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Time Lapse DVR Systems / EchoVue Security Recorders

If you have a security camera system and need a way to record live streaming video feeds, consider using one of our time lapse DVR systems! These systems are very sophisticated, yet are very easy to use. These are a huge improvement over the older time lapse VCRs. Because the video is digitally recorded onto a hard drive, it is very easy to bring up and the video quality is far superior to analog recorders. Many of our EchoVue DVR systems include build in multi-channel multiplexer systems and can accept 4 cameras or 8 cameras (depending on the system). This makes it possible to view multiple live feeds and record multiple live feeds.

Several of these even include the option of adjusting the frames per second (fps), depending on the quality of the video you want to record. You can buy these time lapse DVR systems with different sizes of hard drives, depending on how many dozens of hours of video you need to record. We have years of experience with security DVR systems, so please don't hesitate to call one of our experts at 1-800-543-5454 with any questions. We have a low price guarantee, so be sure to get a good deal and place your order with us today!

Please be aware that security equipment purchases are non returnable.

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