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Tamerica TPF-42

TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine by Tamerica

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  • A digital readout makes it easy to see how many sheets are being folded.
  • Features a variable speed control.
  • Comparable to the MBM 207M folding machine.
  • A powered exit conveyor helps paper neatly stacked and organized.
  • Three friction rollers help evenly and precisely pull paper in, ensuring a clean and crisp fold.
  • Simple sliding setup design makes selecting and setting folds easy.
  • This folder is designed to produce highly professional results.
  • A test button lets you test a fold to make sure everything is set up correctly.


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Product Description

If you need to fold paper in a C, Z, single or gate fold, consider using the Tamerica TPF-42 paper folder. This paper folder not only creates the most common folds used today, but it can also be used to create a wide variety of custom folds. This paper folders is very fast, very accurate and one of the easiest manual-setup paper folders available today! This paper is comparable to the MBM 207M in both its look and operation. The Tamerica TPF-42 is fairly compact and can be used on most tables or desks. Buy yours today!

Tamerica TPF-42 Folding Machine Review
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TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine by Tamerica Specifications:

TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine by Tamerica
Power Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz
Accepted Paper Types Non-Glossy Finish
Page Counter Yes (4 digit)
Setup Manual
Accepted Paper Sizes 3.5" x 5" (B7) to 11" x 17" (A3)
B7 size is for single fold only
B6 size cannot be folded into gate
Fold Types Single (folding twice), Letter, Z (accordion), Double Parallel, Half Accordion (Fold-out), Gate
Additional Features Adjustable Speed Control, Batch Folding
Paper Feed Automatic
Dimensions (D,W,H) 32" x 20" x 19" (813 x 508 x 483 mm)
Input Capacity 500 sheets
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Accepted Paper Weights 12# to 60#, 45-220gsm (up to 135gsm for single folding)
Folding Speed Up to 8,000 sheets/hr. (A4 single folding)
Packaged Weight 88 lbs. (40 kg.)
Must Ship Via Truck
Volume Rating High
Item Number TPF42FOLE

Product Overview:

Paper folding machines are remarkably inventions of the 20th century. They took what used to take hours and changed that to minutes. Over the past three decades paper folding machines have come a long way. The Tamerica TPF-42 is a great example of some of the most recent advancements in paper folding technology. Here are a few reasons why.

One of the biggest complaints many people have regarding folding machines is the amount of time they take to set up and the inaccuracy and poor skew of the folds. Setting up folding machines of the past required the operator to loosen thumb screws and manually slide the folding plates back and fort and then re-tighten the screws. The downside of this design is that the fold plate often ended up crooked, resulting in an off skew fold. An off skew fold, while still functional, has a sloppy appearance to it.

The TPF-42 has literally taken those two issues and have made them complete non-issues. To begin with, the TPF-42 utilizes a special pinch and slide mechanism. While the plates are still manually adjusted, all you have to do is find the clearly marked fold on the plate and slide the adjustment to place. Because the folding crash plate moves along multiple points, there are no issues with the skew being offset.

Another thing Tamerica has done with this machine is implement a three-roller drop-in feed system. A total of three rubber rollers pull paper into the machine. Because the paper is pulled from multiple points, the paper is fed into the machine straight and true. This results in crisp folds. Because the TPF-42 uses a drop-in system, there is also no need to fan the paper prior to placing it into the machine. Simply take a stack of 500 sheets of 20# bond paper and drop it into the feed tray and start the machine.

This machine is literally about as close as you can get to an automated machine without actually having one and is a great option for businesses that needs quality, but may not have the budget for a fully-automated machine. It is very similar in design and setup to the MBM 207M, but at a fraction the cost. It even has a digital display readout for easy maintenance and control.

The exit tray on this folding machine features a powered exit conveyor. This remarkable addition helps to slow down paper as it leaves the machine and helps to keep it neatly stacked and in order. This is especially nice when folding invoices, bills and other documentation that needs to be kept in order.

This machine can be used with paper ranging in size from 3.5" x 5" up to 11" x 17". It also handles paper ranging in thickness from 45 up to 220gsm paper thickness. This is a nice range and should meet the needs of most businesses. While it is 88 pounds shipped, this machine will fit nicely onto most desks and countertops. It features a sleek black design that blends in nicely with existing office furniture.
Single (Half, V)
Single (Half, V) fold
Standard Letter (C)
Letter (C) fold
Z (Accordion) fold
Z (Accordion) fold
Double Parallel fold
Double Parallel fold
Half Accordion (Fold-out, Engineering) fold
Half Accordion
(Fold-out, Engineering) fold
Gate fold
Gate fold
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