Reviewed: Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding MachineIf you organization sends out fliers, mailers, invoices, statements or any kind of business correspondence then you need a paper folder.  Those documents aren’t going to fold themselves to fit in the envelope, and why would you want to waste valuable labor hours paying a bunch of minimum wage employees to fold them slowly by hand? The Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder is an excellent choice for companies that would rather have one employee folding thousands of sheets an hour than several employees folding hundreds of sheets per hour. The Tamerica TPF-42 paper folder can handle rapidly folding large stacks of paper into every common type of paper fold.

The Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder has a high folding capacity, can be set to produce custom folds and is the easiest paper folder on the market to set up. These ease-of-use features makes the Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder a top choice among banks, brokerages, law offices, investment houses, credit unions, insurance companies, churches, schools, print shops, government agencies, publishers, direct mail marketers and other organizations that send out thousands of sheets of paper throughout the month.

The Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine is a friction style folder that automatically feeds the paper through using a friction roller and conveyor system. The Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder can handle a wide range of bond paper ranging from 12# to 60#. Along with custom folds, this paper folder can do single, letter, Z, double parallel, half accordion, and gate folds. The Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder is a high output machine that has variable speeds so you can adjust the folding speed based on the size of your stack. It has a maximum folding speed of 8,000 sheets per hour. It would take dozens of grumbling employees to match that output.

The TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine is the product of made by Tamerica Products Incorporated, located in California. For almost 30 years, Tamerica Products Incorporated has been manufacturing and distributing top quality office equipment, including paper folders, binding machines, laminating equipment and other office supplies. According to their website, Tamerica Products Incorporate takes pride in providing quality products and honest customer service to its customers.

The setting controls on the Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folder are designed for easy adjustment. It has an auto jam detector and auto shut off sensor. This is a high volume paper folder that has a feed tray able to hold a 500 sheet stack of paper. It has a test sheet button that enables the user to try out a test fold before beginning the full stack.  This eliminates incorrect folds that don’t line up correctly in windowed envelopes. The only downside of the Tamerica TPF-42 is the shortcoming that afflicts all friction-style paper folders. It shouldn’t be used to fold glossy paper. If you’re in a business that uses a lot of slick, shiny paper then you’d be better off with a suction-feed paper folder.

You can get the best price on a Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine, along with other office equipment, at Office Zone.  You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of paper folding machines here.


Looking for Stack Paper Cutter Under $800

Posted by: Morgan on February 22nd, 2011

Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper CutterQuestion

I would like a recommendation for a manual stack cutter under $800. I am in the stationery business and currently own a QCM 8200, which I am unhappy with.

I need to know which of your cutters is the most precise, as I am a perfectionist. I need STRAIGHT cuts to exact measurement. Would prefer a self sharpening blade if possible. I need it to cut 100# cardstock 20-50 sheets at a time.

I also would like it to be easy to use.

Wondering if the GBC ClassicCut Guillotine Paper Trimmer CL800pro fulfills my requirements?

Thank you for your time.

The problem I had with the QCM is that it is not a perfect square. I had to align the backstop ruler manually and the side gauge is totally useless since it is not a perfect square when screwed in. Also the cuts are about 1/8\” off if you go by the ruler guides.

Yesenia A.


Unfortunately you will not find a stack paper cutter under $800 that will meet all of your stated cutting requirements. One simply does not exist. However, for a slightly higher investment we recommend the Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper Cutter. This is a precise stack cutter with several high-end features.

The Guillomax stack cutter is a guillotine-style cutter capable of slicing 800 sheets of paper in half with a single stroke of the blade. The GuilloMax Plus is easy to set up and operate. It also has a laser guide for added cutting precision. Its wheel-driven paper clamp holds a stack of paper firmly in place, thus eliminating most cutting slips and errors.


Can you Adjust Hole Punching on GBC C340 Precision Punch Bind Machine?

Posted by: Morgan on January 19th, 2011

Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind MachineQuestion


I want to ask you if the “GBC C340 Precision Punch And Bind Machine” the punching method is Manual?
Can I change the punching method of this machine? I want 20 holes in stead of 21.

I hope I get an answer soon!




Yes, the punching method for that machine is manual. However, you cannot change the number of holes punched with GBC C340. We recommend the Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind Machine. It does not punch as many sheets at a time, but the 213-PB Plus 3 will let you manually adjust the number of holes you want to punch.

You can also bind with either double loop wire or plastic comb with this 2-in-1 combination binding machine. The binding punch has 21 disengaging punching dies and can handle up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. This model has a added bonus feature with its 3-hole paper punch. The Tahsin 213-PB can handle plastic comb binding of up to two inches in size (425 sheets of standard 20 pound paper).


Need to Fold 8.5″ x 11″ Sheets Twice

Posted by: Morgan on December 14th, 2010

Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding MachineQuestion

I need 8.5 x 11 sheets folded twice to 1/4 size of original.

Very small quantities. 200 per day.

What are my options?

Thank you

Randy W.


We highly recommend the Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine. This model will fold your 8.5″ x 11″ sheets down to a quarter size of the original. This is called a cross-fold, or right-angle fold. A cross-fold paper fold can only be executed by a few select models, and the TPF-42 paper folder is one of them.

The TPF-42 not only creates some of the most common paper folds used today, but it can also be adjusted to create a wide variety of custom folds as well. The TPF-42 comes complete with a weighted stacking wheel system that ensures half-folded pages are accurately processed when run through the machine a second time.

This paper folder is fast, highly accurate, and one of the easiest manual set-up paper folders available on the market today. The Tamerica TPF-42 paper folding machine is comparable to the MBM 207M (a model that requires a much more significant investment) in both design and operation.


What are 10-up and 12-up Business Card Cutters?

Posted by: Morgan on March 22nd, 2010


What is the difference between a 10-up and 12-up business card cutter? How are the business cards made?


The difference between a 10-up and 12-up business card cutter is the design layout. A 10-up design lets you print 10 business cards on an 8-1/2 x Business Card Cutter11-inch sheet of paper, where a 12-up design will produce 12. Although most of the higher end business card cutters can handle both layouts, some are designed to specifically cut one format or the other. Be sure you find out the type you will be printing before purchasing a business card cutter.

Once your business cards are printed, cutting them is simple. The printed sheet is inserted into the cutter on the back side where it is sliced down the center. The two halves are then re-inserted into the business card cutter where the final cuts are made. We also have a a video demo of a manually operated business card cutter on our Web site.


Need to Laminate Photos Back to Back

Posted by: Morgan on March 11th, 2010


I need to laminate 2 photos together, back to back. What type of glue or double side tape would you recommend? I need to cut the photos along the edge.

Wayne M.


You can actually laminate photos back to back without the aid of glue or tape. A nice thing about lamination pouches is the inside of the pouch is Tahsin TCC 6000 Photo Pouch Laminatorsomewhat tacky. That’s because the film has the glue on the inside of the pouch. This makes it easy to place an item inside before laminating and not worrying if will move during the laminating process.

We recommend the Tahsin TCC 6000 Photo Pouch Laminator for your application. This is a continuous use, heavy-duty model designed especially for laminating photos. It encapsulates photos and digital images without all of those annoying resulting bubbles, often found in the film after it’s passed through the machine. The advanced hot roller system in the TCC 6000, and the adjustable speed controls, ensure quality and trouble-free operation. The TCC 6000 also includes a handy reverse function for backing out mis-feeds and jammed items.

You mentioned that you wanted to trim the photos. You can find a wide selection of rotary paper trimmers and cutters on our site.