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Forms Bursters, Paper Collators, Paper Joggers & More!

We offer a great selection of high-end office equipment designed to make your office run more smoothly and save you money. This includes paper folding machines, collators, forms bursters, paper joggers and much more. Our products are made from high-quality components and are available to you at discounted prices. Our prices are low, shipping is fast and our customer service is unmatched. Buy your paper handling office equipment from Office Zone today!

Paper Cutters and Trimmers

Paper Cutters and Trimmers Back Support Belts

Paper cutters and trimmers are widely used and can be found in most businesses, schools, churches an... Read More +

Paper Joggers

Paper Joggers Back Support Belts

Paper joggers are used in mailrooms and remittance departments to square unorganized stacks of paper... Read More +

Booklet Makers

Booklet Makers Back Support Belts

A booklet maker book binder is an ideal solution for easily making reports, pamphlets, newsletters, ... Read More +

Corner Rounders / Corner Rounding

Corner Rounders / Corner Rounding Back Support Belts

Sharp corners getting in the way? Are you sick of bland, square documents? Corner rounders are easy ... Read More +

Paper Folding Machines

Paper Folding Machines Back Support Belts

Paper folding machines are economical tools for folding large amounts of statements correspondence, ... Read More +

Form Bursters

Form Bursters Back Support Belts

Forms bursters & document bursters, also known as paper bursters, are used to separate perforated an... Read More +

Paper Drills

Paper Drills Back Support Belts

Paper drills, much like a wood drill, use a specially designed drill bit to drill through hundreds o... Read More +

Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders Back Support Belts

Paper shredders are a staple in any office. Shredders destroy sensitive or confidential documents th... Read More +

Paper Hole Punches

Paper Hole Punches Back Support Belts

We have manual and electric paper hole punches for all your basic binding needs. Whether you punch a... Read More +

Paper Collators

Paper Collators Back Support Belts

Collators sort stacks of paper as they exit copiers and printers. Collators are more efficient and c... Read More +


Decollators Back Support Belts

Office Zone has several high-quality decollators designed to make your job easier. Decollators take ... Read More +

Paper Counters

Paper Counters Back Support Belts

Paper counters measure the amount of paper in a stack, then tags the sheet at the specified number. ... Read More +

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