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Renz ECO-E - Electric Punch Manual Wire Bind Machine - High Volume

Renz ECO-E Wire Binder

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Renz ECO-E - Electric Punch Manual Wire Bind Machine

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Condition: New
Warranty: 1 year, Limited

Price: $3,455
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  • Punching pattern is a 3.5mm x 5.5mm rectangular hole.
  • 2:1 pitch for up to 1-1/4" thick.
  • Dies are disengaging.
  • Punches up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. bond. Binds up to 230 sheets of 20 lb. bond.
  • Available Workstation with wheels.
  • Adjustable paper edge guide.
  • Combination Punch and bind machine.
  • Built-in binding table. Vertical punching.
  • Adjustable to any paper size up to 13".
  • Features electric punch and manual bind.
  • Ships Via Truck


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Product Description

With disengaging dies and vertical punching the Renz ECO-E 2:1 wire-binding machine can punch up to 30 sheets of 20 # paper at a time. The ECO-E is built for high volume binding applications and can bind up to 1 ¼" (230 sheets of standard 20 # paper). Office Zone has excellent customer service, secure online shopping, and guaranteed low prices. Order your Renz ECO-E Wire Binding Machine with confidence today.

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  • Renz ECO-E - Electric Punch Manual Wire Bind Machine Specifications:

    Renz ECO-E - Electric Punch Manual Wire Bind Machine - High Volume
    Measurements 20" x 22" x 10"
    508 mm x 559 mm x 254 mm
    Maximum Binding Size 1 1/4" (230 sheets)
    Number of Rings Up to 23 rings
    Power 110V 60 Hz
    Adjustable Edge Distance Yes
    Maximum Page Size Up to 13 1/2"
    Disengaging Punch Pins Yes
    Warranty 1 year, Limited
    Packaged Weight 99 lbs. (44.9 kg.)
    Must Ship Via Truck
    Punching Thickness 30 sheets
    Item Number EECOEBINW

    Product Overview:

    There are many book binding machines that claim to be heavy-duty, but prematurely wear out when put to the test. Thankfully there are other heavy-duty units, such as the Renz ECO-E binding machine, that was specially designed to for long term performance and endurance. The ECO-E book binding machine is a sound office equipment investment that has the potential to play a key part in a business development strategy, particularly for a business that distributes a lot of hard-copy guides, reports, manuals or marketing collateral.

    This output focused machine has the capacity to bind books that are 240 pages thick. Along with being a high-production unit, the Renz ECO-E binding machine has a few key design features that will help reduce longterm wear. The key wear-reduction feature is a fan that keeps the powerful motor cooled so it won’t overheat during extended periods of use. This makes the ECO-E particularly appealing to copy shops and other high-volume producers. Its frame is made from heavy-gauge metal which further enhances the durability of the binding machine and makes it easier to maintain.

    The Renz ECO-E is a twin-loop wire style binding machine that combines an electric powered punch with a manual wire inserter and closer. This two-in-one design approach helps to increase the overall output of the machine operator. After the pages have been placed in the hole-punch area, the binding machine operator will use the convenient foot pedal to activate the hole-punch. As the operator is pressing down on the lever, he or she will simultaneously be able to complete by binding process by using the manual inserter and closer on a previously punched stack. The option to concurrently punch, bind and close will be a real time saver when completing large volume jobs.

    The paper punching unit on the Renz ECO-E book binding machine uses 26 punch dies to pierce the pages for the binding wire. The small rectangular holes created by the dies are set at a 2:1 pitch ratio along the margin. Each punch die is able to be disengaged so the operator can customize the machine to accommodate varying binding project sizes. In keeping with the construction focus of heavy-use, the dies on this book binding machine are easily able to penetrate through 30 sheet stacks of 20 lb. bond paper in one second!

    As good as strength is, the book binding machine also has a focus on quality. To reduce the potential for operator error or sloppy output during the binding process, the Renz ECO-E is equipped with an adjustable paper edge guide for accurate punches; and a book thickness gauge, a wire size gauge, a wire holder, and an easy-adjust closer. These tools enable the operator to complete the binding process efficiently and accurately.

    The ECO-E Binding Machine is produced by Renz America Company. Located in Massachusetts, Renz is renowned for their state of the art punching, binding and laminating systems from desktop to high output automated equipment, as well as double loop Ring Wire, plastic spirals, plastic combs and many other accessories.

    The Renz ECO-E is a solidly constructed work horse of a binding machine. It is no surprise that this is a popular model among buyers that want quality, dependability and production. Buy yours today.
    If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.

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