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Advantec 75 Basic Currency Counter

Bill Counter

Advantec 75 Basic Currency Counter

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Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Yr Limited

Price: $409
Retail: $599
(Savings $190)



  • Friendly to users and the environment 
  • Customizable operation 
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable 


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Product Description

The Advantec 75 is breakthrough in currency counters. Our latest models include value calculation and moreValuCount™ uses the denomination selected by the user to calculate the dollar value of the count. In an industry first, the Advantec 75 displays both the reason and remedy for detection alerts in easy-to-understand language on its large liquid crystal display.

Advantec 75 Basic Currency Counter Specifications:

Advantec 75 Basic Currency Counter
Error detection Double, half, chain, note width
Display type LCD
Weight 14.8 lbs
Loading type Top loader
Packaged Weight 16 lbs.
Error alert Audio alert with visual instructions
Power input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Counting speed 800, 100, 1200, 1500 bills/min
Batching range Preset or 1—999
Warranty 1 Yr Limited
Dimensions, unit 10.6"w x 9.8"d x 9.0"h (270mm x 250mm x 230mm)
Operating modes Count, add, batch, add+batch
Typical use Large business, banking
Stacker capacity 350 new bills
Add range 0-999, 999
Hopper capacity 425 new bills
Item Number ADVT75MONE
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