What is the most accurate paper cutter?

Posted by: Morgan on April 26th, 2011

Paper TrimmerA rotary style paper cutter comes highly recommended for low-volume paper cutting. Rotary cutters deliver the best option for precision and accuracy when trimming a few sheets of paper at a time.

There are several stack paper cutter models available for high-volume paper cutting. These cutters use a laser light that helps you line up your stack of paper and determine exactly where the blade will slice. This makes it possible to cut 500 or more sheets of paper at a time within an amazing 1/64 of an inch!

Manufacturers of arm style paper cutters have improved the accuracy of their machines over the years. Kutrimmer and Dahle brand paper cutters are known in the industry for their precision and quality cutting capabilities. Be sure to ask one of our customer service representatives for the paper cutter model that will best fit for your specific needs.


How Many Sheets can the Rotatrim M18 Professional Cutter cut?

Posted by: Morgan on January 6th, 2011

Rotatrim M18 Professional CutterQuestion

Dear Madam:

I am trying to buy M18 Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter. Can you please advise how many sheets of paper can it cut at one time. Can it be used as an all round office machine or is it just for a photographers studio.  Is model M18 any different to Rotatrim RC RCM18 18-Inch Cut .

Your advice is greatly appreciated

Best Regards

Vishindas K.


The Rotatrim M18 Professional Cutter is an excellent choice. Pro M series cutters are designed to withstand high volume tasks and cleanly cut virtually all sorts of paper and flexible materials up to 3mm thick. We have found from our own lab testing that this particular model will trim about 12 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. You can accurately cut a wide variety of materials with the model M18.

Rotatrim cutting machines are used around the globe in offices, workshops, photography studios and schools. This rotary cutter features a tungsten alloy blade and double-steel tube cutting suspension guide for accurate cutting. It also has an automatic transparent clamping strip that prevents paper from slipping during the trimming process.

The robust construction of the M18 is fully warranted for 5 years against faulty workmanship and materials. The only difference between the model M18 and RCM18 is the cutting board size. The RC board is two inches longer and wider.