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Heavy Duty Staplers

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We carry a wide variety of staplers and stitchers. Hand held staplers are great for keeping loose documents together while electric staplers can make stapling documents easy and fast. Many of our staplers can be used for saddle stapling. Saddle staplers are great for stapling booklets or pamphlets.

Stapler Supplies & Accessoriess

Stapler Supplies & Accessoriess Back Support Belts

Stapling accessories help assist you in your daily job and office environment. Our stapler supplies ... Read More +


Stitchers Back Support Belts

Stitchers use metal thread to quickly bind paper together. Stitchers are widely used for binding boo... Read More +

Electric Staplers

Electric Staplers Back Support Belts

Electric staplers quickly staple paper in seconds. Because they use an electric motor, stapling time... Read More +

Personal Staplers

Personal Staplers Back Support Belts

Handheld staplers are typically used at desks and are ideal for occasional stapling jobs. They can b... Read More +

Commercial Staplers

Commercial Staplers Back Support Belts

Commercial heavy-duty staplers allow you to keep large stacks of paper together without clumsy paper... Read More +

Saddle Staplers

Saddle Staplers Back Support Belts

Quickly create booklets and brochures with your own saddle stapler. Saddle staplers take paper and s... Read More +

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