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Shrink Wrap Film & Parts

Keep your shrink wrap machine up and running with shrink film, shrink bags, shrink wrap supplies and machine parts from Office Zone. We have a great selection of shrink wrap film that can be used to package CDs, DVDs, software boxes and other packaging. Our film includes PVC and Polyolefin. We also have a great selection of Teflon tape, wire, spring and fuses to keep your existing machines up and running. Order your shrink wrap film, packaging and supplies today!

PVC Centerfold Shrink Wrap

PVC Centerfold Shrink Wrap Back Support Belts

The most common and least expensive shrink wrap film on the market is PVC film. . It is great for in... Read More +

Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Wrap

Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Wrap Back Support Belts

One of the fastest growing types of shrink wrap film is Polyolefin film. It is popular due to its du... Read More +

Shrinkwrap Replacement Parts

Shrinkwrap Replacement Parts Back Support Belts

We have a wide selection of shrink wrap parts and accessories for most of your shrink wrap machines.... Read More +

Square PVC Clear Shrink Wrap Bags

Square PVC Clear Shrink Wrap Bags Back Support Belts

We offer great prices and 6 different sizes of square heat shrink bags. These bags seal clear, featu... Read More +

Resealable Bags

Resealable Bags Back Support Belts

Our great selection of BOPP resealable bags provide you with a high quality and professional packagi... Read More +

Zip Lock Pouches

Zip Lock Pouches Back Support Belts

If you are in need of a low cost solution for packaging dry goods (i.e. cookies, candies, nuts, etc.... Read More +

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