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SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Kit  from AmpliVox

SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Kit

SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Kit from AmpliVox


Condition: New
Warranty: 6 Years Electronics

Price: $1,186
Retail: $1,898
(Savings $712)



  • 50W multimedia stereo amplifier with built in 16 Channel UHF wireless receiver
  • Includes SW610A, 3 extra horn speakers with 40 ft. cable, 2 Heavy Duty tripods (adjust 44" -84"), rugged nylon carrying case with wheels and retractable luggage handle
  • Weatherproof reverberant horn speaker carries sound across several youth sports athletic fields
  • Wireless lapel mic and headset mic with body pack transmitter
  • Optional Rechargeable S1465 Nicad Battery Pack (requires S1460)
  • Wireless Half Mile Hailer Kit with Carrying Case & Heavy Duty Tripods
  • Power with optional S1460 AC adapter or power up to 200 hours with 10 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included);
  • SW662
  • Outdoors! Covers crowds beyond length of a football field
  • Dual Wireless Capability: 2 presenters can be wireless with optional 2nd wireless mic kit.


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Product Description

Wireless Quad Half-Mile Hailer Kit covers an area beyond the length of as football field; covers several youth sports athletic fields. Powerful PA reverberant horn delivers 108dB sound pressure level over the 450Hz - 4kHz audio range. Includes the SW610A Wireless Half-Mile Hailer plus 3 extra horn speakers, two Heavy Duty tripods, and a rugged carrying case on wheels with luggage handle. Your audience can hear loud and clear while you direct the action! Great for athletic events band practice field days public safety law enforcement outdoor marketing events crowd control auctioneers political campaigns missionaries - any outdoor event.

SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Kit from AmpliVox Specifications:

SW662 Half-Mile Hailer Kit from AmpliVox
Packaged Weight 65 lbs.
Warranty 6 Years Electronics
Item Number SW662AMPE
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