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Electric Embossing Machines / Automatic Embossers

If you need to emboss a logo, a seal or an emblem onto an official document, cards stock or other paper, you need what's known as an embosser or embossing machine. Our embossers are easy to use and are designed to be used with custom embossing dies. Simply provide us with the logo you need and we can get a custom die made for your embossing machine. The E-3 embosser, featured on this index, is one of the best selling embossers in the U.S. Most embossers feature a lock & key for security purposes and most feature an adjustable pressure switch for accommodating different thicknesses of paper. Most also feature a micro switch for easy hands-free embossing. We have guaranteed low prices on all our embossers. Order your embossing machine today!

Embossing Machines
E-3 Embosser & Stamper
E-3 Embosser & Stamper
  • Quick and accurate.
  • Perfect for single sheet and two-part carbonized forms.
  • Emboss certificates, diplomas, and legal papers.
  • Imprints from edge of document to within 3 of the edge of the document.
  • Want to emboss using your custom artwork? Call us to find out how.
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