How Does the Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 Signature Capture Pad Work?

Posted by: Morgan on April 29th, 2011

Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 Signature Capture PadQuestion

Topaz SigLite 1 X 5 (SL Series) Signature Capture Tablet. How does this device work? Can it plug into a computer and as signatures are written onto the device, it will save onto the computer? What type of file are the signatures saved as?

Arica R.


The Topaz SigLite 1X5 T-S460 signature capture pad digitally captures signatures for a variety of applications. This particular signature pad may be integrated with software such as Microsoft Office, MS Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs and Internet applications. Signature capture pads can be used to sign contracts, forms etc. Signatures are digitally captured and stored in an image file format.

The SigLite 1X5 T-S460 is available in a serial port or USB model. The serial port versions will eventually be phased out by Topaz since USB is the popular computer connection in the industry. The SigLite 1X5 is typically used by banks and credit unions, retailers, insurance agents, government agencies, loan and leasing services, pharmacies, application service providers, human resource departments and more.


Need Customer Signature Device Instead of Paper

Posted by: Morgan on February 7th, 2011

Siglite SL 1x5 Signature Capture PadQuestion

I require a signature device which customers can sign on and it will save on the computer instead of printing the paper and then sign. Do you have something to offer please?

Jimmy V.


Yes, we do. Electronic signatures devices not only save valuable resources like paper, they also help you capture and safely store a customer’s legally binding signature. Office Zone offers a wide selection of signature capture pads and pen tablets for electronically capturing customer signatures. Most of our customers use their signature pads in a wide variety of retail stores and offices.

Most of our Topaz pen tablet pad models are highly versatile and may be used with a wide assortment of software. Office Zone also has an extensive listing of plug-ins, development tools, drivers and open-source signature capture software that make integration of with your existing computer programs a simple task.