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HOME » Wire Binding Supplies » Which Wire Binding Supplies Should You Use?

Which Wire Binding Supplies Should You Use?

Wire Binding Supplies Wire binding is fast becoming one of the most popular book binding formats used today. People enjoy the look of the double-loop wire. It can be used to bind reports, books, recipe books, scrapbooks and much more. Choosing the right wire may seem complicated to some people. There are a few important questions to ask yourself before purchasing wire binding supplies.

Which hole pattern does your machine use?

Wire binding machines come in three different hole-punching formats. Unfortunately the supplies must have the same hole pattern as the machine or they will not work. These three hole patterns are 19-ring Spiral-O, 2:1 wire and 3:1 wire. The 2:1 wire has two holes per inch, the 3:1 has three holes per inch and the 19-ring uses the same hole pattern as a comb binding machine. Your machine should state somewhere which hole pattern (pitch) it uses. Some higher-end machines are capable of using and punching multiple hole patterns.

How many pages will you be binding?

Wire binding supplies are available in different diameters. The diameter you purchase will determine the thickness of the book you can bind. Count up the amount of pages you will use and visit our wire binding supplies index (click here). Our wire binding supplies index states the diameter of the supply next to the amount of pages they can bind. Page estimates are based on 20lb. paper.

Additional supplies?

Many people wonder if wire binding supplies and a machine are all they need to bind a book. The answer is yes. That is all you need. We do, however, offer a great selection of book binding covers that can be used with your wire bound book. These covers are available in card stock or as clear covers. You can see our entire selection here.