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Slot Punches Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

General Questions:

What are slot punches?
Slot punches are made to punch holes for badge clips. Lanyards and badge reels can be inserted through the punched holes.

How many can I punch at one time?
This depends on the slot punch you are using. Hand held slot punches are designed to punch one card or item at a time. However, you may be able to do two or three at one time, depending on the thickness of the material you are punching. Some heavier-duty slot punches are capable of punching several card at a time.

What type of maintenance is required with a slot punch?
No maintenance is required.

What kind of hole and size does a slot punch give?
The slot punches produce an oblong-round hole. The dimensions of the hole are 1/8 inch x 1/2 inch.

How far into the margin does the slot machine punch?
The slot machine punches the material at a margin of 1/2". Some heavy-duty slot punches can be custom built for special punching requirements. Most slot punches include an adjustable guide.

What is the difference between a slot punch and a paper punch?
Slot punches and paper punches are very similar in purpose. The biggest difference is the style of the hole. A slot punch punches an oblong hole where a standard hole punch punches a round hole.

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