Reviewed: MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter

Posted by: James on September 15th, 2011

Triumph 4305 Stack Paper CutterIf you’re looking for a precision paper cutter that is more rugged and can handle cutting thicker stacks of paper than a standard table top paper cutter then you should seriously consider purchasing the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter.

The MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter is built from solid, high quality metal that is designed to hold up for years of use. The design of this manual, high performance paper cutter enables the user to make clean cuts through stacks as thick as 1 1/5 inches. This capacity for clean, heavy duty cuts makes the MBM Triumph 4305 stack paper cutter an excellent choice for print shops, in-house design departments and publishing companies and other businesses.

The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is an arm style paper cutter that has some special design features that sets it above other table top paper cutters. The extra-large cutting arm and blade makes cutting through thick stacks of paper require minimal effort. The MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter has a spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank so the user can set the paper to a precise cut measurement. It has a 17 inch cutting blade length that enables it to cut through larger sizes of paper, leaving a precise and clean cut as good as an original factory edge.

To operate the MBM Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, the user begins by placing the stack of paper to be sliced on the cutting board. This paper cutter is designed for heavy-duty use and can accommodate a stack of paper almost 2 inches thick. The user adjusts the side guide with measuring scale to match the desired measurement to be cut. For convenience, the lever-activated, fast-action clamp holds the stack of paper in place so there is no shifting during cutting. This is especially important when cutting thicker stacks. One the paper is set and secured the user can make the cut.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a product of MBM Corporation, Inc. Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation has produced world-class equipment for the graphics and printing industries for 75 years. According to their website, MBM has used innovative thinking and exhaustive research and development to design and build all their products.

There is a lot to like about the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter that makes it a good purchase option. The fact that it can cut through stacks of paper repetitively without breaking the user’s back or wearing out the user’s arms is a big plus. The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter features a safety cutting system that includes transparent front and rear safety guards the cutting edge of blade to prevent injury. The blade also stays covered when it is being changed to a new one.

The Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter is a good, affordable option for print shops, publishing houses, churches, schools, scrap book and craft stores, manufactures, colleges and large businesses.

You can purchase the Triumph 4305 Stack Paper Cutter, along with the rest of the MBM catalog of paper cutting equipment at Office Zone. You can find Office Zone’s entire selection of stack paper cutters here.


Is the Triumph 5550-EP Paper Cutter Professional Grade?

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

MBM Triumph 5550-EP Hydraulic Stack CutterQuestion


What is the availability and the price of the 5550-EP Programmable Hydraulic Cutter. We would like to be able to cut paper of a professional grade. We need to able to cut at least heavy stock 11”x 17” and regular paper is this possible on this particular machine?

Thank you,

Alexis J.


The MBM Triumph 5550-EP programmable automatic paper cutter is in stock and ready to ship. The cost is just under $13,000. The 5550-EP is a professional-grade cutter. It can perform up to 26 cuts per minute, and easily slice through stacks of paper up to 3-5/8″ in thickness. It will handle your 11″ x 17″ heavy stock paper and more.

The 5550-EP programmable cutter features a wide variety of adjustments for exact positioning of papers that need to be cut. Its hydraulic clamping pressure mechanism is adjustable to ensure consistent pressure along the edge of the paper stack to be cut. This machine features a foot pedal for pre-pressing and a handy cutting line indicator.