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Make your warehouse more efficient with pallet jacks, hand trucks and pallet lifters from Office Zone. We have a broad selection of products to choose from, with different models that will meet all your warehouse lifting, transporting and positioning needs. Our products are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Take a look at our wide selection of quality warehouse products, and be sure to keep in mind that we have a low price guarantee on everything. Order your hand truck, pallet jack, and pallet lifter today!

Large Container Tilters

Large Container Tilters Back Support Belts

Large container tilts are great for easily tilting heavy containers for work positioning. Our lifter... Read More +

Hand Truck

Hand Truck Back Support Belts

Hand trucks are useful in virtually any environment. A hand truck can lift and move smaller loads, r... Read More +

Thork-Lift Unit Pallet Lifter/Transporter

Thork-Lift Unit Pallet Lifter/Transporter Back Support Belts

Our pallet lifters and transporters are great for use with skids and open bottom pallets. Our pallet... Read More +

Thork Trucks

Thork Trucks Back Support Belts

Our pallet trucks quickly transport pallets from one location location to another with ease. Once un... Read More +

Trans-Stacker Unit Load Stacker/Transporter

Trans-Stacker Unit Load Stacker/Transporter Back Support Belts

Our stackers and transporters are a perfect solution for moving heavy pallets from one shelf to anot... Read More +

Trans-Positioners Material Transporters

Trans-Positioners Material Transporters Back Support Belts

Our material transporters are great for lifting, moving and positioning pallets. These are great for... Read More +

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