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Form Cutter / Paper Slitter / Cut Sheet Cutters

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If you need to customize your documents, slit paper or create your own coupons or tickets, you may want to use an automated paper slitter. Paper slitters and forms cutters are designed to cut paper quickly and precisely in a variety of sizes. They help streamline the process of creating mailers, brochures, pamphlets, tickets, coupons and other material. We have a variety of paper slitters from Martin Yale, Duplo and more. These slitters use special cutting wheels that can be easily adjusted to accommodate custom slitting projects. Most of these machines will handle several dozen feet of paper per minute. Take a look at our wide selection. Remember that we have a low-price guarantee on all our cut sheet cutters, slitters and form cutters. Order your paper slitter or forms cutter today!

Paper Slitters
Martin Yale Model CDS200
Martin Yale Model CDS200
  • Measurements : 10.5" x 15" x 6"
  • Power : 115VAC, Standard Plug
  • Speed : up to 4200 sheets per hour
  • Item Number : CDS200CUTE,
  • Warranty : 90-day warranty, does not include consumable parts, labor, and shipping.
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