of steam anytime soon. Contact Office Zone for more information on paper cutters.