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Tray Sealers / Automatic Tray Sealing Machines

Regardless of whether you are trying to seal a tray of food or the top of a round container, our selection of tray sealing machines will get the job done. These Enterpack tray sealers, made by SealerSales, are semi-automated and literally take just seconds to use. Tray sealers are designed to place a thin layer of plastic over the top of a tray. This is done for preservation, sanitation and for retail sale purposes. Our tray sealers use special precut tray molds, known as heater sets, to help hold the tray and facilitate the application of the film. Simply place your tray in the heater set and press a button. These machines will then close the door, apply the film and open the tray back up. All the operator has to do is remove the tray and insert another. The process is affordable, very effective and the seal holds remarkably well. This is the same process that is used to add film to the top of TV dinners and other food containers. Buy your tray-sealing machine today!

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