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Freestanding Projector Screens

If you are using an overhead projector for teaching purposes or if you simply need a good screen for your home or business needs, you are going to love our selection of high-quality projector screens. These screens are designed to take light and reflect it back in a way that produces high-end results. This is a huge improvement over simply projecting onto a white wall. Our projector screens are designed to be portable, yet sturdy. We offer a broad range of sizes, depending on the room where you will be using the screen and what it will be use for. Our projector screens have been used with overhead projectors, movie projectors, slide projectors and more. We offer guaranteed low prices on our entire selection. Buy your projector screen from Office Zone today!

Projector Screens
CineFold Portable Projector Screen
CineFold Portable Projector Screen
This is a customer preferred product because of its track record and reliability.
  • Versatility, rugged construction, and ease of assembly make Cinefold the finest traveling projection screen.
  • Flexible matte white front projection surface reflect crisp, bright images with excellent color reproduction.
  • Lightly embossed for uniform light distribution over an extremely broad viewing angle.
  • All surfaces bordered in black, with snaps set on nominal 6" centers.
  • Washable with mild soap and water.
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