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GBC VeloBind FAQ - Machines & Supplies

Velobind Binding
Why Would I Use a VeloBind Machine?
VeloBind machines create some of the most professional-looking books. VeloBind is especially popular with law offices due to the professional look and ability of VeloBind to bind up to three-inches of paper (with the System III). VeloBound documents fit nicely on bookshelves and can be easily stacked and organized.

Most Frequently Asked VeloBind Questions:

Are there any fully automated VeloBind machines available?
VeloBind machines are available in several models, some more automated than others. We do not sell any VeloBind machines that are 100% automated. Some have electric motors that punch the paper, where others are manual.

Who makes Velobind??
VeloBind is made by GBC. It is a proprietary binding system. There are other manufacturers who have created machines capable of punching 11 holes for hot-knife VeloBind machines, but do not finish the VeloBind process.

Which VeloBind machine is the most reliable?
There are several VeloBind machines available, all of equal quality. The machine you use depends entirely on the volume of binding you will be doing.

Do I have to use a special cover with VeloBind machines?
One of the benefits of VeloBinding is that you do not have to use any special binding covers. You can use almost any cardstock or cover as a report/binding cover. You can find our selection of binding covers here.

Will my VeloBound document lay flat?
One disadvantage of VeloBound documents is that they cannot lay flat. If this is a necessity for your binding needs, VeloBind from GBC may not be for you.

What are the different types of VeloBind machines available today?
The most common type of VeloBind machine is referred to as “Hot Knife.” This style of binding machine punches 11 holes, after which a VeloBind strip is inserted through the holes. The excess prongs are cut off by the machine and sealed to the back strip with heat.

Other VeloBind formats include Cold Knife (11 holes), Personal (6 holes) and desktop (4 holes). Personal and Cold Knife VeloBind machines are no longer manufactured. Desktop VeloBind machines are being phased out.

Is it possible to add or remove pages from a hot-knife bound book?
You cannot remove the binding strip on a VeloBound document unless you own a System III machine. These systems have a debind feature that re-heats the prongs, softening them up. Once soft, the back strip can be removed.

Is there a difference between VeloBind and QuickBind machines?
QuickBind and VeloBind machines are the same machine, both made by GBC. The different names were made for marketing purposes only.