Best Types of Stack Paper Cutters

Posted by: James on June 17th, 2013

Stack Paper CuttersWhen it comes to stack paper cutters (found here), there are many things you should be aware of. Quality ranges greatly and the types of machines available are many. I would like to cover what I have come to learn about stack paper cutters over the past decade of working with them. I will answer a some common questions and cover several popular terms in the industry.

So what is a stack paper cutter? A stack paper cutter is a machine that is designed to cut a stack of paper in a single pass of the blade. The amount varies, but it is typically several hundred or more sheets at a time. This type of paper cutter is popular with businesses that produce paper, printed material, marketing material or handle paper on a daily basis. Because these cutters are capable of trimming down so many sheets at once, jobs are done quickly and output is high.

So what are the different types of stack paper cutters? While it can be argued that there are over a half dozen different types of stack cutters, I like to break them down into three categories. These are manual stack cutters, electric stack cutters and hydraulic stack cutters. Here is what each entails:

  1. Manual Stack Paper Cutters (found here) – These are the most affordable stack cutters available. They don’t feature any kind of motor and are totally manually operated. While manual and cutting stacks of paper don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, these machines actually make cutting paper easy. These cutters use a long handle that is pulled down to cut paper. While not all manual stack cutters are equal, most are very easy to operate and require little force to cut through paper. Popular brands include Triumph, Dahle and Intelli-Cut. These cutters also feature a manual clamping mechanism. Manual stack cutters are ideal for light to medium-volume cutting.
  2. Electric Stack Paper Cutters (found here) – These types of paper cutters use a powerful electric motor to do all of the cutting. These types of paper cutters range greatly in features. Some include an electric clamp, where others have a manual clamp. The backstop also varies a lot. Some adjust themselves and others require the operator to turn a hand crank to adjust the back stop. These are the most popular paper cutters for higher-volume jobs. Depending on the cutter, these can be used for medium to high-volume cutting jobs. Some cutters are also programmable, allowing the operator to simply input some data and the machine does the rest. Some include the ability to remember these settings for repeat and common cutting jobs.
  3. Hydraulic Paper Cutters (found here) – If you are cutting thousands of sheets of paper per day and need the most powerful cutting force available, then a hydraulic stack cutter is what you need. These cutters use hydraulics to drive the cutting blade, producing an amazing amount of force. These cutters are excellent for daily repeated cutting of chipboard, card stock and much more.

Things To Look Out For – When it comes to shopping around for a high-quality stack paper cutter, most electric and hydraulic machines are solid. I find most quality issues in the manual cutter category. This is because there are a lot of cheap imitation machines made that simply aren’t up to par. Most of these fall in the sub $500 category. That isn’t to say you can’t find a good cutter under $500, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Unfortunately when it comes to stack cutters, you often get what you pay for.

I highly recommend you get a stack paper cutter that has a clear plastic guard in the front and back of the machine that prevents access to the cutting blades during the cutting process. Most brands, such as Dahle, Intelli-Cut and Triumph implement many safety features. You just can’t be too safe when dealing with a powerful machine like a stack paper cutter.

If you still have questions about stack cutters, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. We would love to help you out.


Dahle 842 Stack Paper Cutter Review

Posted by: James on December 13th, 2012

Dahle 842 Stack Paper CutterIf you’re in the market for a budget stack paper cutter, the Dahle 842 (found here) is definitely a model you may want to consider. Stack paper cutters are very popular with businesses, copy centers and print shops that need to cut down large stacks or high-volumes of paper down to smaller sizes. The trouble with stack paper cutters, at least those you find on Ebay and elsewhere, is that they are assembled using tinker toys. I have used the Dahle 842 and this is my review.

The Dahle 842 is the first in Dahle’s Professional Series of stack cutters. It is German engineered, which in the cutting world is a very impressive fact. Dahle has been manufacturing shredders and cutters for decades now. A decade ago I was luke warm to the idea of a Dahle paper cutter, but over the past 10 years they have made some significant improvements to their designs and build quality.

As mentioned earlier, the 842 is Dahle’s entry level stack cutter. It can be used on a tabletop or with an optional floor stand. It is designed to compete right along with Intelli-Cut’s and Triumph’s line of stack cutters. It is a budget cutter. As of the time of this article, it is just over $1,200 with free shipping. This is a steal considering it can be used repeatedly throughout the day.

This cutter is completely manual. While it is gear driven, and features a lengthy leveraged handle, it still requires the operator to manually pull the clamp lever and the cutting handle. The good news is that it doesn’t take much effort to use. It can cut through 200 sheets of standard paper (about a 7/8″ stack). This is significantly more than you could ever do with a rotary or guillotine cutter. The cutting blade is made out of authentic German Solingen steel.

Unlike the Intelli-Cut and Triumph cutters, which use nice clear acrylic guards, the Dahle 842 features metal guards designed to keep fingers and hands safe. Dahle’s larger stack cutters feature clear acrylic guards. This is a safe cutter, but I do like the clear guards found on the other stack cutters. For the price, it really won’t affect the end results.

The biggest downside to this cutter is the limited 200 sheet cutting capacity. If you need a Dahle with a bit more cutting oomph, but still has the same cutting width, I recommend upgrading to the Dahle 846 (found here). The Dahle 846 has a 500 sheet cutting capacity, more than double that of the Dahle 842.

I’ll be honest, the Model 842 doesn’t have the finesse of a Triumph or Intelli-Cut paper cutter, but for the price, it is a great alternative. I consider it to be a well-built cutter and I think you’ll be very happy with it.

If you have questions about this stack cutter, or other models we offer, please call us at 1-800-543-5454. We have a lot of experience with stack cutters and would love to answer your questions or provide you with advice. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.


Intelli-Cut Paper Cutting Sticks FAQ

Posted by: James on November 29th, 2012

Intelli-Cut Stack Paper CutterWe recently had a customer that was trying to track down some cutting sticks (found here) for their Intelli-Cut stack paper cutter (found here). What was odd is they seemed to be burning through these things quickly. A cutting stick, which is a type of plastic stick that the cutting blade touches when completing a cut, typically last a long time before it even needs to be rotated let alone replaced. After asking a few questions, I figured out what they were doing.

It ends up the customer didn’t realize that a cutting stick can be rotated. In fact, they didn’t realize this, but a cutting stick can be rotated a total of eight times. This is because the stack paper cutters are designed not to cut into the middle of the stick, but off to the side. This allows you to rotate the stick four times and then turn the cutting stick around and use it four more times. This means a single cutting stick should easily be able to last for months without needing to be changed.

Here is a diagram showing where the blade typically rests in the cutting stick:

Stack Paper Cutter Cutting Stick Rotation Diagram

As you can see from the diagram, you can get a lot of use out of a cutting stick. Changing cutting sticks on Intelli-Cut, Triumph and Dahle stack cutters is very easy. The Intelli-Cut and Triumph stack cutters have a hole on the side of the cutter where you simply pull out the stick and insert a new one. This makes removal, replacement and rotation extremely easy..

So how do you know when your cutting stick needs to be rotated? As a stack cutter makes repeated cuts, the blade rests in the cutting stick. This is designed to protect the blade, maintain a sharp edge and to cut through all the sheets of paper. When a cutting stick begins to be worn, you will often notice that the last page or two will not cut all the way through.

Stack paper cutters are amazing machines. They can be used to cut down stacks of paper, card stock and much more. Some can cut up to as much as 3″ of paper in a single pass. At Office Zone, we have a lot of experience with stack paper cutters, cutting sticks and paper cutter maintenance. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

We are also able to perform repairs and find replacement parts for Dahle, Intelli-Cut, Triumph, Standard and Martin Yale stack cutters. This includes replacement blades, electronics, safety guards and much more. You can contact our service department by calling 1-800-543-5454 x129 or by filling out this form.


Reviewed: MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Triumph 4305 Stack Paper CutterIf you’re looking for a precision paper cutter that is more rugged and can handle cutting thicker stacks of paper than a standard table top paper cutter then you should seriously consider purchasing the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter.

The MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter is built from solid, high quality metal that is designed to hold up for years of use. The design of this manual, high performance paper cutter enables the user to make clean cuts through stacks as thick as 1 1/5 inches. This capacity for clean, heavy duty cuts makes the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter an excellent choice for print shops, in-house design departments and publishing companies and other businesses.

The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is an arm style paper cutter that has some special design features that sets it above other table top paper cutters. The extra-large cutting arm and blade makes cutting through thick stacks of paper require minimal effort. The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter has a spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank so the user can set the paper to a precise cut measurement. It has a 17 inch cutting blade length that enables it to cut through larger sizes of paper, leaving a precise and clean cut as good as an original factory edge.

To operate the MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, the user begins by placing the stack of paper to be sliced on the cutting board. This paper cutter is designed for heavy-duty use and can accommodate a stack of paper almost 2 inches thick. The user adjusts the side guide with measuring scale to match the desired measurement to be cut. For convenience, the lever-activated, fast-action clamp holds the stack of paper in place so there is no shifting during cutting. This is especially important when cutting thicker stacks. One the paper is set and secured the user can make the cut.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a product of MBM Corporation, Inc. Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation has produced world-class equipment for the graphics and printing industries for 75 years. According to their website, MBM has used innovative thinking and exhaustive research and development to design and build all their products.

There is a lot to like about the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter that makes it a good purchase option. The fact that it can cut through stacks of paper repetitively without breaking the user’s back or wearing out the user’s arms is a big plus. The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter features a safety cutting system that includes transparent front and rear safety guards the cutting edge of blade to prevent injury. The blade also stays covered when it is being changed to a new one.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a good, affordable option for print shops, publishing houses, churches, schools, scrap book and craft stores, manufactures, colleges and large businesses.

You can purchase the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, along with the rest of the MBM catalog of paper cutting equipment at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of stack paper cutters here.


Reviewed: Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter

Posted by: James on August 26th, 2011

Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper CutterPrecision paper cutting is of extreme importance to print shops, in-house design departments and publishing companies.  No one wants the edges of their books, magazines, flyers, or print marketing pieces to look like they were sliced by a drunken samurai with a dull sword. That’s why the Dahle 858 stack paper cutter is a good choice for any business that involves slicing think volumes of paper.

The Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter is a guillotine style paper cutter.  The off-with-their-heads style action of the Dahle 858 paper cutter makes it more practical and efficient for slicing thick reams of paper. Arm or rolling style paper cutters tend to make more jagged cuts on thicker stacks. The design of the Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter makes the guillotine paper cutting action very easy and requires little force or effort. It also has user convenience features that ensure that cuts will be as precise and clean as the original factory edge.

To operate the Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter, the user begins by placing the stack of paper to be sliced on the cutting board. This paper cutter is designed for heavy-duty use and can accommodate a stack of paper 700 sheets thick. The user then adjusts the paper on the board to match the desired measurement that will be cut. For convenience, the scale bar used for measuring the length of the cut shows both inches and centimeters. The Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter has an automatic cutting system that will securely hold the stack of paper to prevent shifting during the cutting process. The user will then pull down on the ergonomically correct handle to bring down the blade and make the cut.

The Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter has several features that make it a cut above other heavy duty paper cutting machines. Prior to user pulling the cutting lever, a laser targeting light is projected on the paper to show the exact spot the blade will touch the paper. This effectively prevents any crooked cuts and ensures precision edges.  The ergonomic handle is designed to reduce fatigue and minimize the exertion needed to cut through thicker stacks of paper.  There is also a built in safety cover that prevents potential injuries.

The 858 Paper Cutter is a product of Dahle North America, Inc. a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of business machines and office products. According to their website, Dahle has been developing and manufacturing quality and durable office equipment using cutting edge technology since 1930, and is one of the top office equipment manufacturers in the world. And based there their track record they seem to know what they’re doing.

There is a lot to like about the Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter that makes it a good purchase option. The fact that it can cut through bricks of paper repetitively without breaking the user’s back or wearing out the user’s arms is a big plus. The built in electronic console that verifies each step of the cutting process is also a convenient touch the maker added. And after you’ve used the laser cutting guide you’ll never know how you went without it.  It’s recommended that purchasers also get the optional floor stand for better performance and stability.

You can purchase the Dahle 858 Stack Paper Cutter at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of stack paper cutters here.


Advice on Paper Trimmer Models for Booklets

Posted by: Morgan on March 25th, 2011

Intelli-Cut 550MS Electric Stack Paper CutterQuestion


I am researching paper cutters/trimmers. I am hoping you can give me some advice on product selection? I have two different tasks, maybe one cutter/trimmer can do both? We have a medium-volume color laser printer that can do saddle-stitched booklets. We would like a machine that could trim the 1/4″ margins off three sides after they were printed and bound. Also, we sometimes would like to trim flyers, etc. into 1/2 page (8-1/2′ x 5-1/2″), 1/3 page, 1/4 page etc in small quantities up to about 3,000 sheets or so. We don’t need 3,000 sheets in one cut, just want to do them faster & easier than our manual, guillotine-style cutter.


John F.


We highly recommend the Intelli-Cut 550MS Electric Stack Paper Cutter. This cutter was specifically designed to tackle large cutting jobs such as yours. The model 550MS handles thick stacks of paper with ease, yet will execute accurate trimming strokes as well. It can cut through sizeable quantities of standard paper, card stock and chipboard. This paper cutter is made from durable metal components and includes a long-lasting cutting blade that stays sharp for a long time.


Looking for Stack Paper Cutter Under $800

Posted by: Morgan on February 22nd, 2011

Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper CutterQuestion

I would like a recommendation for a manual stack cutter under $800. I am in the stationery business and currently own a QCM 8200, which I am unhappy with.

I need to know which of your cutters is the most precise, as I am a perfectionist. I need STRAIGHT cuts to exact measurement. Would prefer a self sharpening blade if possible. I need it to cut 100# cardstock 20-50 sheets at a time.

I also would like it to be easy to use.

Wondering if the GBC ClassicCut Guillotine Paper Trimmer CL800pro fulfills my requirements?

Thank you for your time.

The problem I had with the QCM is that it is not a perfect square. I had to align the backstop ruler manually and the side gauge is totally useless since it is not a perfect square when screwed in. Also the cuts are about 1/8\” off if you go by the ruler guides.

Yesenia A.


Unfortunately you will not find a stack paper cutter under $800 that will meet all of your stated cutting requirements. One simply does not exist. However, for a slightly higher investment we recommend the Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper Cutter. This is a precise stack cutter with several high-end features.

The Guillomax stack cutter is a guillotine-style cutter capable of slicing 800 sheets of paper in half with a single stroke of the blade. The GuilloMax Plus is easy to set up and operate. It also has a laser guide for added cutting precision. Its wheel-driven paper clamp holds a stack of paper firmly in place, thus eliminating most cutting slips and errors.


Is the Triumph 5550-EP Paper Cutter Professional Grade?

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

MBM Triumph 5550-EP Hydraulic Stack CutterQuestion


What is the availability and the price of the 5550-EP Programmable Hydraulic Cutter. We would like to be able to cut paper of a professional grade. We need to able to cut at least heavy stock 11”x 17” and regular paper is this possible on this particular machine?

Thank you,

Alexis J.


The MBM Triumph 5550-EP programmable automatic paper cutter is in stock and ready to ship. The cost is just under $13,000. The 5550-EP is a professional-grade cutter. It can perform up to 26 cuts per minute, and easily slice through stacks of paper up to 3-5/8″ in thickness. It will handle your 11″ x 17″ heavy stock paper and more.

The 5550-EP programmable cutter features a wide variety of adjustments for exact positioning of papers that need to be cut. Its hydraulic clamping pressure mechanism is adjustable to ensure consistent pressure along the edge of the paper stack to be cut. This machine features a foot pedal for pre-pressing and a handy cutting line indicator.


Does the Dahle 858 Stack Cutter Have a Paper Clamp?

Posted by: Morgan on August 13th, 2010

Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper CutterQuestion

I have a Dahle 858 cutter and am looking for an attachment that will hold multi page booklets in place without slipping. Do you carry these?

Bill K.


How thick are your multi-page booklets? And what kind of paper are you using? The Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper Cutter can slice through 700 sheets of paper at a time — almost a ream and a half of paper! That’s quite a lot for a manual stack cutter. The model 858 can cut paper up to 18-5/8-inches wide too. The actual cutting action with the model 858 doesn’t take a lot of effort; however, we have found that Triumph cutters are comparatively easier to use.

The automatic paper clamp in this cutter is quite a bit different from clamping devices that we have tested at Office Zone in the past. Most high-end stack cutters have a separately operated clamping mechanism that holds the paper in place before cutting. The Dahle 858’s clamp and cutter are simultaneously activated by using the cutting handle. The clamp, although unusual from our point of view, seemed to hold the paper in place just fine while cutting various sizes and thicknesses of paper. The manufacturer does not provide a separate attachment to hold paper in place.