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Rotary Paper Cutter & Trimmer FAQ

Carl Paper Cutter Formax FD-6302 Rotary Trimmers Rotatrim Paper Cutters Rollablade Trimmer Keencut Paper Cutters


Why use a rotary paper cutter over a traditional arm cutter?

Rotary paper cutters are best known for their precision. Because there is little movement in the paper trimmer itself, and due to the design of the rail system, these cutters are especially popular for cutting photographs.

Does it matter if my rotary cutter has one or two bars?

The more bars the more stable the rotary paper cutter will be. Rotatrim, and other manufacturers, utilize two bars to keep the cutting head as stable as possible. You will also see some models utilize a square bar instead of a round bar for added stability.

What are some of the biggest differences between different models of rotary paper cutters & trimmers?

As previously mentioned, some cutters have two bars versus one. Some rotary cutters also have replaceable cutting heads that use a patterned cutting wheel for scrapbooking purposes.

Some of the higher end models even have electric motors, to help speed up the cutting process.

What is a self-sharpening blade?

Some rotary cutter models claim to have self-sharpening blades. The idea behind this is a metal strip on the base of the cutter that the round rotary cutting wheel rubs against as paper is cut. Due to the friction between the cutting wheel and the metal strip, the blade is supposed to last longer.

Do all rotary cutters use round blades?

The majority of rotary paper cutters and trimmers use a round rotating blade. Some entry-level cutters, however, use a single "razor blade" style cutting head. The single blade is stationary and cuts through the paper as force is put on the cutting head. The downside to these types of paper cutters is that the cut is not as straight as a round blade and as the straight blade becomes dull it will begin to tear the paper.

Neolt Rotary Paper Cutters

Is it hard to replace the cutting head?

Most rotary paper trimmers & cutters are easy to keep operational. Changing the cutting wheel, by removing the cutting head, usually only requires the removal of a few screws. We sell replacement parts for most of our rotary cutters. I always recommend replacing parts on the cutter before resorting to buying a new cutter.

Which brand is the best?

It really depends on what you need to do. For mid to high volume cutting, I have had a lot of good luck with Rotatrim and Neolt. For entry-level cutting, I have had good luck with Carl and Dahle. All brands and models we sell are great products, as long as they are used the way they are intended to be used.

Do rotary cutters only cut paper?

Most rotary paper cutters are designed to only cut paper. Some higher-end cutters can be used to cut soft aluminum, fabric, plastic and more. Read through the features and specifications of the cutter to determine whether it can cut material other than paper.